Just arrived... Is there life here only now?

I believe you use hello to make available. I see that all problems that are labelled such come from vocal expression in the form labels as words. When I see fire trucks at each fire I believe that the truck is the cause of the fire. The more I understand I see that the truck is there to fight the fire. Another thing is I’m told a game Chinese whispers. The more we word each other the more we are on the scale we word as unhappy and depressed and anxiety so on so on so on. It would seem a simple thing that if the words are the problem of the day then why not stop the production of such. Show instead of say ? Easier said than done tho. Easier for you than me ? Do as I say not as I do ? Not sure but very confused !

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What is your native language? Or another question is, what does this have to do with religion and spirituality? I couldn’t make that out.

Then we are as confused as each other my friend. Nothing has anything to do with anything when it is looked at. The word atom is derived from the word atomos meaning uncuttable but then it is found that it can be cut. It is the imagination of one that is the limiting factor I believe.


…if the atom had not been discovered by the ancients, would anyone else even know about it, let alone have discovered it? …I doubt it!

Questions, questions, questions, ey…

We cannot live in a made up fantasy world where we say if and if not. The fact is we have discovered it and should base all reasoning on it. We can however doubt whatever we like in our fantasy world’s. In my fantasy world I might think that if we did not mix fantasy and reality world’s then reality might not be in the trouble it is in at the current space it resides.

Imagination is also the enlarging factor, expanding our potential and making discoveries possible.

I couldn’t agree more. The imagination is a creation of the mind. The more we think. The more we imagine. Yes it is true that the imagination has made the being of human a much more palatable experience for many of us. The issue is though. We have not yet learned how to turn it off. It has became a cancer of the mind which shows in our behaviour of modern to our fellow species. The mind is a great servant but a bad master.

So you would cancel imagination because people can use it badly, and wipe out all the good things that imagination has brought us?

Would you cancel creativity and innovation? After all, imagination is the wellspring of creativity and innovation. It allows us to envision possibilities beyond our current reality, leading to the invention of new technologies, artistic masterpieces, scientific breakthroughs, and societal advancements.

Would you no longer want problem-solving? Imagination enables us to visualise alternative solutions to problems and challenges. By mentally exploring different scenarios and outcomes, we can devise innovative approaches to complex issues and adapt to changing circumstances.

What about empathy and understanding? Imagination allows us to put ourselves in others’ shoes, fostering empathy and understanding. Through the power of imagination, we can envision the experiences, emotions, and perspectives of people from different backgrounds and cultures, promoting compassion and cooperation.

Imagination isn’t just a whimsical pastime. It’s a catalyst for personal growth and development. By expanding our horizons and challenging our perceptions, it encourages us to explore new ideas, question assumptions, and pursue self-discovery. This leads to greater self-awareness and fulfilment, making us more adaptable and resilient in an ever-changing world.

Then again, imagination provides an avenue for entertainment and escapism, offering a respite from the stresses and challenges of everyday life. Whether through literature, film, art, or gaming, imaginative experiences can inspire joy, wonder, and relaxation. Engaging in imaginative activities stimulates cognitive processes such as memory, attention, and problem-solving skills. It encourages mental flexibility, creativity, and critical thinking, contributing to overall cognitive development from childhood through adulthood.

Imagination is also a societal force that fosters hope and inspiration by envisioning a better future and possibilities yet to be realized. It motivates individuals and societies to pursue goals, overcome obstacles, and strive for progress and positive change, making it a crucial driver of societal advancement. Imagination is integral to cultural expression and identity. It shapes myths, legends, folklore, and artistic traditions, reflecting diverse communities’ values, beliefs, and aspirations throughout history.

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…and who are you to dictate that?

You are literally saying that you want peoples’ minds to stop imagining innovations and stagnate, and so stagnate progress along-with-it… well how do you think the atom was actualised, buddy?
…it wasn’t from not-imagining.

…in your fantasy-world you want to stop imaginations imagining… under that premise, the notion of the atom [and of all notions inventions and concepts] wouldn’t exist.

You really haven’t thought any of this through, have you…? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Welcome Billy. Yeah, it’s your fantasy. Make it a good one!

Good is defined as a self recognizing the other as another self, and so negating double standards.

Each self aligning all imaginations with the good will solve all the problems you have with imagination.

Once in alignment with the good, there is no limit to the imagination. Against such things there is no law (made for errant persons, not persons for law).

The Good (self=other) is the only unmade law. Any law out of alignment with it is no law at all.

How can there be another self if self=other? Wouldn’t it all just be one self? One’s self?


“Panentheism” is just a euphemism for Godless atheist.

This may have been the wrong thread for this.

God is the omnitemporal/transtemporal union of three selves. The only true panentheism.

The rest of us are three (in his image), but there is an imbalance that breaks the unity, which can only be balanced/restored by willfully resuming the original position (formal/final cause). That’s not something we do, it’s just an invitation we accept.

There are no natural born citizens of the kingdom. Only invited citizens who accept. God is not a dictator, but he doesn’t need your vote.

Yeah but you didn’t answer.


Well, it’s good that you at least acknowledge that your whole pamphlet is indefensible nonsensical balderdash.

At least you admit you’re a spy. Are you going to tell me why?

I’m a spy?!?!!?

Hahahaha what did I spy?