god what are you doing

i hate what is going on in the world now…I would like to ask the Christian god a question…
what are you doing to us…if you are in charge…please give me some understanding…
actually I don’t believe in a personal god…but I need some answers from the believers

Why bother showing acknowledgement to the petty fallacies.

It is because people aren’t knowledgeable, they don’t care for anything other than themselves. Do you people think John Lennon was just joking when he said we need a revolution? Well he wasn’t.

When people say such things I wonder…turtle, do you mean to say “the world” is having problems, or isn’t it, you yourself subjectively are having a problem???

Because I feel the world is perfectly fine and going according to plan, speaking for myself. I mean, once you realize that you’re going to die someday, and you accept this, then why does it matter in which manner you die?

Why do you care so much? You have a fate, a destiny. But can you see it yet?

How exactly is the world perfectly fine again?

Because 1000000000 years ago earth was a ball of molten magma devoid of life on which no plants could grow. But now earth is thriving with life. You see, it’s all relative to a measure, a standard. What standard are you using? I’m using the molten ball of magma standard.

My standard is 1000000000 years.

Earth is doing just fine, compared to then.

And in another 1000000000 years, everything will be 10x better.

Why would you compare a time of no life, to a time of life? That makes no sense, and is hardly a worthy comparison. If you’re going to compare it like that, you might as well just use the time before earth ever existed in the first place.

We should compare when man kind wasn’t treating nature so disrespectfully to how we do today, honestly. Man has always treated man with disrespect, greed, hate, etc. Or perhaps not, but I am not sure of that. But our connection with nature has surely faded over time due to technological advance and distraction. We must reach a point of technological advance, but still attain our respect for nature and all of it’s inhabitants.

A lot of people do not even regard animals as being intelligent beings and this is wrong. Each to their own when it comes to intelligence.

interesting way of dealing with the questions of life…I still wonder about gods part in this…
wizard what is gods plan for us…

What in the world are we doing? You can’t blame God for human stupidity. Or can you?

but if god is in charge…what is his plan for us

There can be no God plan that denies humans free will. God’s plan, or the reality of God, is simply to hold reality together. The choices you make, facing reality, are your own.

isn’t there a big god plan

I’d say it is a universal reclamation of all God’s creations back into God. All will be “saved” (kept).

is it something good for us

I’d say yes. It is difficult for we who are in the here and now, to discuss eschatology. All we have are our projections into the future, which could mutate beyond our expectations. All we have is here and now.

how do you know all this stuff

From experience. There is no legitimate need that does not have an environmental supply.

Is a cure for cancer not a legitimate need?

If there’s something wrong with the creation, do you blame the creation or the creator?

It certainly is. We just haven’t found it yet, probably from looking in all the wrong places.

If somebody had a cure for cancer, do you think it would be immoral to withhold it from humanity?