In Sight of SAM, I Am

In Sight of SAM

The most fundamental Communal Particle is the SAM Corporation (“Social Anentropic Molecule”), a corporeal, molecule-like living being made of living beings, humans. A SAM Corp is much like a living cell in that it has a means to filter what comes in and goes out of the corp. (a 'cell-membrane") as well as a type of DNA internal structure that keeps the cell healthy and can even reproduce, “mitosis”.

Unlike the common US Corporations of today, A SAM corp. is always entirely employee owned and very restricted in size, from 3 to perhaps 50 or so members. And also unlike current corporations, the only aim of the corp. is to maximize profits in terms of a "Maximum Integral of Joy" for ALL members. Money is meaningless to a SAM corp. except as a trade medium required (when required) by outside demands, which currently would be quite often.

Also, unlike current US Corporations, a SAM corporation isn’t a “job that member goes to”, but rather takes on the entire concern of every life within it. In that regard, it resembles a close nit family more than a corporation. And the size of the corporation is an issue of its proper profitability for all members, which strongly limits its size due to information and communication concerns that lead to natural atrophy. The maximum “MIJ-profit” can only be obtained by strategically remaining anentropic and thus reduce in size when required and expand when required while maintain the higher profit possible under the circumstances.

The internal structure of a SAM Corp is designed a little differently than current US corporations also. It is based upon the most natural, fundamental, abstract components of any living organism;
1) Awareness,
2) Understanding,
3) Influence,
and with an added reinforcement component,
4) Stitching.

These could be thought of as departments within the corporation and are analogous to the more commonly known departments of;

  1. Research,
  2. Analysis,
  3. Production,
  4. Coordinator.

An interesting thing is that natural molecular life already knows how to do these things on the molecular level. The problem has been getting the cognitive mind to understand why they are being done and assist the original natural process rather than becoming wildly deluded into fantasies fame or world domination.

The entire business of the SAM corp. is to take lifelong care of its people. And every person within participates in such a way that insidious schemes of abuse, oppression, or slavery, simply don’t work. Everyone in a SAM corp is there only because they are aware of everything going on and want to be a part of it.

And even though every SAM corp. is fundamentally structured the same, what they choose to do for their life business and how they do it, is entirely up to them within the confines of the common structure. It is much like a small early American company except for the mentioned structural components. Or perhaps like small tribes closely interconnected. Two corps. existing side by side might be entirely different in what they do and how they do it. And since that includes the entire lives of their members, extremely different cultures can coexist literally right next door. Perhaps think of all of Europe compressed into a small group of merely a few hundred people yet still maintaining their separate national status and culture.

Together very many SAM corps become a larger body. And that body naturally adjusts itself to its environmental needs. The larger body is not designed by a higher architect other than reality itself as each “cell” of the body does what it must to remain anentropic and most profitable. And although the SAM corps are largely independent, they are stitched together by the common means of communication. A secular government can even oversee the SAM corps and all they do. The purpose of the corps is not to undermine an existing national or world government nor any economy thereof, but rather to rejuvenate Mankind into a new kind of healthy joyous state of eternal existence for everyone on board. Current political leaders can continue doing what they do … to the degree they can do it.

The oldest contention in the history of Man has been between life’s need to distinguish truth from deception, especially involving governing. The SAM Corporation takes care of that issue once and for all. Of course the details get much more involved, and are best learned through empirical experience rather than speeches. It takes a high degree of understanding to establish a “prototype”. But after witnessed, it becomes quite easy and natural because it is formed of the natural tendencies within every living being.

A SAM Corporation isn’t entirely like any current form of governance known to Man, yet has elements of all of them.

From another thread inadvertently related;

First you do not have enough money, because you have plenty of time, then you have not enough time to prevent being destroyed by the rulers.

So learn to live more independent of money. But expect the rulers to complain a bit (but when aren’t they). In a SAM Corp., there are no rulers.

I live quite independently of money. It’s not merely me or you, but we all or almost all - about 99% (!) - I primarily meant.

But then it has to start somewhere. :sunglasses:

And I realize that you might not want to say everything, but within the portion that you can reveal, how are you living independent of money?


Okay, I don’t live quite independently of money, but I live partly independently of money ( :obscene-smokingred: ). In terms of money I am not very rich, but also not poor.

Anyway. … Many people have to re-learn the abandonment, the abstinence. You and I know that gain is obtained by giving a lot and keeping a little, but many other people don’t know that.

From the Media thread:

Well as I said the entire way it works is detailed and complicated to explain, but how this relates to the Media is that a part of the SAM structure requires what amounts to a insider’s newspaper for the group. The newspaper (or LAN Network) basically spreads the gossip that would be typical of a church or small town anyway, except its business is to know everyone’s situation and needs. So it takes a little different mindset, a far more open, intimate, and honest mindset, because everything is “above board”. Unlike society, 2/3 of the activities are NOT under see-level. Deception becomes very difficult to get away with or be rewarded by.

And then imagine that the “owner” (although SAM has no owners) runs the corporation strictly in accord to the needs of the employees/members. Such is the way of a not-for-profit organization, or a church (501C, I believe they call it). Everything done; assigning work, schedules, pay rates, everything involved, is organized around the needs of everyone. Of course how to assess those needs gets into some complication and is actually based upon the “Integral of Joy Over Time”, IJOT. It takes a bit of a wizard to learn how to do that, but after some practice, isn’t really all that hard.

And when I say “everyone knows the needs of everyone else”, I don’t mean that they know the general situation and a few presumed abstract survivalist concerns. I mean that they know the details concerning all physical, medical, mental, and emotional needs/issues as well as the individuals situations. And that is why there is a natural limit to the size of the corp… Imagine trying to know all of that information in precise detail and having to verify it all for 10,000 people in real time. If the only thing that John knows about Bill is that he is a good guy, has a family of four, and works in the “Awareness Department”, then the corp. has grown far too large already.

This is one of the scariest parts of the SAM corp… People today are very accustomed, trained in fact, to be very leery of each other and releasing private information. And they are right in feeling that way (although simultaneously trusting an unseen judgmental government with anything and everything). But that is only due to the manner in which people have been governed, taught, and judged (especially by that unseen government).

So a new SAM corp. can only be formed with people who can trust each other with extremely detailed, the normally private information. And that would constitute very few people.

Informationally at this point, the corporation is a communistic group in that they all share the same information. But as can be seen a little later, it is physically impossible to form a truly communist nation or even large city with so much information having to be shared in real time. In most cases, the maximum size of the corp. would be around 10-15 people or so, else the information becomes too much to handle. And the need for all of that information comes due to two concerns.

The first concern involving the need for accurate, detailed, and verified information concerning every member involves the need to make good decisions for sake of the members. This is the same reasoning that larger governments make to excuse extreme spying liberties. But of course, it can never actually work for any very large group. Even super-intelligent androids could not handle a group as large as merely a city, much less a nation. Communication has a natural immutable limit. And if that limit is over-reached, errors will occur. And those decisions are being based, not on simple estimated need for monetary distribution, but on the gauged IJOT (“Integral of Joy Over Time”) for each and every member. Gauging that for even one member is not trivial, but a human mind can do wonderful things, once it gets the general idea and a little shared practice.

The other primary concern for the need of such information sharing, normally strongly unfavorable, is that it stifles deceit. When everyone knows far more information about everyone else, the web of truth becomes too great a maze for the serpent of deceit to wriggle through. Susan says to Sally,

“Did you hear what I heard about John and Joan’s rendezvous?”
Susan replies, “Yeah, I read about it in the paper.”
“Don’t you think they did more than just talk?”
“Well, Joan’s husband said that he was helping her with that broken watch band and little Johnny verified that. Why, do you think they were doing something naughty?”
“Well, you know how John is. I can’t believe they just played with a silly watchband.”
“Yes, I know John really well. He helped me with my kitchen stove a few weeks ago. Pauline verified that one, I think. He does that sort of thing all the time. He enjoys helping out. Do you have any verification that he did any more than that with Joan?”

The next day’s paper reads in part, “…and Susan suggested to Sally that John might be playing around with Joan…”

Serpents really hate being exposed to daylight.

But as I said, it takes first a few people who can trust intimate knowledge of each other to an extraordinary extreme. But such information is not passed to the world, merely within their “family corporation”. As far as the corp.'s neighboring corp. is concerned, “Who is John”?

Ten people living for sake of helping the other nine, with each intimately aware of each other’s true situation, needs, and desires, makes accomplishing a small spot of heaven, a haven, much easier against the malignant world of manipulators. The larger idea involves each corp. doing that same thing for themselves also, a much larger spot of heaven made of smaller ones. And guess what you get when eventually Man is doing nothing else.

“…And for what shall we pray?”

Do you intend to form a SAM corporation? Or have you already formed any?

I think that currently the SAM corporations can “survive” only in the shadow of globalism, of the Glozis because they are to powerful. As long as Sam corporations do not cause problems to Glozis they are tolerated, otherwise destroyed.

Currently I only “intend” to explain it, if I can ever get that far.

Yep. But the real conversion doesn’t come until the lust is lost out of the eyes of the Godwannabes. Then quite suddenly, almost overnight, everyone knows of SAM (although most probably by a different name). And I still don’t really know if any homosapians will be around by then. If people don’t do, the machines will. It isn’t a matter of what anyone likes to do, but what the universe does.

Of course the sooner the better for anyone involved. Ten people in an intimate SAM Corp. can withstand a hell of a lot more hell and high-water than anyone alone or attached to a large government… and enjoy themselves the whole time (the whole point of it).

What is tried again and again, is to be powerful, to be the most powerful. They need all people in order to rule, to control them, and therefor they have to split, to divide them. That seems to be a paradox, but it happens due is to an old effective method of ruling: “DIVIDE ET IMPERA”.

True and thus it is imperative to form that which cannot be divided, the true “Philosopher’s Stone”. What I am proposing is that SAM is the closest thing to that stone that homosapian can form, even more so than the original family and “bloodline”.

For “SAM” the challenge or problem are its enemies, especially the Glozis because they don’t want any enemy, rival, competitor. They would not tolerate it, If a “communal particle” like “SAM” had a successful monetary currency or even other successful currencies.

“Never” is a strong word. And enemies are always everyone’s “problem”, as are the Globzis. Everyone is to be exterminated by more efficient mechanical replacements.

But what can not be divided, cannot be divided. As they have loved to profess and will one day hear for themselves, “Resistance is futile”.

And from another thread, the 4 groups in a community:

  1. Seers
  2. Strategists
  3. Doers
  4. Overseers

Compared with your signature, where it says:

  1. Clarify
  2. Verify
  3. Instill
  4. Reinforce

I can see the relation between the categories
on the first level: … Clarify/ Awareness/ Research/ Seers
on the second: … Varify/ Understanding/ Analysis / Strategists
and on the fourth: … Reinforce/ Stitching/ Coordination/ Overseers

but not on the third level:… Instill/ Influence/ Production/ Doers

I understand 'instill’ as ‘taking in’, ‘internalize’, ‘memorizing’. How does this relate to the Production-department and the Doers. So my question is about the word ‘instill’. How do you define it?

Another question is about ‘stitching’ as a means of reinforcement. What exactly do you mean by that?

The history clearly shows that all previous socialisms, because they were modern, were either national or - in the worst case - imperial totalitarianisms. The current globalism is also such an modern imperial totalitarianism, namely the worst case of the worst cases because it is the greatest of history.

The two ways to get out of the imperial madness are the alternatives as city states or as nation states; but because both are about to be destroyed (and even are going to destroy themselves), only one possibility remains: the very small social units, for example something like the "communal particles". But this only possibility will come again anyway, because history repeats its form.

So one could think one has only to wait. But there is another modern problem: the modern trend itself which means also - and amongst other powerful things - machines! You and other human beings will not be needed anymore. Perhaps no human being will survive because that threat with all its consequences will probably come true.

And if someone has an idea like James with his “SAM” / “communal particle” (see above), then he is threatened with lies, that he were a “friend” of the “bad socialists” of the past (for example: Babeuf, Marx, Lenin, Stalin, Mussolini, Hitler, Mao, Pol Pot), although / because the liars themselves are this bad socialists, even in a global scale of imperialism.

Do what thou wilt. Ye watch thee.

The middle class has to carry everything and everyone. The only difference between former modern times and curent modern times is that the nobility and clergy have been becoming globalists.

[size=77]The middle class carries the globalists.[/size]

“Stitching” is the process of ensuring that the parts are held together, coordinated. That is the same function as a “coordinator”, “overseer”, and “reinforcement” (of the whole). Cross-stitching is stitching where multiple angles of concern are “tied together” to better ensure that there is no separation. Double-cross-stitching is extending the coordination effort beyond the immediate to “down the line” efforts that are supposed to be already properly coordinated, but might not have been. Double cross stitching is a company president not merely reviewing the manager, but also reviewing a few employees under the manager. That way he is doubly sure that his orders were carried out and not misunderstood along the path of communication. Double stitching is crucial in preventing social cancer.

Religions fall to corruption (cancer) due to their failure to double-stitch what they meant to communicate. Stitching is a part of the verification and reinforcement processes.

You can’t really include that fourth group (in blue) properly as the same four individual concepts. Clarity and verification are both a part of awareness and also influence (ensuring that things are clear and verified not only to yourself, but to others or outside yourself). The fourth group is a single statement to define an understanding of what life does, including its goals and measurement focus (PHT):
Clarify, Verify, Instill, and Reinforce the Perception of Hopes and Threats unto Anentropic Harmony
The other groups are abstract process components, not specifying any particular goal or means. The signature line relates to purpose, not make.

For a communal group to be a living entity, it must have those components, and also the understanding or the strategy that the fourth group represents (the signature line). In exercising that understanding, the “awareness department” must participate in the incoming clarity and verification involved. The “production or instillation department” must participate in the out-going clarity and verification. And the “overseer” must attend to the internal clarifying and verifying between the departments (“stitching”).

Mind of SAM’s Man

A good thing about having many SAM Corps is that the abstract understandings that are deduced by any and every corp. get immediately transferred to every other corp… And any errors and corrections found automatically get transferred as well.

It is a little like having many philosophy websites, each focusing on resolving philosophical questions. The resolve along with whatever reasoning was used is automatically broadcast to all other philosophy sites, not by inadvertent browsing, but by constitutional law. Before long, all philosophical questions are not only resolved, but the reasoning for the resolutions follows the resolutions and has been reviewed by the participants of every website.

Unlike Science, the abstract reasoning that constitutes philosophy does not require multi-million dollar facilities and equipment. Reasoning can be checked and cross checked by millions of thinking people across the world (as Science used to do to a lesser degree). And it is by their understanding that people guide their behavior.

People across the world get to participate in the reasoning process, not merely take someone else’s word for it (as current Science and all religions demand). The Mind of Man is a distributed “neural” network, not a concentrated, solely owned propriety. Abstract ideas are not owned. And strategies that involve manipulation of the masses become no longer of use within Man. What were once called “demons” no longer have a home within the mind of Man.

The end result is that across the world, any and every abstract question gets resolved and distributed across the world overnight. And as each resolve is understood by each corp., if the resolve is applicable to their group, it is immediately incorporated (although ideas are communistic, the use of them is strictly democratic). Thus the greatest intelligence of Man, rather than the least common denominator, becomes the functioning authority within Man. Man as a whole quickly and suddenly becomes sane after some 10,000 years of blindness and foolishness.

Stitching or networking the individual reasonings that are being discovered throughout all of Man, forms the higher level of neural networking “brain of Man”. And if properly “double stitched”, is impervious to the common corruptions of prior religions corruptions. Very quickly, the whole of Man becomes as brilliant as the brightest elements within Man, the brightest hu-mans, just the opposite of his historical behavior.

And as each and every idea distributes across the world and gets verified, it also gets stored throughout the world. An entire continent could be totally destroyed and yet every brilliant idea it had would be saved by the rest of the world. “What brilliant strategy concerning life does anyone have that everyone doesn’t have?

And it is important to realize that such a networking is only for the abstract understandings, not individual experiences or “private information”. A different kind of network is used for relaying group observations or experiences. Science is largely an issue of experience (observation of experiments). Philosophy is more about reasoning (logic), possibilities, and imagination. The most important networking is that of the reasoning, because when reasoning is lost, despotism and insanity ensues. It is similar, but certainly not identical to the difference between the limited mass-programming at universities verses the more wide-spread general TV mass-programming of the populous.

First save the angels so that the clarity and sanity of Man can be formed. Then Man can save himself.