Dan's Plans

Now that the Corona ban seems to have been lifted,
i can start inviting people over to my house for suppers and visits.
I plan to invite people from the LDS church that i have not gotten to know yet.
I want to make new friends.
Old friends will visit too.

Tomorrow is church day.
I’m really looking forward to it.

Not too long ago my friend Andrew helped
me to deliver a pizza to the missionaries.
The pizza was from panago.
They make unique pizzas.

I’m going to be cooking and talking.
That’s Dan’s Plans.

It sure is nice to read something positive for once.

You know, suppers and visits are a really important thing Dan - I hope each supper and visit brings with it, joy.

Friends - sometimes I feel I am neglecting mine a little too much - again friends are really important.

Enjoy church day, Dan - it certainly is nice to have something to look forward to. Well man, you have some really good plans there.

Peace! Remember to smile, lol - especially with missionary work when appropriate.

Sometimes a smile is the last thing a person wants to see and a lot of the times it goes a long way - the trick is telling the difference.

Thanks for your reply / response.

I don’t 100% agree with LDS doctrine,
but i try to look past the differences
and see the common ground.

We are both moralistic. Almost like, perfectionist as well.
We believe in a non random creation.
The LDS church is like an empire.
They can do industrial scale charity work.
They own a lot of land, and farms.
The church gets 10% of all member’s earnings.
And there are millions of members.
Imagine of you got 10 million $ per month?
What would you even do with it?

Looking past the difference and seeing the common ground–that is ethical good sense.
Thanks for the positive!.

So, the visits went well, no problem.

Andrew talked to me about life memories.
He rated the beefaroni a 8.5
We visited for around an hour.

Ryan and his friend Sam talked with me also.
He rated the food a 9, Sam rated a 10.
I got 3 juices and also a milk,
to see what they wanted to try the most.
They both chose the blueberry pomegranate, like Andrew also chose.
I was surprised how little the brothers ate.
I eat twice that.
Maybe that is why i have some chub.

That is my update.

Hello Dan.

It is heart warming that You have morally elevating post the awful year we went through.

I share Your enthusiasms, for a more worthwhile life, as i too went through dome kind of conversion. I really believe that Jesus Christ helped me through it.

Dan~ and Ierrellus …I have trimmed the quote - please take no offense to this - I assume my focus is similar to Ierrellus…

…that which I left out is because of my lack of understanding…apologies for that…try to kill two birds, one stone…

I do not see that as a bad way, Ierrellus - that is to say, that I like what you said.

I really don’t know too much about the LDS, Dan~. I have a friend who is a JW and he and a guy(who also my friend) from the LDS had a falling out after a few years of friendship which is such a pity because I liked both of them and the LDS guy moved away not long after that so I do not even get to see him anymore - this is some time back, I have since moved away too - I also left that alone when my JW friend told me about it - I thought, I don’t want to get into the fact that they both could have tried a little harder. For me, I don’t discuss much on this board - you may have noticed - or with my JW friend, lol - also for me - we(collective worship) treat the word as if we need a lens to view it - which I believe we do. I try not to find any problems with other religions - like go out of my way to search for them - I try to open my heart to people who are fundamentally good even if they are atheists. I can not say that I have had friends from all the different religions but surprisingly I have had friendships with even Muslims and we each tried not to bother the other with differences - I know some of this comes down to the person and other sect differences, and when I say sect, I am using the google definition as follows: a group of people with somewhat different religious beliefs (typically regarded as heretical) from those of a larger group to which they belong.

People these days have OCD when it comes to words as if everyone should have the same qualis-lexicon in their heads, instead of just being friendly and saying, what do you mean? Perhaps not only do we have different definitions that are culturally driven in our heads but the experience of such words may be different for each of us - tell this to one of today’s armchair experts. One of my friends - is any given dictionary - so when I am online I just use a word and when it appears that it could cause a problem - I put the definition and say where I got it from - after that, hope for the best - such a definition I try to make sure is available online, easy for the other to check. Anyhow - some things I don’t answer is my attempt at avoiding discussions about things that could end in a rabbit hole argument that any of us may never escape and if we do, end with the same answers - my guess is we never have the same answer anyway because actually, we are all different and your apple may be less red than mine - qualia. I hope this makes sense and if not that is OK because it makes sense to God.

…and agree with Ierrellus…“Thanks for the positive!”…there is already enough negative to deal with off of the forum…day to day life…

…and agree with Meno_ too…“It is heart warming that You have morally elevating post the awful year we went through”…

Thanks for your big post.
I have read it.
I don’t know what to reply with right now.
Maybe later someone can come up with something.

You are welcome - I hope it was not too big. Thank you for reading it. I don’t expect any reply, Dan~. I am just here for the “Dan’s Plans”.


I just do not read much positive things, unless I specifically look for positive things to read.

I am planning to possibly make
some dan food for the LDS missionaries.
I can drop it off at the church on sunday.
I should make a really good casarol.
Then I can dish out portions.

the plan:

chopped raw zukini
chopped raw beefsteak tomatoes.
2 cooked onions chopped.
5 garlic sliced.
Big rice, with mushroom soup concentrate.

Giant Tomatoes…That sounds delicious…

…I found this today after a conversation with friends about food

You seem like a good cook - I think this might be a good thing to make someday

I am looking forward to making this.

My veggie casserole was a failure.
I thought it would turn out way better than it did.
Maybe later I can make something better.

What was wrong with it?

Not enough flavor.
And the flavor is not good enough itself.
Maybe I can save it with butter chicken sauce and cheese.

Cream of chicken soup(or chicken broth)added too plus a little salt to bring out the garlic and onion flavors might make a huge difference.

I had some of it with salsa and cheese. Big difference.
It’s not as bad of a failure as i had thought maybe.

Edward tried my rice casserole with cheese and salsa heated up.
He rated it a 9 / 10.
I was surprised.
But i guess i just needed to make an adjustment.

Later today I will be visiting Monique Winyard’s house for supper.
The LDS missionaries will also be there.

Yesterday Diane dropped off some home made lasagna and soup, frozen.
I nuked the lasagna and it was very well made.

I got my second vaccine yesterday as well.

The supper went down without a problem.
Got to visit with the people.
Ate mashed potatoes, gravy and salad.

I am currently boggled about how the pros play ages of empires 2.
I got my arse handed to me earlier today in a 2 vs 2 multi player match.

Tomorrow i plan to buy hamburger, buns and cheese.
I want to make mega beef.
All kinds of toppings and seasonings.
Then serve it as burgers.
I want to give a portion to the new 3 missionaries at church the day after.
So, Saturday will be cooking day.
Sunday i drop it off at / before church.