Liberal or Conservative?

Are you a Liberal or a Conservative?

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Which one are you and why?

I am a conservative because, from my experiences, Liberals tend to be more idealistic whereas Conservatives are generally more realistic.

True. I’m a liberal because reality is stupid.

Your poll is biased.

Leftists are not “Liberal” about anything except for sex and drugs.

Where did he mention leftists?

I’m left of Liberal, but I didn’t see that as a choice.

I’m Liberal because I hate 'uptightness", and I don’t blaim people for there faults. I am critical of people, I just cannot condemn them.

Exactly my point! :unamused:

you are either right or you are left or you are somewhere in the middle. there are no other options. but thats alright my 5 year old brother didnt understand the question either.

Right or left…heh…

The moment we stop worrying about right or left and start concerning ourselves with right or wrong is the day this country pulls itself out of the gutter.

There was a post a while back about the political compass which cba1067950 found for us, I thought some of you might like to try it out as there are lots of new faces around.

A bit OT I know, so maybe post your results in the old thread!

Confused. :confused:

leftist scum !! :imp:

What about those who do not fit in the “liberal” and “conservative” boxes?

I believe government should stay out of the morality business (abortion, gay marriage, etc.) but should also stay out of my pocket (welfare, taxes, etc.). I believe in and strongly support civil rights and equality, but I also believe that people should have thicker skin than to wimper at the slightest offense.

I guess I fall under the Libertarian umbrella mostly, but I have problems with the less-than-tenable aspects of that platform too.

I have beliefs. They make sense to me.

This is shockingly inconsistent with your pro-war stance. Are you aware of how much taxation is required to fight a war?

I am left-wing as far as national freedom and monarchy is concerned (pro freedom, anti-monarchy) but right wing as far as personal ‘choices’ are concerned (anti-abortion, anti-divorce, pro-chastity before marraige) So I guess that’d make me a moderate?

No. Opposing divorce is an extremist position. Remember that, in the US, even the most far right politicans are anti-monarchists.

What does the US have to do with British (I live in UK) and international politics? does it affect it to the extent that a person living in UK is right-wing even if they are anti-monarchy?

The point was that right-wingers are still ring-winger, even if they oppose the monarchy.

OK then I’m right wing.

Well, I didn’t feel like getting into it, but I think that one of the government’s most legitimate services is to protect its people from foreign threats. That means waging war from time to time. Let’s not get into defining foreign threats in this thread, please. We’ve been there, we’ve disagreed, it’s all good.

And to quote myself…

i am extremely left wing.

I’m quite liberal. Perhaps because of my personality, influences, experiences, age, socioeconomic status, intellect, education, …

I have been liberal as far as I can remember. The biggest reason was probably because my father was liberal. My grandparents were conservative, but they used faith as opposed to reason in regards to social problems and perhaps that turned me off.