Dear comrades, my new avatar and signature.

Don’t mind me my fellow American comrades with my new avatar and signature, I’m just trying to get use to the new political aesthetics of the new normal inside the United States. :sunglasses: :laughing: The Demshivek political party approves comrades, glory and victory to the great people’s republic of the U.S.S.A. We’re a new nation now reborn.

Just trying to make sure I make the secret police happy so that later on I don’t get sent to the gulags.


I was just looking at posts from my old advatar-nano-bug, I have changed a lot along with it. Friends with previous foes.

Dear American comrades, please remember to follow the CDC’s guidelines for social distancing which means six feet a part always wherever people are, if you see people congregating together that can only mean they’re conservatives or White nationalist insurrectionists plotting to overthrow our great people’s republic of the U.S.S.A., if you see these people anywhere please report them to the ministry of truth at Google online via the internet and at your local homeland security quarantine center. Make sure to report the unmasked everywhere. We will not tolerate defiance in our new nation that seeks to overthrow the new normal.

This has been an official report commissioned by special highranking officer Comrade Commisar Joker.

hahaha, i remember when Joker first arrived here at ILP. It was a shitstorm. As for masks, if it was socially acceptable, I’d wear them after the pandemic. I like hiding and I’m a bit of a heist type figure.

It looks like we have one of those unmasked subversives here on ILP, off to the gulags with you. Noncompliance will not be tolerated. If you see something, say something, please report them to the local domestic authorities. :sunglasses:

haha, yeah cigerette burn me and chop my dick off like that syrian kid. Not that that is funny. But like, yeah, check out American Captive thread and check out what a slow burn that is. The Subversive Text it was once called. So yeah, subvert everything.

Stay entertaining. Singing and dancing. Singing and dancing.

New sig, same desperate appetite for attention.

We can let him have it. I mean, can’t we? I mean, don’t we all want it, too. Dooooooood.


At one point at my cousins wedding I danced just like a Russian and he was a member of the armed services. I subverted nobody.

Joker rile me up a good one. I mean, really spike up my tone. I need it tonight.

Dear fellow American comrades, as I type this the political purges on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and the whole entirety of the internet is going well, soon we’ll get rid of the conservative, White Nationalist, and anti-vaxxers menace that plagues our new nation as I’ve just got off the phone with our carefully placed apparatchiks at the ministry of truth at Google Headquarters. Soon we will make their voices silent once and for all. Everything is going according to plan comrades, our glorious technological social paradise will soon be realized. Always remember, there is only one political party, the Demshivek political party. :sunglasses:

This has been an official report commissioned by special highranking officer Comrade Commisar Joker.

Subversive detected, please stay at your residence until local homeland security officers come to question and interrogate you. :sunglasses:

Joker man is avoiding me tonight cause he knows that even though we are enemies we can still hook ankles like that house party dance.

I will tell them to talk to my lawyer who is a spy.

And certainly no less the chickenshit. :sunglasses:


Your lawyer has been confirmed to be a conservative White Nationalist spy, his execution has been set for the date of 05-05-2022 at the local regional FEMA camp of his area. This doesn’t look good for you at all. :sunglasses: :laughing:

I’m typing up a classified field report as we speak.


He is a conservative White nationalist spy, but he represents me well, and for some reason he has some rhythm likes he’s been watching Soul Train a few times, so the Proud Boys suspect him of being a dual action spy.