I’m going to explain why I leave this board

You’re retards.

I have a job to do. Fix everything for everyone forever.

Your input at this point is mentally handicapped.


I can do this now that I’ve absorbed every mind in existence.

I’m not pleased by your banter or understanding anymore.

I’m done with you.

Thank you for helping me understand this planet.

I’m out.

A number of people moved to a different forum because of you – they couldn’t stand your posts anymore – and now you’re doing this? You’re going to leave this forum to Ichthus and Meno?

You’re actually much better than many other posters.

You’re not crazier than they are.

You’re more original than they are.

And in spite of your rude outbursts, you’re not as nasty as they are.

You should stay.


You deserve a response.

As I always say. Don’t make a promise you can’t keep.

The issue here is not that I don’t want to have threads where I reply.

I understand existence in a different way now.

Message boards mean nothing.

I’d love to hang out with you and have a drink sometime.

In saying all of this… I’ll only be logging in to check private messages. That goes for you to phyllo.

I’m done. My life’s work is not about sending a shockwave through ILP out through infinite infinities. Which misses an infinite number of beings.

I’ve learned everything I needed to learn from you.

And my gratitude is infinite.

I’m glad you’re still with us in spirit.


You leaving would serve a negative model for some of us who read you and relate to you on some level

Meno. You deserve a reply too.

It’s not like I’m using you and ditching you.

I’ll always be with you.

My role modeling (if you want to call it that)…

Is to show that words on a message forum don’t change existence and don’t bring us together.

There is something much greater that brings us together, and it will never die.

Just look in your mind and I’ll be there.

People come and go. Live and die.

You need to see existence differently. We’ll always be here even if we can’t see them.

If I offended anyone with my lack of social skills deal with it. I am always tired on Tuesdays and Thursdays. And Wednesdays. And Fridays through Sundays.

Ichthus. It’s not about you or anyone here.

I see reality differently. You can just see me as your uncle that died but will be there for you forever.

Yeah. He was a pretty funny guy, too.

I’ll never write uncl-. Especially when I’m trying to write unconditional.

Everything just keeps being weird & I’m sure eventually I’ll stop saying that.

Maybe even that word is misplaced.

Why do you think so?

Weird is so colloquial. Maybe strange would be more …matter of fact?

Like Jim Morrison / The Doors strange?

I haven’t dropped acid or smoked pot since the ‘90s. I don’t drink.

You say you’re not dropping keywords (pretending) intentionally, but whatevs. It’s everywhere, so all of reality would have to be pretending lol. Also whatevs. I’ll keep listening to truth, goodness, and life, & keep sifting out the rest until this junk is over. Nothing more can be done unless he tells me clearly what.

Obviously I have high standards for clarity.

Obscurity can go butt a stump.

Now you lost me, but it’s OK. You’re as obscure like you charge me with.

Ischtus I already told you everything described is true. And MagsJ is right in saying that everyone discloses as much as they wish. There is some privileged info. to everyone.

So I’m ok and you’re OK. I get that basically from what we have gathered from each other.

To continue to test my honesty is not really called for from here on .

There may be an inverse process going on , simply put reverse psychology, I have pointed to the religious and philosophical interlay

Diverse opinions may be a factor, but drug use and life choices shouldn’t factor in.

Maybe I’ll be back. Wish you all well.

Now Jesus would not, could not recuse himself under a common theme, like that!

Sure; the question of the cogito, the doubt is a built in feature of the godhead; and surely, even if, it consists within the trifold expression of Yhe Fall, would that not imply a development of Man’s Soul which would not preclude that three fold essence?

The difference between the Word, wethee it is a primordial essential seed or an evolutionary artifact could not eliminate the tragedy that was born out of this basic difference.

Such withdrawal, even as a hyperbola, shows no lasting love, but a shirking of responsibility from a prior knowledge sustaining Ec’s soul, a child who applies and reapplied Man’s incessant and unanswered question of the general inquest as of how to account for so great an evil that persisted all through history to the present time?

And his leaving shows an incontrovertible sustenance of the lack of resolution between thd threesome attempts to solve that division in his soul.
No; Christ’s love will not diminish , even if The Fall can not be subsumed by either on grounds that made Faust fail where He Gould not be tempted to sell His soul for a pittance, for he knows he cannot live by bread alone.

Mathew 4:4

The point is that faith, Absolute Faith can not exclude the universal principles by which it operates, and a personal need of God, must contain all forms of knowledge within himself, extended to the idea that even the need to know, leading to the precarious concept that science, as an inquiry has destabilized Naturak Creatiin: and as such , has caused a reformation of values that Nature has to revise, and use that, in order to oblige as to develop a credence that uses it to it’s best advantage. BY ‘it’ I mean the order of Naturalism, that God could not conceivably destroy; . It would be impossible axiomatically to do that, and Jesus’s death is an affirmation of that.

The logical principle here is based in the simple triad, but it dies desclose the mystery of the Trinity, which it encloses within It’s Self as does the seed does the tree.

The Major Arcan, is as necessary to this process if enclosure of It’s Self within a darkness that can only retain It’s own energy toward embracing into Himself the light which becomes transpersonal as soon as IT is realized…

Namely, the proof becomes the pudding before it can separate It’s Sekf from It’s own understanding within His Nature within the Natural Order. Christ’s Redemptive power shows how .

I can not leave here, but by inference and metaphor can recuse myself from participation, as well, in the interim, for the obvious reason - that postmodern flow of images, rather than direct interpretation of words, may sustain me and Us.

Up most of night, will edit later today.


You really don’t get it do you?

You’re children to me. Adopted ones.

I’m going to add a patch to the eternal form realm and leave you.

I’ll send a hyperdimensional mirror copy of myself.

I’m done with you.

You’ll choose at your own pace.