Is Joe Biden Dangerous?


  • Yes.
  • No.
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Please write what you think about Biden as the new president of the United States of America.

Give reasons why you think Biden is dangerous or not dangerous.

Don’t write what your subjective problems are; just write what you objectively think about Biden.
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Let’s think about this -

There is a person with deeply embedded cancer in the brain and all major organs scheduled to die very shortly. A doctor identifies the illness and mitigates, partially reviving the life and hope. Then Biden comes along as a bullet to the brain. The body twitches for a while partially scratching off the skin that was preventing further disease. The heart, not being certain what is going on, still thinking there might be hope pumps even more blood to that brain. But the blood doesn’t reach the brain rather squirts out into the dirt as infections rot the body even faster.

So the question - “is/was the bullet dangerous?” :-k

Biden is your basic middle of the road democrat that
has existed for decades… certainly no more liberal then Clinton
or only slightly more liberal then Obama… (Obama was a center right politician)

the democrats haven’t really had many real “liberal” politicians since the 1960-70’s
the only one’s going now is Bernie and OAC…and they are radical lite…

the GOP has tried to play off Harris as a radical, she isn’t…remember I live
in California, and have watched her for over 20 years, she is what I like to
call a California liberal… we only look radical because the rest of the country
is conservative…and we are only slightly left of center… personally, I wish
we had true liberals and even a radical left… and I hope soon…

so the answer to the question is no, biden isn’t dangerous at all…


If we were to investigate causes, we would have to ask: Who invented bullets? To stay in the picture: Who „invented“ Biden?

He is potentially dangerous, but he is sleepy. He is sleepy because, he is old. Harris is a younger woman, and she has one eye looking out for The Man. Yes, even now, in this day and age. If she and that younger KGB Rasputnik were to begin eye to eye, she may most certainly be the one to blink.

But , Look out, though, if her photoaps are coming attractions: of a stylish, glamorous and frankly more like Mata Hari then a stale lawyer type, she may yet play the siren to kings and duplicate a me. Pompadour or even a Helen of Troy.

More importantly who pulled the trigger using such hollow point ammunition and who manufactured the gun? And who injected the virus that instigated the cancer in the first place?

The who’s matter of ’ who’s have been narrowed to the Chinese, of the Russians or even out ‘deeper states’ so , at least to my own mind, the question relegated to lowered , second tier assessments.

The interesting question of why it was done in the first place, if it was, fronts a primary level of inquiry.

But Biden , who is the bullet in your example, is the topic of this thread. So the topic is the bullet or, in general, are the bullets. :slight_smile:

You left out the prime players of Israel, UK, and EU - over the last 80 years.

When Mr Trump first mentioned “the invisible enemy” I wondered if he meant only the COVID-19. The COVert Infectious Diseases come in many forms -

  • social (secret organizations, backroom deals, extortion schemes, obfuscation ploys,…) -
  • intelligence methods (secret signs and signals, false flags, blame-shifting, spying, entrapping,…)
  • psychological (hypnosis games through media, movies, education, churches,…) -
  • purely physical (chemicals, toxins, nuclear waste, microwaves,…) -
  • biological (fungi, bacteria, viruses) -
  • physiological (symptomology, pharmacology, secret genetic engineering, GMOs, targeting byproducts, carcinogens, drugs,… )
  • subtly dangerous games and habits (swallowing goldfish, smoking exotic plants, rigging doors, ladders, cars, drugging drinks and foods,…)
  • economic (debt economy, college loans, insurance, hidden taxes, laundered stock market funds and charities, money, mortgages, planned devaluation, ponzi,…)
  • legal (hidden laws, loopholes, trick wording, special cases, privileged rights,…)
  • communication (special languages, signs, and symbols, secret censoring, shadow banning
  • information technology (hidden backdoors, secret surveillance, AI mining and tacking,…)
  • and probably more… ALL played on a Global level through many nations

[size=85]I expanded on James’ 3 reduced fundamental influences to make them more recognizable.[/size] :smiley:

I wonder which one’s Mr Trump actually knew about and learned about from being in office - I’m sure he learned a lot that he had never suspected - and many he will never reveal.

Biden is just opening up the walls and wounds so to help increase the rate of decay of the USA - especially of the economy and migration population. He seems to believe that the Ugly Swamp in America should be a proper dunny for the world.

Perhaps his (their) plan is to try to get all of the world’s deplorables in one place so as to make it easier to inadvertently flush them at once with a “natural disease”.

If Biden is so sleepy, so old, why ist he the POTUS? Why is he in office and not at home or in an old people’s home?

Biden not so much, he has Dementia.

The Communists and CCP who back him? Yes, very very dangerous.

Camel Toe harris? Yes, she’s an obvious liar cackle-laugh with no popular approval whatsoever, even more hated than Hilary. Another extreme danger.

Unfortunately only Biden’s rapidly deteriorating health stands between us USA and the precipice.

sometimes i think what if obama is really telling biden what to do, and that makes me feel amazing

Your entire government system has dementia now. Just look at his cabinet, US Congress, SCOTUS, your corrupted federal courts and MSM. Obviously systemic insanity was the objective George Soros was funding.

On his first day he restored the 1696 cancel whitey project, decimated some 40,000 existing pipeline jobs, destroyed any hope for small businesses and homeland economy with his anti-energy, pro-disease, and $15 minimum wage while at the same time inviting 10’s of millions more unskilled people to come and get better free social benefits than your citizens and adding another $2 trillion in debt to the Chinese. And he has at least months to do as much more damage as he can.

To call him merely demented and dangerous for your country is a very serious understatement.

If it is a done deal and Biden is soon to be replaced because of his senility, then he may not even know he is president and that makes him even more dangerous. :slight_smile:

After signing one of his Anti-American EO’s, he did mutter - “[size=85]Pass this to the President[/size]” - and he wasn’t talking about Harris.

which order? why was in anti american? also, source?

I watched a video of the signing - had to turn up the volume to full. I think it was about the 2nd or 3rd one, They were not saying what each one was. He even said that he didn’t know what he was signing.

What do you call it when someone instigates compulsive hatred with his left hand while holding up his right in the name of peace and unity?

This is what -