Also, music is therapy.

“Music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy.” - Ludwig v. Beethoven.


Also, dolphins are good for therapy:


It depends on what music it is, where and when it is played, how all those circumstances are … and so on and so forth.

Or that the artifact of humanity should contain some distinctly musical elements.
In any case, music is indeed the best.

Yes. Music is the best. :obscene-smokingred:

To one who cannot see, it very well may be, despite the other technology which we have today.
But then again, as with most or everything, it just depends on the individual.

I also intuit that it, music, IS capable of soothing the savage beast, depending on the music.

Something like the first below. Amazingly haunting and profound to me.

But would a savage beast actually be soothed by something like it?

I wonder what the below would do to the savage beast. Ah, just listen to it and to those wolves. Stirs my celtic blood indeed.

No, I am not calling the wolf savage. We humans are the savages.

I wonder if something within our ancestral genes resonates to particular music from that country.

I could not honestly say what is the best to me - music or books. It just depends on what you resonate to and on “where you live at your core”.
But if I had to say something, it would be the music depending on which…mostly classical and slow jazz.

If you do not want your heart broken, do not listen or watch the below…

Oh, the Wolf! :sad-teareye: :sad-teareye: :sad-teareye: :sad-teareye:

Music certainly opens the doors of perception.

On my bucket list is to someday hug a wolf.

I know you’re trusting me to see you right. :slight_smile:

What music should be played where and when according to your taste in music?
How should the appropriate circumstances be according to your taste in music?

And I know you can’t stand the fighting for one more night. :wink:

Joseph, the mud gives way to coral somewhere.
And the hours of light they last and last.
We’ll see no hostile flag there from craft unknown.
We will have grown free from sighing.

Singing the dolphin through … still waters.

[tab]Should I feel better now? :-k[/tab]

You should feel much better now. :slight_smile:

Music affects the soul.

They likely used this rock music:

[youtube][/youtube] [youtube][/youtube]

Interestingly, islamic terrorists do not fight against the fascistic terror state Israel like the Palestinians do. Almost all Palestinians are shiites, almost all islamic terrorists are sunnis. It is well known that shiites and sunnis are enemies too. Who supports the Palestinians? Who supports the islamic terrorists?

Music should not be used for political and financial purposes.

no money making no anthems…
what will musicians do


You’re not a fan of Pink Freud?

MA made funny! :evilfun:

Let’s rock, people!

[youtube][/youtube] [youtube][/youtube]

Put away the masks and dance!

Start hopping!