Martial Law in Quebec

So the right to free assembly has been officially suspended (for a while now lol I should pay more attention to what government dictates… nah) in Quebec, specifically for Christmas. I, of course, will be violating the curfew and celebrating Christmas with my momma, along with anybody in my family that isn’t a pansy ass bootlicker.

bruh the war on xmas is real christians are under attack i went to starbucks this morning and my cup said merry holiday. also we have a war-on-xmas double agent living in the white house. listen to this.


Lol, it was the basic civil rights I was worried about.

Did that starbucks coffee taste like the butt you are used to licking?

starbucks sucks man but i was in a rush, the regular place that i stop when going the direction that i was going is closed on mondays and i needed coffee fast. it did in fact taste like ass

serious question…how the fuck you gonna call something a macchato and have a 20oz cup of milk with a few espresso shots in it?

they got the shit backward. it’s supposed to be espresso marked with milk not the other way around.

fucking morons

Honestly man, you are the fucking moron.

I should correct, I hope you are a fucking moron.

I really do.

it actually said merry holidays which i thought was kind of a bitch move like they threw “merry” in there but left out “christmas” like pick a fucking side starbucks what side are you on in this war on christmas

and i stand by my statement about the macchiato this is a macchiato not that 20oz cup of milk that they serve with all the flavored syrups in it that shit is in a very technical sense absolute trash who the fuck wants to drink a pint of milk when they wake up in the morning

I’m leaning towards it.

i think i made a truthful statement about what is and isnt a macchiato and u out here bragging about how you think you are more important than the public health of the society that you live in an im the moron ok got ya

What are you a fucking doctor? You’re an idiot.

You think paper masks stop viruses you are dumb as a bag of rocks dude.

i think your reasoning is contributing to the spread of a virus that is killing old people

You are an idiot man sincerely.

go ahead and expose your family to an increased risk of infection. crowd in there. give everyone hugs. its your right man. no one can stop you.

You are proof that public education is a waste of time.

so is trying to convince some people that their rights end where anothers begin

That is so monumentally stupid, I cannot even begin to comprehend how CNN even finds anything to latch on to.

i dont watch cable news

You watch CNN.

Read a book for fuck’s sake goddamnit Mr Reasonable.

the movie is always better than the book