Clinton Vs America The Official 2016 US Elections Thread

I’m probably gonna pass out for the beginning of it, been up all night. Someone wake me when Trump wins if I don’t reply.

Hopefully this election tracker updates through the night.

Clinton Vs America, who will win this election tonight?

I’m gonna call Diego Garcia now for Trump- a Indian Ocean Island leased by the US. I’m also calling the US Troops in Afghanistan for Trump, you know their votes are in. Can’t really say stations are closed yet elsewhere.

Okay, it isn’t gonna update, just someone update the ticker whenever a state closes and the final results are in.

Hillary already won 2 years ago, it was rigged.

The whole world is watching this election.

I predict Clinton will win.

so its 4:20 here in California, which is 7:20 in the east coast…
So far keeping to form, no surprises… Nothing to see yet…
Trump has 19 EV and Clinton has 3 EV, No big deal yet…


The most vulgar “election” in US history.

So they are saying here also in my country, nevertheless it will be interesting to see the outcome.

No matter what, I’m going to be miserable tomorrow, just Trump is the better bad fit… We can survive under him, it is gonna get bad under Hillary when the Republicans are holding out for 2020 Senate elections, Obama Care collapsing with absolutely no hope of the two parties working together, which everyone on both sides say they are favored to carry. We are going to have a very dysfunctional country, like the worst of Obama’s deadlock in Congress during his presidency, under Hillary. Nothing will get done.

I also checked out, I’m only expected to see 11 more elections given the current life expectancy of males my age. Geeze. 11

I can already a few back, I remember Bush Senior Vs Bill Clinton. I already feel like I got a foot in the grave.

West Virginia is now Pro America, officially in opposition to Hillary’s Empire. Hope she isn’t constructing a Death Star.

Red are Free States
Blue are Slave States

If Donald Trump wins I will be pleasantly surprised.

I’m really going to miss the election spirit. I like how NPR was playing very noble, uplifting music representing the elections last few days, complete sham. Nobody feels like that going to the polls.

NPR is something only brainwashed people in a hypnotized trance and Peter Kropotkin listens to.

I listen to all news, but admittedly it us our most biased news in the US.

I like how trump is ahead 1 million votes but behind one point.

Trump leading in Florida, but more than 90% done, but one liberal town could ruin his lead.

Miami? I heard the Cubans there are pro Trump. They say Hillary reminds them of Castro.

Dude, every Democrat in my state has a vacation home in Florida, every Democrat in west Virginia took leave from their government job, and went down there to vote.

I’m more worried about Ohio, it seems locally stronglynTrump, but isn’t showing it, but still has a way to go. Virginia is leaning Trump, still a way to go. A good portion of the liberal bubble that hopefully will be popped tonight lived in Virginia in tightly packed suburbs, so it could swing wildly in the Empire’s favor out of the blue.

Can you even have duel state residence? I didn’t think that was possible.

State percentages are tightening and unresolved. Could be entirely staged to forge legitimacy but we’ll have to wait and see…

Yes, John McKain has 4 or 7. I think you can only vote in one though.

Why when I get my van, I’m registering it as a Class B MotorHome in West Virginia, and will just stay across the border in PA half the time. My work will all be PA, but my legal residence West Virginia. I can expand my work range that way, pay sales tax in PA, and State Tax to West Virginia.

I was thinking of doing it for NYC, being PA citizen, but NYC licences my trade, requiring a bullshit 1 year, 100,000 dollar course of 8 hours a day, five days a week, for a year, to “learn” absolutely nothing. Utterly bizarre. Really pissed me off too, cause it is legal to sleep in a vehicle in NYC, I was all excited till I saw this.

Basically, the more liberal the state, higher the taxes, so keep your residency away from them if possible. Your in Iowa, so I think your safe. Feel free to commute to NYC for work.