In Sight of SAM, I Am

I haven’t read it because almost everything you post seems just in error or so extremely and narcissisticly unbelievable and uneducated - such as the following -

That is just such a dumb thing to say even if it was true. Obviously you want (too much) for people to believe that, but no one does. That could be guaranteed.

But because you said that you have a plan (that I don’t believe for a second is likely true), I will read your link. I will be astonished if you have posted without including something ridiculously false or unbelievable. Let’s see…

What is the link you refer to?

This down to the end… … 1#p2773401

Unlike James, I’m still here to query

Just that chapter or the whole book?

I’d recommend the whole book (it’s only 1 1/2 ILP pages)

The most important thing I have to impress upon you and James though, is that we ALL made this together.

James believed in god and was a republican (like uccisore).

I’m not a radical, I just happen to understand existence better…

What we’re currently in, is an idea that a being spent trillions of years developing.

I can’t stress this enough. None of us were ever born and none of us will ever die — we get bored.

We listened to the plan — god, Jesus, allah, Muhammad, Buddha, enlightenment, winning vs. losing, memory wipes… etc… and we said “why the fuck not?!”

That’s all this is. James didn’t know that.

This might be a good time to mention that this SAM thing would avoid all of this current US media bias and propaganda corruption. Democracy cannot exist under a unified/collaborating media. Both truth and democracy dies in the darkness.

Ecmandu I haven’t forgotten you. I read part of your story. You started off good in explaining what seems to me to be an abusive upbringing - my sympathies. But then you took a sharp turn into ozzie wanker land. At that point I had to take a break and get back to work, wife, and wealth pursuits. I’ll get back to it.

As long as you read about hyperdimensional mirror realities, you’ve seen what my plan for existence is.

You can ignore the rest for the purposes of this thread.