Have you folks been watching this sigma male shit?

There has been alpha and beta, but now sigma.

I’m alpha, beta and sigma.

Run that through these idiots.

Type sigma make into YouTube

I call bulkshit.

You know why I call bullshit…. I think these categories are brainwashing techniques to feel inferior if you’re not sigma.

It’s a form of attempting the most positive aspects of a human so they strive towards and identify with it.

It’s an interesting gesture though.


Sigma is as old as alpha and beta, Ec.

By the way, dear reader, if your YouTube channel is called something like “Wise Thinker”, you should know that, by that act alone, you have lost ALL of my respect.

Yup, the question is who is promoting these classifications and for what reason.

First I’ve heard of it.

Here’s a link I didn’t read:
thepleasantpersonality.com/alph … rsonality/

I’d say you’re better off not knowing anything about this particular classification system ( other systems aren’t good either, but they are better, better only because this one is terrible. ) The purpose of these personality models is to supposedly help people understand each other and see where they fit inside the big picture ( that big picture being the society itself. ) Each person gets a label, and based on the assigned labels, they get to decide how to interact with each other. If these personality models are rubbish – which they tend to be, some more and some less – and if they are put into practice and taken seriously, the result is a damage to interpersonal relationships. Each person wants to be presented in the best possible light, but at the same time, noone wants to be deceived. So on one hand, you want to emphasize your strengths and hide your weaknesses, and on the other hand, you don’t want other people to hide their weaknesses from you. A third person, an objective eye, in the form of a psychologist or whatever, is offered as a solution; but if they are working with a small number of categories ( which they always do ), and especially, if they are working with a specific set of categories, they can give an unfair advantage to a group of people of their choice; and depending on who gains an advantage and who doesn’t, the results can be . . . interesting.

Sounds like an interpretation of The Republic before solving the riddle.

There’s a guy who calls himself Vox Day and the above seems to be his own classification scheme ( allegedly derived from the work of pick-up artists. )

Jordan Peterson has something to do with it – he’s promoting it, at the very least – albeit this Vox Day guy doesn’t really like Jordan.

now I know what certain posters mean by incel


But do you know who malecels, femcels, mentalcels, uglycels, volcels, arabcels, nymphocels, sistercels, manchildcels and protocels are?

I am not joking.

all sounds like going backwards to me

It sounds like a brainstorming session the purpose of which is to shape the English language by “enriching” it with as many derogatory labels as possible so that future generations will have no choice but to perceive themselves as hopeless souls. In other words, social engineering. Someone chose those manosphere dudes to do the work for them.

More bull**** to overcome/transcend us by.

I love the smell of learning opportunities in the …

… hm … does anybody care what time it is?

i cannot and will not believe that there are people in the world who actually sit around thinking about this sort of thing but if there are they should be rounded up and interned until we can sort everything out

…he says whilst pimping holes straight through stratospheres.

Tell us why you graze. Was your mom/dad horrible to you (or absent), so you were left to fend for yourself when it comes to what it means to be & relate with male/female?

Are you suspish of cops & yet would put yourself or other grazers into internment?

I can see the value in avoiding the trap of a loveless union. Women get away with robbery at the end of a marriage, if they’re bent that way.

It is unfortunate our system is the way it is… that being just one broken part.

lol that stratosphere pimping thing is a quote from pedro from so long ago and i forgot it was even there. i cant remember the context. my parents were married until one of them died. like 30 something years. what do you mean grazing? i’m suspicious of cops because they literally do horrible shit as a matter of routine just in the course of doing their jobs every day. i’d intern my enemies because i dont live under the delusion that avoiding hypocrisy is something that i, or anyone else is capable of.

when i was a teenager, the whole thing was that no one wanted to be labeled. like “dont go putting your labels on me bro!”. now…it’s like everyone is searching for their label and they need one like they’ve just got to have it. no personality, no sense of individuality, just a bunch of sad slow brains who dont know who they are or how to be something other than what they’re told. imagine going through life with some kind of identity crisis, scouring the internet reading lists of characteristics trying to decide which thing you are. i can hardly imagine a weirder existence. put them all in internment camps and get it over with.

it’s like these people that keep tripping about someone somewhere taking away their freedumbs. im like bitch you are free start acting like it. but they cant because theyre unable to envision a reality where there isnt some force dictating everything. they dont even know how to be free.

like imagine sitting there eating a donut and answering 20 multiple choice questions on a facebook quiz and then toiling over your own interpretation of what kind of person you are while looking at the results like holy shit we have to rid the world of these kinds of people

How old were you when your parent died?

i dunno like 30

The people making the “cel” identities, short for celibate, are giving excuses why people are celibate, no (as opposed to settling into a long-term relationship, or grazing without settling in)?

I “label” your choices grazing, because you’re not in a longterm relationship. But I don’t think you deserve internment.