Hoaxer Tracked!


The 20 year old that invented the dirty bomb plot hoax was tracked and arrested!

How did they do that, via IP I assume, and what does that say about posting certain kinds of stuff on the web?

It’s a great topic. It’s remarkable how few people realise how exposed they become by even just visiting a web site via normal means. Your computer address can be logged without your control, which gives the website owner the information required to gather everything your ISP knows about you. The barrier comes from the normal individual being unable to access the confidential databases of the ISPs, but when those two areas of data collide, you have problems. Such as ISP technicians who own websites. Such individuals can know exactly who you are.

Yes, it looks like trouble.

I predict, if I may, that the US government has a burning desire to regulate the internet and will slowly achieve their goal.

It won’t be to stop all the “high level intell” but rather to stop yellow journalism, demoralising lies, a tax evasion via gambling.

Someone had better figure out a good way to hide. Even that might be impossible if the start with the bandwith fees.


What would the government (western one) do to get the IP off of a site owner, such as this one?

It depends. They’d probably try to go about it legally, and failing that it is my understanding they have the technology to “eavesdrop” relatively easily via projects like raptor.

One can go about “hiding their IP” through proxy servers and the like, but until somebody figures a way out to fake an IP AND a MAC address, we’re fucked.

What law is in place now that prevents the government from getting the IP for a criminal? I am totally ignorant of this.

Oh boy, I’ve joked around and made comments of blowing shit up before. I hope these guys know I was kidding. The difference here between a real “hoax-threat” and a “joke threat” is that the hoax-threat was intended to actually cause harm by scaring people, even if there isn’t an actually bomb (the incident in the link) . The joke threat is for satirical reasons only and cannot be taken literally…it exists only in text.

I have no doubt that the FBI and Homeland Security employees all have a robust sense of humor, detrop. I know I’ll vouch for you.

Er, maybe that wouldn’t help too much.

Call me if you need me.

(Madly searching through all previous threads to see what the fuck I have said.)

Faust, I thought that there might be something on the books about confidential records, or some such thing. I recall the story about google and the government a few months ago.

What are the right that a site owner has, anyone?

Well, I think that the Google thing was a problem because it was so many names they wanted - all of them, wwasn’t it? But I think the gov can get a search warrant with cause just like any other record. And I don’t have a porblem with it, myself, if they are investigating a crime.


Oh man I’ve done that before a couple times! That’s a trip you mention that.

My problem is this: I keep forgetting that people other than members might read one of my posts and, because they do not know my terrible sense of humor and endless use of sarcasm, assume that “this guy at this web-site is making bomb threats, etc., etc., I better alert the authorities.”

Attention ILP: I am hereby instituting a policy that all members state a disclaimer before or after any shady conversation.

Some types of records are more difficult to get than others, but I think the issue is different than in an office.

If I own a site that’s on a server in China, but I live in the US, then where is this web business located?

Server sites don’t make any difference, I don’t believe. The issue is if any portion of the business is on U.S. soil, or if we have agreements with other countries, which we do.

I think it is much like a civil suit. You sue everybody and keep the pressure on till you get what you want. These are just the legal methods. If an individual is being looked at, I’m sure there are plenty of ways to get what info they want. Anyone recall the recent HP scandal?

If you want to be invisible, you simply never log on to the net. Pretty simple. Oh, and never use a phone…

I think you’re right.

I recall the case of two guys that started an online poker company in the islands. Even though the business was located there they still got arrested for it in the US. I believe that they ended up skipping out and simply moved out of the US forever.

Man, this is so much more difficult than philosophy!


No it isn’t. Shooting dice is the same risk everywhere.The only difference is that shooting dice is a fun game, not a serious to-the-death contest…

Personally, I have feeling for this topic because there’s a lot of young people on the net sharing a lot of silly impulsive ideas about politics that they propose as fact. I don’t think that they understand libel and other such legal ideas that aren’t enforced when you’re twelve.

It’s not a fun idea to think of goofy kids getting arrested.

Tent - that depends on who you are shooting dice with.

Mr P. - did you see that article about prospective employers doing MySpace and Facepage (is that right?) searches?


Yes, that’s why a pseudonym is a must.

shooting dice is easiest with shotguns


Eh, they can come and get me. I only wish my life was interesting enough for the feds to take notice.

Besides, everyone thinks faust is a pseudonym.