Dan's Plans

13 days later and my hope was fulfilled… and then some… :stuck_out_tongue: …salad stuff… courgette… nothing too harsh.

…thanks to a twice-daily dose of the human equivalent of the missing ingredient in concrete that perma-binds it all together - It’s got an unloveable taste, but I’ve learned to love it. :yum:


Damn I feel good! :metal:t3:

Thanks for the update, Mag.

The missionaries liked my nacho beef.
They cooked up rice and ate the meat with the rice.
They also liked the 5 alive juice.

Tomorrow is an LDS event.
Soup and talent show.
I want the soup. Am not sure how well the
talent show will go. But there are some pretty
smart sisters in the ward that know how to cook.
So i look forward to the soups and other things too.
Hopefully there will be chili and curry, with cheese.
Maybe I should bring cheese?
I’m not sure.

I’ve made up my mind.
I will bring cheese, taco beef mix, and pop/soda for drinks.

it will be epic.

I think…

Wish me luck at the church-supper.

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I’ve made up my mind.
I want to make dan fried rice.
Tomorrow on my way back from the hospital,
I am going to buy rice and veg for cheap.
I get my injection tomorrow. It’s once every 4 weeks.

Rice is super cheap to buy.

That’s my plan for tomorrow.

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Today I decided to use rice noodles instead of raw dried rice.
I added mixed veg, and knorr veg sauce, and also a type of
cheese based on oat milk cream. So, i had a vegan dish.
It tasted pretty good, too! I wanted to prove to myself that
i can make good vegan food.

Hazel and John are away right now.
When they get home, i will offer them some of my noodles.

I recently bought a pho cup of soup thing at the Dollarama.
I tasted it to see what it was like.
Not bad. I liked the flavor.

John didn’t want any noodles.
Hazel tried it. She liked the flavor but not the texture.

I added more veg to the mix today.
Ate more, with soy sauce this time. To me it was great.

I have my 3 bags of rice and 25$ gift card for Dollarma.
Tomorrow i plan to give these to the LDS missionaries.

I plan to get a mini freezer today with Clayton’s help.
However, he has not yet replied to my text or my call.
I hope he is okay.
Those are 2 big plans for me in short term.

Phoned Clayton again, he is busy with family stuff unexpectedly. So we are going to have to reschedule for Monday.

I love rice noodles.

Adding ‘the sulphurs’ to my eating regimen/diet, is one of the best/wisest things I have done for my wellbeing in a long time… alongside eating a clean and healthy diet, of course. Comme ça :point_down:t3:

Now that i know how to make a good potato onion soup,
i can take that, and add seafood and broccoli and corn.
So I can make a seafood potato chowder.
I want to do this tomorrow.
Also at 6pm my time, Clayton plans to pick me up so
that we can go to Walmart to buy a new mini freezer.
If the seafood chowder turns out, i can make more
in the future and put tupper wares full, in the new
freezer. Then later, i can give those to the missionaries
on Sunday. So, 3 plans. I hope each plan succeeds.

Hazel and John both seemed to not want to try my potato onion soup.
I’m quite surprised. Especially since i like it so much, personally.
Oh well… The missionaries will like my seafood chowder i believe.
Next Sunday it all goes down.

I got a medium small freezer at Walmart.
Clayton helped me bring it home.
Today i bought lots of tupper ware for the freezer.
I also got some components for a chowder.
My plan is to cook in the near future, either a seafood
chowder or a big nacho salad. My plans may change
but these are short term plans i have.

I’m drinking some strong sweet green tea right now.
I was tempted to buy ice cream on my way home,
but i felt it would be better and cost less if i just
made tea instead.

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