Is Israel in Trouble?

It seems that now, due to the predictable effects of the US O’Biden administration, Russia, China, Iran, and the US are proceeding to rain rockets down (over 3000 so far with no sign of slowing) onto Israel (via Hamas) until Israel runs out of ammunition to defend itself. After that of course, the rockets will just continue until there is no more Israel.

Am I missing something?

What will the world look like after there is no more Israel? - No more democracy (already very largely a sham) - Global Authoritarian Communism.

Is Israel in trouble?

Sounds like it… tho it’s inhabitants will be given prior warning, to clear out before air-strikes start.

Israel’s actions, in light of current global situations, just doesn’t make sense. I have my own thoughts about that. :-k

I think you might have the story backwards a bit.

Israel warns the Palestinians of their counter attacks so that Palestinian civilians can leave - not the other way around.

Apparently the outbreak occurred over a private landlord dispute in Israel concerning a Palestinian who was getting evicted for lack of payment.

O’Biden went back to funding the terrorism in the Middle East (as expected and as Mr Obama was doing) so the war was guaranteed.

“What will the world look like after there is no more Israel?”

What it looked like before the league of nations bullies got together and forced Palestine to give up part of their land to the Jews?

Lol imagine if America did that with the Mexicans. Let em move on in and give a third of the land. We’d never hear the end of it.

That is what the Mexicans are doing to the US - and you never hear about it.

And what the world looked like before Israel was a constant battle field between countries - each wanting to be God. There are just fewer of them now.

I didn’t…

So no prior warning for Israelis to vacate? they goin down with that ecological ship…

Under Covid-induced lockdowns… aren’t landlords evicting tenants kinda not-on. I see what’s goin on.

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What sort of news are you looking at??

Israel has desigened this new phase in its “justified” destruction of Palestine.
Look at the facts.
Hamas rockets have only hit a handful of targets and killed a dozen people.
Israeli airstrikes have killed over 200 people, injured thousands, and displaced over 50,000 people, knocking out over 100 buildings.
The conflict is more like bows and arrows against gattling guns. Isreal is in no danger, and it’s political and economic lobby in the US and the EU ensure that people are turning the other way, rather than look at the racist state which is Israel.

The latest round was due to Israel’s contonuing policy of throwing Palestinians out of their homes in the occupied territories, which they hold despite UN resolutions to the contrary.

Israel’s continuing policy of Liebestraum, has included a continuing blockade of medical supplies, vaccines, and building materials. They hope to utterly crush the rightful natives of the land which was arrogantly bestowed upon them by the British.

Pot calling kettle Black.
Advice for life; try not to be a cunt.

A lot more peaceful, though that is not going to happen soon.
Israel practically owns the west, and can behave like the monster it is.

how much more land can the palestinians lose before they don’t have any more?

It’s very simple. The Israelites fucked up.

When you’re ignorant though, you’re not guilty.

I think they don’t deserve a country for their fuck-ups.

And I think they’ll be ‘perfectly’ happy.

Secular Jews all around the world.

Like the Chris Rock bit, “who hates niggers more than anyone? Black people!”

Who hates zionists more than anyone? Secular Jews.

Israel and Hamas are close to a ceasefire deal to end fighting, reports say.
Sources familiar with truce talks have told the BBC that Israel has informed Egyptian mediators it will agree to end military action.

There has been no official confirmation of this from Israel where PM Benjamin Netanyahu is meeting his security cabinet.

Both sides are facing international pressure to end hostilities.

On Thursday more than 100 Israeli air strikes targeted Hamas infrastructure in the north of Gaza. Hamas retaliated with rocket fire.

Earlier a senior Hamas official said he expected a ceasefire deal with Israel in “a day or two”, while Mr Netanyahu on Wednesday vowed to continue the military operation until “calm and security are restored”.

Fighting began in Gaza on 10 May after weeks of rising Israeli-Palestinian tension in occupied East Jerusalem that culminated in clashes at a holy site revered by both Muslims and Jews. Hamas began firing rockets after warning Israel to withdraw from the site, triggering retaliatory air strikes.

Not much more, it would seem… they haven’t been left with much beach front either… da hell. :neutral_face:

“the vote in regard to the Partition of Palestine has been given under great pressure and duress, and that this makes it doubly invalid.” - the (mad) Arab delegations to the UN

“suck it, Palestine. We’re teamin up with the zionist so we can get in there near all that oil. It’ll all make sense to you in about seventy years… but by then it’ll be too late. muwahahahahah!” - the UN

The Israeli Iron Dome
Israel on the left - that is why there are fewer casualties in Israel than in Palestine.

Hamas hides their militia in hospitals, schools, and anywhere they think Israel will hesitate to attack - while they are launching rockets indiscriminately into Israel (terrorism). So Israel sends warnings to the specific targets to let civilians have a chance to get out. It is a war against terrorists. People are going to get killed but Israel goes far out of its way to help civilians get out of the way which increases the risks to Israel.

Hamas began the rocket fire using their new funding from O’Biden. The Iron Dome catches over 95% of the rockets. Hamas’ life long goal is to completely obliterate and remove any trace of Israel. And to get Hamas to stop - Israel has to retaliate else just let their own people get killed.

Just a couple of months ago there was peace (thanks to Mr Trump).

Thanks in large part to the US and the commonwealth, Israel has one of the most powerful armies in the world, pretty sure they’re in the top 5.
Meanwhile, Palestine doesn’t even have an army, or government/state of their own, and at this rate, they wont have a country/nation of their own either.
Palestine is a mouse, Israel, an elephant.
Pray for Palestine.

‘No one’s safe in Palestine’: 10yo Gaza girl whose heart-rending clip went viral tells of ‘sad’ life under Israeli missile attacks

Former NYTimes Journo Approves Killing Children


Israel accepts that and has offered peace to Palestine time and time and time again (one time actually succeeding for a few months) but Palestine absolutely refuses any negotiation or peace. With Palestine it is Israeli genocide, a second holocaust, or nothing.

Wars have consequences just as elections do. And when you don’t accept the consequences and continue terrorist activities to try to overturn the results of the war, there can be no peace - people keep getting killed.

The war to establish Israel was over long ago - whether it was just or not. Should the aboriginals in Australia keep terrorist attacks on the whites? Should the American Indians keep terrorist attacks on the Europeans, Mexicans, and Africans? Should the Europeans keep up terrorism on the invading Arabs? How about the Egyptians terrorizing the Arabs? How about Japan or Taiwan on China?

There are no good blokes in any of this but at some point someone really really needs to say that they have just lost - for now. From there they can perhaps set up for a new counter war later. But this constant terrorism nonsense really should stop. There are better ways to settle things.

Mainstream Media is very pro-socialist world and very anti-Israel. So of course they are going to pluck heart strings concerning only Palestine - ignoring that the Hamas started this and has no intention of stopping. Hamas hides behind women and children while they launch rockets into Israeli women and children.

It is HAMAS sacrificing women and children for their bloodlust.

What would YOU suggest if someone like Germany starting dropping bombs on London?

for you very shortsighted people, the Israeli response has always been the same…

If you hit me once, I will hit you twice, if you hit me, twice, I will hit you ten times…

that has been their motto since the beginning…for Israel, it isn’t a question of
fairness… they believe in hitting the bully in the nose and as often as necessary
to get their attention…it doesn’t matter to them if it is right or wrong, it is
their official policy and has been since 1948…