lorikeet and iambiguous discuss abortio

As per Wendy Darling’s prediction, Satyr is back to regale us with his own fulminating fanatic objectivist take on all things…philosophical?

His context of choice to start the ball rolling [this year] is abortion.

Now, when others confront me and ask that I explain my own moral and political views on the matter, I commence by noting this:

So, Satyr will either respond in kind or turn the whole thing into just another one of his huffing and puffing caricatures of the philosophy he claims to so cherish elsewhere.


That says nothing.
That’s what’s so funny. You repost it and it says something simple…because you are a simpleton pretending to be complex.
All it says is…I was raised to think so. I was made, out of nothing, out of nowhere, as a tabula rasa.
You, are an imbecile.
That is a declaration, you moron…not an argument.

If that were so natural selection would be impossible, since all would just do and act as they were born to do and act as.
What would be selected, you idiot?
Why would there even be a process of pretending something was being selected?

So you admit outright that your mind has been shattered into a million pieces, like a broken mirror, and that you have no real opinion on anything, because there is no “you” remaining.

Then you wonder why or lash-out at anybody who disrespects you, although you admit, that ‘you’ have no self-respect.

I would say pathetic, but boring is apt. The best you can hope for, is latching onto others’ opinions and relationships, since you have nothing of your own to offer anybody else.

Again, maybe next year. :laughing:

Run away, little girl.

Tell me about Mary’s abortion predicament.
Tell me how I OUGHT to care, OUGHT to pay for it, OUGHT to support her failures or her sluttish lifestyle.
Morality? But you claim there is no morality.
Come on coward, send a note to others for help.

I’m “chickenshit” and I’m here…for a month, or so.
Make a barbecue out of me.

this thread feels a little gay

youre the expert, can you say more?

Sound the trumpets…shit-Stain has arrived. The only one, mind you, with a degree in philosophy, not that anyone would notice.

You see, a pimp’s philosophy is not like a square’s…it’s intentionally obscure so that nobody can ever test it, but can only assume it, given how happy the actor claims to be.
So many whores…and nothing to show for it…but?
Pictures…a bike…a sportscar, signalling how fit you presumably are…
So desperate to be envied…negatively validated.
Like the US…they hate us because they envy our freedoms and wealth.


No races and yet whigger smells in the air when you pass.
Envying the biatches and bling-bling and street cred they get…
A ganghsta, living on the edge of society.

Not to worry. Pedro will be back. One day it will finally be decided which of you is more the man every woman wants and every man wants to be.

In the interim, sure, turn this thread as well into just another “social media” adjunct of the Corner.

I was actually aiming for philosophy. Or, rather, my own c/p rendition of it. :wink:

Note to lorikeet:

Shit Smears, right?

you guys are so sensitive

First premise:
Why OUGHT I pay for Mary, the slut’s, poor judgement and choice of lifestyle?

youre like the little red headed kid from a chiristmas story that keeps talking shit from behind the little mean kid

haha, you and prom both think of me as a red-head, that’s funny

smears, have you ever posted a philosophical thread on this forum …ever ever? link it for me plz

i said youŕe like the red headed kid. comprehension bruh.

if being a degenerate is hereditary, you pay for it so that you can go ahead and get rid of a degenerate before they have a chance to bang your daughter or steal your lawn mower. self interest bruh.

Second Premise:
What happens when Mary - or any individual - is protected (sheltered) from the consequences of his/her judgments and choices?

Can you project, using your fucked up imagination, what the repercussions would be when the collective intervened to protect the individual from its own feebleness?

No moral judgment…no morality in the Abrahamics sense, viz… no altruism, compassion, sympathy, antipathy.
If morality required a one-god, and cannot exit without one, then let us see where it takes us.

ill take this as a no, and thats fine since u dont pretend otherwise, christmas story is a great movie ofc

shut up loser

Did I say that in the way you mean it?
That degree was wasted…all you are good for is calculating risks and cost/benefits. A manimal.
Degeneracy is a product of an innate inclination - probability - which is cultivated - nurtured - environmentally.
Now your environment cultivated your gangsta personae, as a defensive measure, concealing a deeper need/desire.

Desperation leads to degeneracy. But you’ve not read what I’ve posted elsewhere. Twit. You stink of desperation. That you are here, for so long, despite being a street smart hustler, enjoying life and whores, says it all, no?
I sense an error which you cannot explain…an itch…a disillusionment.
I’m not your therapist, nor do I give a shit, but you are exactly where you chose to be - consciously and unconsciously.

See, free-will, is neither absolute nor conscious.
We are creating judgements and making choices way before we even become aware of them. We are increasing and decreasing probabilities.

y u mad tho?