What’re the benefits and detriments of being a minimalist?

One benefit is avoiding work.
Unless you really love what you do, work is painful.
If you have little, you spend little, so you don’t have to make as much money, so you don’t have to work as much.

Another benefit is it’s good for the environment.
The less people consume, the less they produce, and the less they produce, the less nature is ransacked.

With the computer, video games and so on, one can keep themselves very busy/entertained without spending much money, or doing much of anything physically.

A person doesn’t need much, there’s no reason why you can’t by on less than 1500 dollars Canadian a month and be healthy and relatively happy.

The less you have to work, the more it frees you up to do things you really enjoy, hobbies, interests.
What good is having things, if you have no time to use them?
I would rather have a few, cheap things I get a lot out of, than a lot of expensive things I seldom use.

You also have more free time/energy to be disciplined in other areas, such as diet, exercise, quitting drugs, alcohol…

I think the idea that everyone needs to own a house or a nice car with lots of toys in order to be happy is wrongheaded.

Maybe we shouldn’t aspire to be happy all the time, maybe that’s a form of insanity, given how imperfect the world is and always will be.
Perhaps we should just desire to be fine, or to be good, but not happy or ecstatic.
Happiness is something fleeting, where as contentment is something that can endure.

I do not work but I live entirely within my means so money is not a problem for me. I think time is
more important than money because if you lose money you can always make some more but if you
lose time you can never get it back. You can of course make time but you can not make more time

This is absolutely true and is the reason why I say that I am content but not happy

We have now even got orbiting debris around Earth… let alone the issue of the state of our landfills.

Recycling or incineration should be the only two options.

No, minimalism isn’t necessarily good for the enviroment, there is a lot of unexpected collateral damage. Have you not seen the grassy area after a concert clears out? Or the woods near where a hobo habitually lives? Tends to get cluttered bad. Humans today, 99% of them, can’t scavenge like Diogenes did, I tried it several times, knew what I was doing, didn’t last long. As a result, the cheapest foods are the most package intensive. A can of spam leaves behind a can of spam, but you cant get that quanity of meat cheaper elsewhere, or have it last.

End result is for a minimalist society, your completely dependent on your society’s depot system, the food choices you actually have access to, and the sanitary processing it has to realistically to reprocess it all, and not society nails every aspect of waste, I’m positive the English countryside isn’t a fucking environmentalist Utopia either, so don’t want to hear it. Go crawl around in the River Fleet and tell me that it is in pristine shape Magsj.

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Farming, transportation, and entertainment. That’s all we need.

Those are the core goods.
Farming needed for the body, Entertainment needed for the health of the mind and body, Transportation needed to get farming and entertainment to the body. Those are the core goods.

Medicine is the same as entertainment, when you are sick to your stomach certain songs can heal, I believe their should be hot nurses should give sexual therapy, which is under the Entertainment category.

Once we get people to think rationally and stop being indoctrinated by politics, there will be no more need for war. There will be a need for weapons, but not war. I view politics the same as religion.
Politics, It’s like, “Write laws to Tell me what to do” “My god is better than your god”.

But look, see: in the end what’s at the top but something purely Abrahamic?

…can’t eat spam… allergies, you see 8-[

The cons outweigh the pros… well, there are no pros so fuck spam and all processed foods.

You’d be surprised at how pristine the English countryside is Steve/Brandon/whatever-your-name-is… even after a Summer of festivals in fields and copious amounts of LSD, festival-goers still manage to clean up after themselves. We ain’t a bunch of wankers you know :wink:

We make policy and agreements quickly, so if people want to party they got to play ball and abide by the terms and conditions they signed up to… or pay a monetary penalty.

…now why would I want to do that?

If back then they had decided to make many of our now subterranean rivers into canals London would be a far prettier place, but more awkward to develop and build on.

One canal… we only got one canal… albeit one long pretty canal. I hope the plan to open up some of London’s subterranean rivers follows through, as we could do with lusher wildlife havens in London.

They buried the Fleet cause it was a fucking sewage. I don’t think most of it is uncoverable at this point.

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