god what are you doing

I’m still learning about my fate.

As for turtles, I believe part of your plan is to eat lettuce and cooked meat.

But there is no environmental supply of cancer cure, just as your legitimate need to see the natural world is not available to you.

As with most poorly educated Christians, you confuse tortoise and turtle; and their eating habits.
If you had spent more time with your eyes open and less time in bible class you might have a better understanding of the world.

A tortoise is a turtle.

Typical atheist

Typical ignoramus.

A turtle is an aquatic reptile.
A tortoise is a land reptile.

QED my last post.


That’s silly.
That is like trying to claim that Brits are human. :icon-rolleyes:

Land dwelling turtles…

There is already a pretty sufficient combatant for cancer, it’s called Cannabis. Don’t blame it or label it “bad” for being illegalized, blame the monopoly you all choose to live in that shoves nature’s miracles down for artificial man processed “goods”.

I have no doubt that Cannabis could be better used to cure cancer if concentrated enough and in a proper method(s) of usage.

We have no “particular” kind of fate or destiny. It’s only seen in hindsight because we were not paying attention.

We are the world, in a sense,
aren’t we? So if someone is having problems, the world is having problems.
But sometimes it’s a good thing to balance our problems against that of the world - what’s going on in the world and if we can be reasonable and honest about it, maybe, just maybe, our problems dwindle down a bit.

Hindsight is not necessarily blindsight. It may be corrective.

True in a sense. I’m not saying we’ve been blindsided or had blindsight…just that we are not born to be this or that. We’re a crreative process. Michaelangelo saw “David” in the marble but it doesn’t mean he couldn’t have seen ______________ [place in any word here].

But all I meant is that what we take to be fate or destiny really is our perception or acceptance after the fact. I don’t “see” or “believe” in fate or destiny. I don’t believe we are written in the stars. We follow a course that speaks to us in an ongoing journey-like way as we have experiences, thoughts, desires. Even our plans for the future, to be a doctor, a lawyer, an indian chief, I don’t see them as destinies or fates at least not ones written in the stars or supernatural ones. Their based on our personal ongoing process of life. When we look back in 'hindsight, we see their roots and their paths along the way, the ways in which we have been influenced or stifled, that lead us to where we are. But that’s just the way I look at it.

I know what god didn’t do, stop this guy.

You know, if a human let such crimes happen with full knowledge and capability to stop them for over 20 years, he’d be seen as a monster… yet God is still seen as omnibenevolent by theists.

Freaks me out.

We are the universe experiencing itself subjectively and individually. We have great influence over the world and it’s inhabitants, people tend abuse that. It’s the ripple effect/affect. We are tiny, just a spec in the cosmic sea.

Negative idea/thought > Negative influence > Negative Action > Negative reality.

Action and influence can be swapped back and forth as well, because action can influence and influence can cause action. This is the ripple effect/affect. It can be applied to positivity as well.

Each individual unique reality adds up to the whole of realities of which we all face and see. So one person really can change the world, if they use the ripple effect/affect. But a lot of people do not like to budge.

No individual reality is the same, some can be similar but never same.

It’s because there is none. There is only man being distracted by petty things that do not matter, while ignoring the things that matter most.


Only if blame serves a real purpose which I don’t really see it doing. Backpeddling to see what went wrong and how, might serve a better purpose.

it’s all just a part of our evolutionary mistakes and growth spurts.lol Let’s move along and find solutions. Energy is not that everlasting.

To find out what went wrong and how we must find the one responsible, the one to blame :wink:

If you assume the existence of the theistic God, nature just seems less perfect and benign than it should be.


They are two different thoughts. The former can give us some answers - the latter might insure imprisonment and for a time not a repeat of the same.
But Atheris, I blame you, I blame you for all the tragedy and misery which has ever come upon humanity, from the time star stuff began to permeate and descend to this very moment. You are to blame for it all.

I don’t "believe’ in god. Nature is about as perfect as benigh as I am. lol

I look to nature also…it is unbelievable

Yes, turtle, nature certainly is unbelievable but I’d say unbelievably amazing. And it always shows up on time.

that is where I look for my god…I don’t like supernatural explanations…