Wake up! That song was already part of my opening post!





In a subjunctive frame of mind, music is best for me because it allows me to experience an emotional intensity that, in some respects, is greater than the emotions I feel in regard to the experiences I have “in reality”.

And that is because “in reality” [often enough] as soon as I feel something, something else will happen that prompts me to question what I feel, to think about it, to doubt it.

With music the intense feelings can be sustained simply by listening to the music itself.

Or, as Emil Cioran once put it:

“If everything is a lie, is illusory, then music itself is a lie, but the superb lie…As long as you listen to it, you have the feeling that it is the whole universe, that everything ceases to exist, there is only music. But then when you stop listening, you fall back into time and wonder, ‘well, what is it? What state was I in?’ You had felt it was everything, and then it all disappeared.”