Music is great. But is music the best?

Frank Zappa said:


Do you agree?

Zappa was most likely stoned when quoted.His thoughts seem incomplete as being high can do this.
Music the best?? The best what? Social interaction? Possibly what he meant. Is it??? In a way yes.

Wisdom is great and music the best. Would that be a compromise? :slight_smile:

Zappa and drugs:

Was the great musician Frank Zappa also a great philosopher?

Music is the best ~ if you’re a musician with an ego to match how big you want it to be. In practice it only changes impressionable hearts and rarely actually changes anything, certainly not in the long run. A recent show on bbc4 revealed that all the big names changed nothing, where there is a sine-wave running through all music, and that denotes music as falling towards the middle.

Zappa and drugs:

Source: Wikipedia.

Was the great musician Frank Zappa also a great philosopher?

Zappa wasn’t the greatest musician. There were others who were greater, especially in earlier centuries. But this is not what this thread should deal with. I used the Zappa quote in order to just ask more generally: IS MUSIC THE BEST?

Music makes us feel good. Isn’t that a good argument?

Music moves humans of all cultures, in a way that doesn’t seem to happen with e.g. animals. Nobody really understands why listening to music - which, unlike sex or food, has no intrinsic value - can trigger such profoundly rewarding experiences.

Music is exquisitely emotionally evocative, which is why a touch of happy music makes even unrelated pictures seem more pleasant. In light of the above, then, we are led to the conclusion that the artifact of music should contain some distinctly human elements.

Music is a drug, and drugs are a medicine.

Us government used rock metal music on Arab terrorists as a torture method.

I guess they must have been wussies.

or higher standards

Muslim Michael Jackson. It is said that Michael Jackson converted to Islam before he died. Perhaps, this was his (her?) final plastic surgery.

Music has its extreme sides too, hasn’t it?

Ode an die Freude, the European Anthem.



That one isn’t the best.

Johann Sebastian Bach’s music is the best.

[tab]For example:


Maybe. The topic is: IS MUSIC THE BEST?

Music in general.