In Sight of SAM, I Am

The reason why the Glozis, their functionaries, and their seduced crowd can say that it is communistic or socialistic - and not just democratic. They say: “You are not democratic. You are communistic or socialistic like Babeuf, Marx, Lenin, Stalin, Mussolini, Hitler, Mao, Pol Pot, and many others were.” And so they can incite their seduced crwod against you. The crowd is too much influenced by the Glozis and their functionaries.

Anyway, they say: “That is communistic or socialistic, thus not democratic.” (See above). They themselves are more communistic or socialistic than you, I know, but they have the power.

Well, the Globzis are socialists themselves, so they have to take care when accusing anyone of being socialist. And frankly, if they don’t want the communist Chinese running their lives, they would be wise to be careful what angels (ideas) they refuse at the door.

But keep in mind that so far I have only explained a small bit of the features of SAM. And in the long run, it is important to keep in mind that SAM is entirely “above board”, honest, open, easily verified, including the admission of mistakes. Of course, that doesn’t stop the attempt to deceive about it. The adversary has to try to drive it underground, as always, which merely delays the inevitable.

And SAM is not like anything before it. It has many facets including capitalist endeavors. Each SAM Corp. lives solely for its own sake. Everything it does is entirely and openly for itself. That makes it not only capitalistic, but because its management is via the participation of all members, it is “democratic”. It is like a small business with its books on open display. Although within limits as to who gets to see what kind of information, no information is entirely hidden nor incapable of being verified. It is kind of hard to claim such a small entity as “communistic” or even “socialistic”. Even labeling one a “cult” is hard to substantiate.

And it is much like their preaching “true” physics in the face of RM:AO. All they can really do is run and try to hide and hide from their stumbling blocks, such as the Stopped Clock Paradox. Every direct confrontation, they will lose. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out what happens in the long run. They will tell their lies. You can count on that. Liars lie. It’s just what they do. And although considerate of what they say, neither RM:AO nor SAM is terribly concerned about what they say. SAM isn’t a political movement in need of convincing the masses of anything. SAM is not a revolution, but an evolution, a new synthesis and species of non-aggressive corporation to displace the dinosaurs of the past.

The final battle between SAM and the Globzis is the classic battle between the Lord of Light and Lord of Darkness. Man even has a name for it. And they spell out the details of the battle; when to sound which trumpets, how many times, which flags to raise, where to stand, when to advance,… all of that kind of thing. It is a battle concerning thought and behavior, “spirit”, not swords and bombs. And every type of deception is expected on the field … handled and thwarted. Its complicated to explain.

Darkness and ignorance cannot reign over Man forever. So you can guess who wins. The only question is who will still be around. The sooner it starts, the fewer people will be murdered in the name of Globulism. But everything has its time and place.

Although whatever happens will happen in its own time, the effort of life is to always be one step ahead of the future and ever-cognizant of the past.

Does it have to be “democratic”? And if so: why?

You know that even SAM can merely be successful and more than ever democratically successful, if it remains a small common or corporation. But more than other forms of government democracy is prone to corruption. That is - b.t.w. - the reason why democracy has a shorter duration than other forms of government. But anyway: if this small commons or corporations do not grow in the long run, then they will have a chance. And this chance would grow, if each common or corporation would be more like a (for example!) city state, thus more like a republican aristocracy. I don’t say this because of my own social and political belief or opinion, but because of the logic of “SAM”.

But you want to be successful in the long run.

The forms of history repeat. In other words: The time of “SAM” is going to come!

Understand the difference between being a democratic group and being a part of a democratic larger nation/state/body. SAM corps are an element within a somewhat democratic/capitalistic body, but internally, they are none of the common governing methods. Similarly, you might live in a democratic, capitalistic, socialistic, or communistic country, but that doesn’t mean that internal to yourself, you are any of those.

And as I was pointing out, even the larger body is not completely democratic, capitalist, socialistic, or communistic. It has elements of each. The common ownership of abstract ideas, is communistic. There are no patients on abstract concepts, nor is there a need for them. But physical property can still be totally owned by a single SAM corp group. The management within the group is totally up to those within the group, although restricted to a basic constitutional framework.

So internally, a SAM corp is constitutional, not a lot different than the US Constitution was, only much, much smaller scale and void of omitted critical concerns. And within a constitutional order, the management process can vary considerably because every corp has its own version of “amendments”.

Outside the SAM corp, throughout the body of the combined corps, things are generally capitalistic with the exception of specific communication networks. Information is not up for trade negotiations and has a variety of levels of scope. The more immediately private, local, internal information isn’t distributed throughout the larger body, just as the information or condition within a human cell is not passed throughout the human body. Each SAM corp is very much like a single cell, almost autonomous and incapable of growing beyond a specified but conditional limit.

There is no “want” to it. SAM is where life winds up, just as predictably as cellular life and limited body sizing for plants and animals. Reality dictates in the long run, not what anyone merely wanted. Wanting for the wrong things merely makes it take longer and suffer more getting there.

Personally, what I “want” is for it to get there as soon as possible, simply because literally ALL personal and social problems end, for good (that “End of History” until anything extraordinary happens from outside and even that will do no more than cause shifting around, not starting over).

Well, but I am talking about a new advent, not a repeat of any prior. And a time when past “sins” will be strictly “in the past”, never to rise again.

Presumption has led the way for Man since the beginning, causing all kinds of hell and high water. When SAM arrives and settles in, presumption no longer has a place. Presumption is the very “seed of all sin”, cause of all errors. That is how SAM is related to RM wherein presumption has no place. SAM is an offspring, “child”, of RM. And unlike Frankenstein’s monster, is formed with a living soul.

This is reflected in my statements. I included it. My question wether it must be “democratic” was meant generally and related to the possibility that if “SAM” is “democratic”, it would get more and more under the control of the gloablists and their system of corruption. Then you wouldn’t have a “SAM”, but a “GANG”.

But that is what makes SAM vulnerable to corruption, even if SAM remains small.

That’s clear. I know that difference very well, James. So there is no problem of understanding that difference. If you are not “any of them”, but a member who is known by all other members, then it wouold be more probable that you can almost be sure that you are not corruptible. It depends on ( 1.) the social/political system you belong to, ( 2.) the personalities and characters of the members of the social/political system, and ( 3.) the might around you (currently the power of the globalists and their system). ( 1.) SAM for instance is perhaps “democratic”, but “democracy” means more vulnerable to corruption than other forms of government; and SAM has for example 4 groups - seers, strategists, doers. overseers -, and that doesn’t “sound” like democracy, although SAM’s smallness allows to call its social/political system “democracy”. ( 2.) One has to be sure, in spite of the smallness of SAM, that all members are not corruptible. ( 3.) The globalists as SAM’s enemy can eliminate SAM, if it SAM not willing to be corrupt.

Logically, SAM has firstly to be monarchic, then aristocratic, and at last democratic. Else you can’t build it correctly. Check out the history of all hitherto successful companies/corporations! No one of them started democratically, but they all started monarchically, then they changed to aristocracy, and at last they perhaps changed to democracy (perhaps! because most of them did not want to change to democracy, but they lastly had to because the corruption had grown and forced them). It would be no good omen for SAM to start democratically, in spite of its smallness. Unless you could be sure that no one of its members is corruptible. But how can you be sure in that case? You can never be sure, but almost be sure, if your socíal/political system is monarchic, thus authoritarian.

That’s logical.

You still seem to be presuming too much. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that a man who studies history so much has his mind stuck in it. What part of “new advent”, do you fail to understand? I cannot say that it is “this…” or “that…” by category name. SAM is none of the historical icon models with which you could compare it and predict it. You would have to experience it in order to predict it. Science would have to experiment with it in order to predict it. And logic can predict it, but only to find it to be the most rational organization for literally all homosapians, although they can’t know that until they can see it for themselves.

And it is not valid to presume that because one element is like A, then the whole is corruptible in the ways of A. Just because one part is communistic doesn’t mean that the whole is corruptible as communism would be. Just because another part is democratic doesn’t mean that the whole is corruptible as democracy would be. The fact that it is a combination of a variety of older schemes somewhat implies that none of those corruptions would directly apply.

It is assumed in the design that there will be efforts, both accidental and intentional, to corrupt it, else it wouldn’t be worth considering. It is designed with that in mind and as a very high criterion for design. Corruption is the entropy and cancer. And every form of corruption has a cause, thus an “anti-cause” or cure. But SAM is not anti-entropic, else it would grow endlessly as governing attempts before it have tried. Thus the focus is on “Anentropy”, as is life itself. Every form of entropy has an anti-entropy compensation. SAM is inherently mindful, ever attending to every detail. It is “Anentropic”, resistant to corruption.

SAM is democratic in sense A
SAM is capitalistic in sense B
SAM is socialistic in sense C
SAM is communistic in sense D
SAM is constitutional in sense E

But what SAM is exactly, is NotA, None of the Above categories.

My point in the last post was that SAM is cellular in nature. The larger body that forms from a multitude of SAM corps is not merely a larger version of the SAM cells that formed it, just as your body is not merely a larger human cell.

And SAM does not take the course in its formation that those prior to it have taken. It does not take the path of force or self imposed coercion. SAM doesn’t insist against choice. It permits against chaotic oppressive demise.

As I said, SAM is an evolution, formed of experience, wisdom, and logic. I am well aware of the very cause of corruption, Presumption, “anti-clarification” and “anti-verification”. SAM doesn’t presume that its members are saintly and incorruptible, quite the opposite.

The real world of Man really is extremely complex in more ways than you could possibly imagine. And that is why explaining SAM, the final resolve, is such a complex challenge. The clouds hide the Sun and what has to be seen is on the other side of the Sun. Man must “shoot through the Sun” (beyond his Science) in order to see “the light and haven beyond”. On a good day, they don’t care to look toward the Sun. And on a bad day, they crave only to see more of what they saw before. When his mind can see, his heart doesn’t care. And when his heart does care, his mind cannot see.

Within the first prototype, I have to be the coordinator/overseer/supreme court, because that is the one ensuring that the other departments understand and are following the constitution. And in the first case, verifying that the constitution isn’t leaving out any concern and is sufficient for general use by others.

If there were many SAM corps available for me to jump into (moving from one to another is an acceptable part of the system), I would probably have to choose between either the coordinator or the analyst because those are where my talents are. But every SAM corp chooses who is in which department by their tested talents. How and why the tests work is no secret. There is no competition for slots other than passing tests concerning job-talent. And such testing can be retaken many times. The intent is to fit the most talented person into the position that requires his talents. That makes the “joy factor” much higher than being stuck into a position that requires talents that someone else excels at better. Reducing anxiety and any need to hide or pretend is essential.

And also note that being in a department doesn’t mean that one is head of the department, merely that such an atmosphere is best suited for that person. In a sense, the departments don’t exactly have “heads” in the conventional sense. The head of a department isn’t really dictating much of anything, but rather assembling information or acting on it. The apparent situation is what is actually making the decisions (aka “Reality” or actually the group’s best guess at it), not anyone within the group. The people are merely gathering and assembling the information concerning the situation. When assembled properly, the result is a clear indicator as to which action to take. It isn’t up to anyone to say, “well, I like plan A better than B, so that’s what we’ll all do”. And some issues are left up to passion voting. There is no room for egos or vanity (those people don’t pass the tests). SAM corps are entirely altruistic (no place for hidden agendas to hide).

But more importantly, realize that information toward decision making is gathered from ALL members. The best idea concerning something related to one department might well emerge from a member of a different department. They each see each other’s work. And everyone has the right (and somewhat an obligation) to present any argument for a better idea. The result, because it is such a small group, is that the group is led by the best ideas from throughout the group, not merely the “the most talented leader” of such a group. No one cares who presented an idea. The only issue is which idea appears to be the best available at the time and there is a process for determining that. Sometimes it is merely a vote.

And all of that is why machines WILL do it, if people don’t. Machines are not concerned with egos, pride, vanity, or blind lusts for power. They are already designed to seek out the best method/alternative.

SAM is about everyone actually becoming their own man (coherent, strong, and purposeful), but in a wise way.

But SAM (“Social Anentropic Molecule”) is not PAM (“Personal Anentropic Molecule”). :wink:

No, because PAM is not wise. A wise man knows how to utilize teamwork in life. He is not a stand alone human (unwise), but a member of a few tightly associated humans; a “team” or “family” or “small group”. SAM is the structure of that group such as to bring to authority the most intelligence, awareness, and influence for the group rather than the more simple ways of merely having a leader who is tasked with trying to know everything and make all of the decisions or a voting process yielding the lowest common acceptance.

SAM is anentropic in that its structure not only allows for changes and updates, but basically requires them moment by moment. SAM ensures that learning takes place primarily by associating documented intentions and designs with actual accomplishments. Every member of a SAM corp, can be called a true man (even the women if they choose), because the strength is shared.

SAM is anentropic, the very essence of defense against entropy or corruption. People normally try to hope that their scheme for doing other things will not suffer corruption, but the “people of SAM” do nothing BUT defend themselves against corruption.

You eat so as to restore your health and spirit, diverting entropy/corruption. You work so as to gain the resources for eating. You sleep so as to rid your body of inadvertent corruption. You clean your body and house so as to dispense with corruption. In the long run, literally everything people do is actually merely the result of an attempt to maintain themselves, including sex, watching TV, eating too much, drugs, scheming, political activism,… everything. The problem is merely that that get confused and don’t maintain very well.

The notion recently promoted in the last 400 years or so that the goal and purpose of life is “power” (WtP), is false and merely a social/psychological trick. And that is the real reason that so very many people are not Nietzschian nor Faustian. Life has never actually been about gaining power. The truth is rather that gaining power is for ensuring maintenance. But it is too easy for Man to confuse anti-entropy (the effort to grow) with an-entropy (the effort to maintain).

The focus must be maintained upon the actual goal/purpose. A degree of power must be sought, just as a degree of sex is required for reproduction. But that doesn’t mean that anyone has to become manic about either. Power and sex (just as examples) serve only the purpose of ensuring the future maintenance.

Acquisition is not the goal. SAM maintains focus on Maintaining = Anentropy (anti-corruption). It does that through its decision making process which involves IJOT, an ongoing calculation of the eternal maintaining of joy throughout its populous.

Zookers what a heavy truck! But I’m going to try to take it on. I have tried to read quickly through all of this subject several times and it just seems to get more and more inclusive of serious sociological issues that the world has serious problems with including in part -

[] Size of government issues
] Diversity issues
[] Corruption issues
] Distribution of wealth issues
[] Purpose and meaning of life issues
] Purpose of government issues
[] Decision making issues
] Sanity in society issues
[] Truth versus fantasy issues
] Wisdom or philosophy issues
[*] Preemptive healthcare issues

and more.

I’ve never seen or even heard of anything like it. I’m trying to find something that it doesn’t handle.

There seems to be 3 primary thread topics that combine to explain this thing along with many randomly distributed reply posts in many other threads -
Communal Particle
In Sight of SAM
Ensuring Accomplishment, No Matter the Task
All seem to be highly reductionist and so are probably hard for non-reductionists to relate to. There seems to be only about 3 analytical reductionists actively on this board so I am largely stuck having to discuss it with people I personally know.

My immediate concern is how this kind of community would suffer modern day globalist political efforts - CCP, Marxists and the like. Obviously power crazed activists and would-be dictators wouldn’t like it and would act against it. That seems unavoidable considering that it is very largely about openness. On the other hand, that aspect makes it easier for the surveillance state to be comfortable investigating what is actually going on inside (no need for personal assets and spies).

I first noted that it seems to handle one recently discussed issue really well -

SAM proposes a society of tightly interconnected very small constitutional republics. I guess this could be categorized as a type of networked constitutional tribalism and extreme representative democracy. I can’t find anything like it on Google.

It easily passes the test of “government overreach” as well as individual representation directly to the governing body. Those are two of the biggest issues in the world.

But I am still looking for potential weaknesses or anything left out.

We will accept only a neo-Soviet system of vertical councelship in which the people directly elect officials who follow mandates and are subject to immediate recall.

In our system there will be voting everywhere. You’ll be voting so godamn much you’ll be sick of the public responsiblity and long for a fascist dictator to rise up and make decisions for you. That’s how dreadfully democratic our system will be. You’ll have an app on your phone where you’ll submit your decision on hundreds if not thousands of issues a week.

Who is “we”?

After I posted, I thought of possibly the greatest weakness of SAM - people don’t see the need for it even though it solves a great many serious issues. I’m sure the same could be said of science and many newly proposed social efforts throughout history.

Unlike previous prophets, politicians, philosophers, and societal motivators, James didn’t make even the slightest effort to gather a following. He did explain in depth his theory of Perception of Hope and Threat - PHT that he claimed to be the underlying motivation principle for ALL conscious behavior. Interestingly he didn’t seem to use it to promote anything like normal motivators do. My guess so far is that he didn’t because he was actually explaining things to someone possibly more into the game, not trying to actually motivate anyone personally. And I am still suspicious that he might have been communicating to those who put Mr Trump into office (not Mr Trump himself). Perhaps James would have done more by getting on Twitter although that would be a hard place to find analytical reductionists who could follow anything he was saying.

I think it is correct that people don’t do hardly anything helpful until they sense a need. And even then, rather than try to solve present and also past issues, they just jump to the most superficial and obvious sign of change and hope even though the same efforts have proven to be failures. James did mention that the expected means of propagation was simply by seeing it work for others.

The world is actually at war. But this time the war isn’t very obvious and is greatly obfuscated so as to hide the real dangers (“carrot on a stick” versus “apple on a stick”).

So if by “we” you mean the people of the world, you might be right. But that assumes a doomsday narrative - not a solution.

James was not a spiritual person. That’s why his posts are lacking. Sure, he’ll say shit like “we need to do this to accomplish this…”

I say that as well… but I have a caveat that James never explored.

We are beings who were never born and never die. With that out of the way… we get bored with forever.

All of our reality and ‘natural laws’. Is just someone saying, “I worked in this plan for trillions of years, let’s try it out!”

And us (being bored as fuck) said, “ok, whatever, why not?!”

That’s where we are.

James didn’t know shit like this. He thought this was everything, and he was going to fix it by its own rules from the inside out.

James saw only what he was capable of seeing at the time.

Perception of hope and fear? Interesting that James didn’t use the term “necessarily better and fear”

Hope is a joke. The very thing James despised.

Hope is pathetic. Actual plans are not.

Fear is a product of hope. It means that we do things because we have an aversion (fear) because we have a plan. Fear and hope are not mutually exclusive. But James made it that way.

Among all of the theorizing, James proposed two ideas that seem to address the issue of people “seeing the need”.

[] “Make it known, easy, and fun, and it will get done”
] “Clarify, Verify, Instill, and Reinforce the Perception of Hopes and Threats unto Anentropic Harmony”

The first is obviously about emotional appeal for those who have no discipline. The second is about essential requirements. The question is how he or anyone would have accomplished either. A great solution isn’t a solution if it is never implemented.

Maybe a video game with MIJOT scoring of some kind.

Sean Connery just died today.

One of his quotes is:

“You have to be anti social to succeed. Otherwise you’ll be eaten alive”

He’s right about THIS iteration of existence.

Then there’s people like me who say, “I’m not amused, fuck this shit!” It’s people like me who are going to change this shitstorm.

So you have a plan?

I do. You didn’t want to read the link I gave you.

I know a lot more than you or James know or knew about existence as a whole. Without reading my link, you mocked me as a psychiatrists study.