Censoring Sex

I now realize why censoring sex is so dangerous and can harm children.

Because children grow up, not realizing anything about it. To an uneducated child, “protected” from basic sexual lessons, they don’t know anything about sex. These children grow up and believe that men can give birth to children, that females can ejaculate, and other crazy nonsense. It’s like a child who believes in Santa Clause, and then the rest of the world is never supposed to shatter this delusion. But at what point is believing in Santa Clause, as an adult, dangerous? When does it become a severe embarrassment? When will a price be paid, as it always must be eventually?

The cost of ignorance can be too high. People often pay for ignorance with their lives.

Censoring sex education/information causes ignorance yes. The title of the thread suggests more than censoring info, which is probably why you got no replies lol.

To prove my point, all I need to do is post pornography in the thread. What would happen? It would be banned immediately.

Sex threatens people’s delusions, and proves most modern males’ impotency. Like a turd who brags about fucking a dozen hot chicks…but impregnating none of them. Bragging about sterility and invalidism.

Does it make one less of a fisherman if he chooses to catch and release?

Modernists forget the difference between fishing because a man needs to eat, versus wants to brag to his buddies about how big a fish he caught.

Take a photo, it’ll last longer. And don’t worry, there’s much more hedonism in store for the millenniums to come. Global hedonism is the future.

You sound like you’ve been through a bit of programming.

What pornography lacks, however is the chemical reactions in the brain that happen as a result of sexual encounters. It is a picture, however flat and unrealistic, of what sexual relations are and an overinflated one at that. I think that giving children exposure to the kind of mass marketed, unrealistic and fake edicts of modern pornography would do more harm than good.

In ancient times, often young men would be schooled by older women (or men) or be exposed to watching the husbanding of animals at a much younger age than we are comfortable with in our thoroughly modern society. They were taught about sex, and what happens as the result of sex and were also exposed to it as a much younger age but taught to handle themselves in a more mature manner towards sex. Our prudish nature, and conflated excitement of what we think is taboo (sex out of wedlock and porn) mucks up the pond and only serves to confuse instead of educate and instruct. Couple that with the hard paternalism of our current culture and you have this really awkward and terrible illusion of what sex is and how to act instinctually without causing more confusion and disjointed relationships.

I don’t think porn is the answer, is the short of it. There are healthier ways to teach children if we just let them explore their world without trying to force them into the trash that our capitalistic mass market society tries to teach them, porn included.

I’m not the one catching fishing and bragging about it to my buddies.

The “programmed” ones are those focused on Wants (want to fish) while forgetting Need (need to fish).

It’s like big game hunting in Afrika. A bunch of rich morons spend a few hundred thou to sit on a jeep and shoot lions with powerful rifles. Who are they trying to impress? Except their moronic, socially retarded friends? It doesn’t, and shouldn’t impress intellectuals. There’s no actual challenge in it. Even if there were a challenge, it would be perverse, perverted. Far removed from nature, from a person needing to hunt to eat and survive. That’s what modernists forget. Obsessed with desires, with no clue about need.

Once you lose touch with needs, versus wants, then you leave the realm of Realism. You are no longer part of reality, but instead the Globalized (social) world.

Detached from your roots, “Playing the game”, playa.

Judæo-Christian morality pervades and permeates western civilization. This is the average person’s paradigm about sex and reproduction.

The counter cultural (Hippie) movement tried to step away from that, to “rebel” against Christian rules by promoting sexual promiscuity and hedonistic (sterile) sex.

Instead they stepped backward, instead of forward. Christianity originally was a means to force society out of hedonism, against their natural proclivity to have sex.

It just proves that average humans are animals, not using their brains.

Censoring sex only perverts the sexual drive, redirecting it. This eventually leads to mental illness: necrophilia, zoophilia, pædophilia, homosexuality, etc. It also leads to Fetishism and race-mixing.

However the very first reaction to censoring sex is…hedonism. People become obsessed and addicted to a pleasure that they were originally denied (out of Shame and Guilt).

Humans are animals, and to deny this is to ignore instinct entirely which does create a frustration enough to find outlets in other places they should not be going. Hedonism is a rebellion against societal norms, and is a over-reaction of being cuckold for too long. As I said, we should be open and honest about sex with children as well as teaching them about husbandry and allowing them to understand a healthy idea of sex and not what is shown to them in media. Porn and media is why you have so many stupid men who have an unrealistic view of what a woman should look like, and how they should act towards them when he is sexually attracted to them. It’s why one idiot thought your picture of your ex was “thick” instead of what she was, which was beautiful and natural.

Censoring sex is not the answer either because you are right it perverts, but neither is porn because it perverts in another way by setting expectations that 99% of the women can not meet.

I mean pornography, that any sexual display even if it were “innocent, pure, and good” would be censored and banned immediately.

For example, I cannot provide a video showing two “regular people” having “regular sex” as it would be banned and forbidden.

This is due to Judæo-Christian social programming, which has over 2000 years of civilized history. It’s not something you can just, randomly, instantly deny. It’s not something that you can so easily repeal.

So what you’re telling me is that you’re so fucked up that you’ve been unable to have a relationship with a woman for so long that it’s gone from being something you want to being something that you need?

I’m telling you that guys bragging about being impotent, are fucked up.

Who’s bragging about being impotent? Or are you just making up your own definitions again?

Impotency is “banging chicks” but producing no children.

Making up definitions? Like what’s the difference between recreation opposed to procreation? I know the difference.

You’re retarded dude. Impotence in when a dude’s penis doesn’t get hard.

Why you so mad at people who get laid? Sure, you can make a baby by busting a nut in a bitch, but that’s not the only reason to get laid. It feels good on the penis. That’s a good reason. Kinda like a nice massage…on the penis. You take issue with this? I’ve gotta impregnate every woman I have sex with or else you’ll think less of me? You’re crazy man.

If you are impotent you cannot “bang chicks”: you are thinking of infertility.

I just think it’s unhealthier to have recreational sex than it is to try to suppress the sex drive, until procreation.

I admit that it’s rather unrealistic to do so though, in modern society where sex is abundant and presented everywhere, and in almost all media.

I don’t blame you nor am I mad at you.

I can assure you women can ejaculate. Not all women, and not all women very much, but it is quite a compliment to a male ego when it happens.

Actually, it was proven recently that it is mostly urine leaking out of the muscle that is spasming in tandem with the orgasm and mixing with the vagina fluids and PSA from the Skene glands, which is why it sometimes appears milky. But still mostly just a leaky bladder.

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