Jesus came to Earth again! What?! Would we recognize Him?

Dressed in a long white robe and wearing long hair and long beard, the white “Jesus”, who was later on established to be an Italian tourist named Antonio Boretti, drew people’s attention because of his garb. His entire appearance resembled that of the Western image of Jesus that has been engraved in most people’s minds, leading most Christians in Zambia to believe that he was “Jesus” coming back for the second time to judge the world.

The local people followed him and and some even worshipped him, showering him with gifts.

It must have been very confusing for the poor tourist who seemed like he did not understand what was going on but enjoying the attention nevertheless, when he saw people following him. Some believed it was Judgement Day and went to the extent of asking him to forgive them their sins.

It may sound funny (and it is!) but think about it: Would you recognize Jesus if He came to Earth again? Would you recognize Him if you lived when He lived? Would you see what was in front of you? How many of us are ready to hear the teaching of a poor man with nothing to wear, with no food to eat, with an eagerness to cast a doubt on everything you held dear and on everything you believed in?

Would you be able to hear the teachings of a pariah while passing by him with your expensive car?

What do you think?

PS. The question is mainly targeted to people who believe, but of course atheists could have some insights on this as well. Remember: we are not discussing if Jesus existed, just if one could see his true nature if he happed to walk by Him.

The Bible II, doesn’t sound right for some reason. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d like to talk to him though [if you were also asking what if], not to blame for the world or anything. Hmm but i am not sure if he took philosophers seriously or as anything of worth et al. Everything was because god did it, or because god said so, …not a lot of room for philosophy.

Of course You would recognize him,mDostoevsky said so and you’d crucify him all over again. However, he said, ‘be shrewd like a serpent, but be blameless like a lamb’ meaning he was no idiot out of a novel, he knew what he was doing, he let himself be recognized formate simple reason, not that he thought the ideamofmredemption would actually change people for the better, but, and this is a very loaded but, because he wanted to instill faith, hope, charity, in spite of everything. the bit about blessed are those who believe but do not see, is just political hype toward the priesthood, who needed some reinforcement.

I’d recognise him: he’s the one with blond hair and blues eyes, hanging around.

Except he had nothing to do with Easter anyway. It’s all bull shit.

He’s the original Easter Bunny.

Yeah, there are 5 Jesus’s tombs, 7 Noah’s arks and 28 Jesuses in these modern times. Money and propaganda.

art can you explain why he had nothing to do with easter

Most would not recognize Jesus if he came back, much less do they recognize him in current manifestations. Jesus might just be the homeless drunkard who sleeps in the alley. In other words Jesus would be whomever we see in dire need. He would be that one who tugs at our conscience, not the one whose pomp and regality puts him above being human. If Jesus came again, teaching as he did, he would be re-crucified.

yeah but don’t forget the one, if you invited him to dinner and ran outa booze he could make some from water, in addition changing the course of human history. Now not every buddy you hang out with can do that!

jesus was DEAD serious

None of the scoffers would recognize Jesus if he came back. He befriended the dregs of the Jewish society.

Because Easter might have come from Ishtar and has to do with sex and fertility… NOT JESUS CHRIST.

It’s Greek, Egypytian, Pagan/Roman and many others. All having to do with sex and fertility. Not Christians and their bs stories of some miracle man dying.

[size=120]“Easter” (German: “Ostern”) comes from “morning” (Geramn: “Morgen”), especially from “dawn” (German: “Dämmerung” in the sense of “Morgen-Dämmerung”, “Morgenröte”), from Ostara, the Germanic goddess of spring. The Old-Germanic word “Austro” > “Ausro” (“Morgenröte”) is the common root for the English word “Easter” and the German word “Ostern” and means in all probability a spring feast / spring festival.[/size]




“Ostara” by Johannes Gehrts (1884):


Most of those pharisees are NIHILISTIC and INSANE pharisees. They want to destroy evrything and anything. Merely about 10% of all ILP members are really interested in philosophy (|=>#). It’s just sad.

Last I checked Greece was older than Germany and Rome even when Germany was part of Rome. As well as Egypt and Persia.

It isn’t a Christian tradition by default.


No one is ready to see his beliefs destroyed. Least of all by a pariah who just claism to “know” better…

But what made Jesus so different was the “simple” (actually it is not simple at all) fact that He lived according to what He teached…

How do you know that? Oh look at that, a claim to “know”. Interesting.

The Ancient Greece had nothing to do with “Easter” / “Ostern”.

It is not a Christian tradition. It is a Germanic heathen tradition. Later (!) the Christians tried to mix the Germanic tradition with the NEW (Christian) “tradition” - partly successfully, partly not successfully.

Are you serious? Just asking, because they actually did have something to do with Easter tradition.

Spring and oh look hunting for eggs that came from rabbits that symbolized sex and fertility. Well what do you know! So no, it is actually a Greece/Egyptian and ancient tradition long before it was even named Easter.