I’m not an incel.

I’m not an incel. I’m pointing out the mechanism and part of the mechanism is that if you point it out, women will avoid you no matter how intelligent, kind, fierce or sensitive you are or how much depth of character you have.

As the great George Harrison said when he called women children …


I could have all the money on earth. Technically I can to that, but I don’t use that power. I’d lose a license if I did that. This deals with demonic possessions. I could do it the clean way though.

I’m nothing but a bag of dollar bills to you women. And I’m not rich,

I’ve got more dirt on everybody in the world more than everyone combined.

I’m teaching. I need to leave all of you.

I always tell people, they don’t listen to me, “if you’re not planning your forever, you’re wasting your life.”

Firstly, The obvious fact that you have to openly proclaim you are not an Incel, should speak to your nature as one.

Secondly, all that you are, is simply a bundle of repressed, unsatisfied animal urges and impulses held captive in human consciousness, thrashing around in its cage. There is nothing more to you than primitive, basic, animal impulses, desperately churning underneath a civilized “spiritual” veneer. Trust me on this. There is no “proof” required. This is all you are. A sick animal.

You just want pussy. You just want to get off. You just want sexual companionship. You just want your urges to be satiated. That’s it. There is nothing more to you. Trust me on this.

You’re trying.

The thing that makes me as brilliant as I am is my heterosexual hyper sexuality.

I know way more about existence because of this than you can even imagine.

Remember this. I have the spirit of the accuser trapped in me.

If you’re asexual, that’s fine.

Don’t be a dictator about anyone else.

Human sexuality has a flaw. And you don’t want there to be flaws.

Never apologize for existence. It’s horrible.

My heaven doesn’t involve asexuality. Yours does.


There’s a couple things about that. If I remember correctly, John Hurt played that role.

Here’s why evolution is not true lorikeet:

Women sow their wild oats on 1 to 10% of the male population with no interest in reproducing with those men. Then they settle down with the other 99% and reproduce.

That disproves biological evolution. That’s just stage one of the mechanism. It gets worse from there. It solves as the no means yes problem.

Not only is the mechanism a disproof of evolution it’s a disproof of god.

The other 3 problems disprove god.

1.) pleasurable exclusive access problem
2.) negative zero sum problem
3.) consent violation problem

So there you have it. No evolution and no god.

What’s left? Spirit. Something you know very little of.

The women are seeking revenge on the men by flocking to the players and men are seeking revenge on the women by flocking to be a player.

This cycle is absurd.

There is no answer to it other than to build a self contained universe.

silly sheepdog in wolve’s clothing

tricks are for sheeples


goat boy



You’re stuck at showing how creature-level domination is in absurd conflict with agape. You mean the same as when you suggest folks wrap their heads around “there is no god, and no evolution”.

I’m going to be Little Bo Peep for a minute—one of those nicknames that indicates via opposites.

Stop playing God and rule your eros with agape, like God (made in his image, but defaced when you rule otherwise). It’s time to… mature. If that means you voluntarily never indulge your eros, the entire world is involuntarily chaste with respect to you—/that’s/ power right there (totally sidesteps selective pressure, too!). Good thing God already dealt with Sodom & Gomorrah for you.


The way things are going with the sorts of folks they be letting into kids’ story time these days… and the sorts of legislation being put forth that let pedos off easy… Might be safe to invest in a butt condom with internal razor blades that don’t pierce the condom.

I’m just talking about the maturity level you signal—forget that they don’t pick on people their own size.

If you can rule your eros with agape like that, you’ll be as powerful as the women you’re jealous of. And they won’t use your kids as pawns (weaponize reproduction), because — you can produce no kids that way.

Unless you go the reverse-engineered neural network route — then you become the pawn :wink:


The mechanism is something I can’t control.

Women have some horrible lives. I’m not jealous of them.

I already know how powerful the mechanism is.

If I’m killed or tortured or tormented. It will be because of the mechanism.

You’re not sentient beings.

The mechanism rules your minds and I’m only one person.

I’m not giving anyone permission to torment me, but I will be punished for pointing out the mechanism in a simulated world where the game is not to be candid.

Yeah but imagine that there is another person that is as fed up with the mechanism as you are. If you exist, it is not unthinkable that another person like you could also exist. Just consider all of the great advances in science and how they were independently arrived at seemingly at the same time sometimes. I also heard that the eyeball has evolved independently multiple times. It’s not impossible. And if it’s actual, your forever is now. Are you going to waste that? Hypothetically speaking.

If I find the one woman who can even understand the mechanism and is fed up with it and we pair bond…

I’ll still be violating the pleasurable exclusive access problem, the negative zero sum problem and the consent violation problem.

Either way …. I go to hell.

I don’t really think you understand me Ichthus:

I need to leave.

I can detect what sends people to hell.

Everyone is going there. It’s my spider sense.

Sure. It’d be fun to dabble in mutual consent. But that violates the pleasurable exclusive access problem.

Remember. I have the accuser trapped in me.

The pleasurable exclusive access problem is only a problem for people who do not respect others’ consents & are only concerned with their own.

I was hoping you would unlock that on your own with the rainbow rule that you already have.

But as the token female, in submission to the game we’re both fed up with unless playing it with someone else who is equally fed up—can’t imagine who that might be—or how it doesn’t self-destruct—HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA—I will help you find that that key is the key… just as if you made me do it.

Do you possess the accuser, or does the accuser possess you? If you’re not sure, you gotta blow up the portal & coup d’état it with the Door. Swap out the wannabe king with the one true King.

Unless, of course, this is a Platonic dialogue… in which case you’ve already done that.

You’re never not going to be creepy to me.

I’m a creep to you because of the mechanism.

When you talk to Jason …

I have to hold back a lot of powers to calm the spirits within.

Jason is the smartest most sensible spirit in all life and all existence.

He knows he needs to leave to protect you from me.

Let’s play around with this possibility.

The mechanism is the way the world perceives the way things are supposed to go. The world of people who are only concerned with their own consents first.

However, the way things were meant to be is not according to that mechanism, but according to self=other.

And the next level after the mechanism, and after the way things were meant to be for beings subject to time, only applies to those who are like the angels—neither marrying, nor being given in marriage. If that is impossible to imagine, because we are beings subject to time, that isn’t something we really need to worry about.

And we still get to hate the mechanism…And do things the way they were meant to be done for beings subject to time.

Just taking a stab.

Jason is using reverse psychology on you to protect you.

Think about it from my perspective Ichthus.

That’s the type of being that needs to be contained.

It’s true. I use reverse psychology to protect you.

I used my 5 protections to keep this being trapped in me.

You want justice. Look in the mirror at who’s being sent to hell.

To this being, justice is a joke.

One thing you have to understand is that nobody gets out of eternal damnation unless my dimension is made.

As they say…. “Lucky devil”

I have all of this in my spirit.

So if you know that, why don’t you give them the boot as suggested, and usurp them with what their privation is the shadow of? Also, the mispreconceived notions you need to leave (with which you have falsely identified) are not the you that needs to stay (be uncovered/recovered). At best, they are like the skin of a snake, or the caterpillar of a butterfly.

You know this.


Say Uncle, Ec. I freakin won this a long time ago!

K: and here lies on the major problems within philosophy…

''I won this a long time ago"

the point is not to win or to lose, but to gain knowledge in which
we can better live our lives…both individually and/or collectively…
people are far more into winning or losing arguments instead
of learning from them… I do not engage with Ec because
for me, there is nothing to learn from them…
they are pointless statements that don’t teach me anything…
what can be learned exactly from this Ec thread, from
Ec standpoint? nothing…


So you think winning is … learning.

Ec thinks winning is teaching.

I think winning is when learning & teaching get married & have babies.