Love Ontology

Inspired by Value Ontology…and the Van Clan, which once was and, like love, is no more.
You can make any word - positive preferably - into a being/becoming - try it. It’s easy when words have been detached form reality and now can be reattached to abstractions with no referents, or to emotions, or to sensations.
Nihilists have made it into an artform.
Only when all language has been rendered meaningless can it be given a new meaning…something useful, positive…seductive.
You girls know what I’m talking about.
Teach the boys…teach them how to be girls.

Love Loving Love
God is Love; Love is God.
Why know what love is, why it evolved, what necessity it satisfies, when we can just surrender to it?


Love Loving Love…LOL…
Love Ontological Loving.
Girls swoon, betas hope…mothers sacrifice, children dream…

how about you cool it, you amazonian warmonger.

The dirty cynic may say that love, like all emotions, evolves to facilitate survival, and then reproduction…bonding mother to child, or strangers with each other in a shared mission to cooperate and live.

But this demystifies and degrades what should be maintained as a powerful intoxicant, otherwise it loses its potency and we are damned to remain sober.
We cannot have that, can we?
We would not survie…it would be unendurable.
So, let’s give-in to the magical spell and allow ourselves to be tricked, and sit there, like children, mouths agape, eyes wide in awe.
Let us remain innocent.

Let’s make love, not war…not agon…let us have peace and serenity. Let us lay down in pieces.
Ah, sweet, sweet, love…how powerful you are…how fast you dissipate and leave us wanting more.

Let’s make love to ourselves, before we share our love with others.
Let’s become master baiters, and gather the saviour’s fish to feed the masses, like Antisthenes taught.
Let us love love, lovingly.

Do you regret what sex led to?

Why would I regret what I willed?
Are you using yourself as an example to evaluate me?
You cannot.
Does a dog know what a human is? Can it ever? A dog thinks a human is another dog.

You suffer form a misunderstanding of empathy.

Why can’t you girls just …love me, as I am?

This camp fire song is called “Bitter bastard child becomes a soldier.” Clap along or just shoot one another at the end.

What I know of compassion or sympathy, you probably call pity. I know the difference and I feel sad that you don’t.

I also don’t believe that study that said pets think their owners are bigger versions of their own breed. Just dumb.

We project into the unknown, the unknowable, what we hope will be good for us…or at least not harmful towards us…
We project what we hope is there…and then we name it, wanting to make it intimate…and then we use it to make love to ourselves in the dark…proving the true necessity of this emotion.
To placate existential angst.

What I know of empathy is what you call sympathy/antipathy, because all you can do is project yourself into another’s circumstances.

Who said generosity is also a form of dominance? Was it Nietzsche?
Do we not pity ourselves in and through others?
Do we not try to love ourselves, through and in others?

Abrahamism has rotted the spirit of man.

I don’t regret what sex led to…

Because we’re all immortal. Even the sidewalk is an immortal being.

I regret that you’re all still in illusion.

I regret that you’re hurting the feelings of others without caring about it.

Most people don’t have feelings.

All you care about is dominating by violating the pleasurable exclusive access problem, instead of working to solve it.

Sociopaths. Ignorant. Stupid.

I regret all my memories.

I don’t even use the word pity under any context.

Yes, I project myself onto you projecting yourself on to me, that’s how the dialogue of minds work.

No, I think a dog thinks it is a version of us…because animals have no self-cosnciuosness…their consciousness is outwardly focused.
Like all simple creatures - you included - it thinks “I am that…which I am not” and “I am that, or like that”.

So you see suffering and you relate it to your own, by projecting yourself into the other’s circumstances…because for you empathy is sympathy, and if it ain’t then it must be antipathy.
Com-passion. Communal.

Dude, you’re crazy. I say that and its coming from another crazy person, me. I don’t dominate anyone.

No, simpleton…that is the first stage of empathy. Projection is easy.
We project what we know…ourselves, and we think the other is exactly like us.

Go one step further, towards an objective understanding of another.

Com passion, feeling with, not for, with, that’s all

you may not…but you certainly try.

To dominate is to not dominate.

To be the greatest of all time is to make everyone the greatest of all time.

Listen beavis monkey, I can do more than project, and think you’re nothing like me at all, like you don’t exist, like the Ecmandu is doing above.