My Agreements With Ecmandu

Regarding the spiritual realms, other dimensions, and the nature of existence, my agreements are as follows

  1. we will continue to exist beyond our corporeal death

  2. at least, one Hell dimension exists

  3. souls aka spirits exist

  4. a soul’s energy is powerful

…more to be added.

Well, since you may be curious Wendy,

The relative power of souls comes down to how powerful your feelings are. People with muted feelings don’t have much logic or soul power relative to others.

The feelings always come first; the strength and intensity of them.

I had always figured as much, especially regarding karma. Or is it safe to say willfulness? People with mental difficulties, such as myself, often seem explosively emotional and compulsively obsessive which is like a lasered focus that can really get things done physically and spiritually.

Are we on the same page so far?

Is there any reason, then, why we absolutely shouldn’t kill you guys? A reason pertaining to you guys, I mean, not to us…

Speaking strictly for myself, I wouldn’t like it. I have a couple puzzle pieces and I believe Ec has pieces too, that I need. His pieces are important to me, so he needs to remain an active participant of ILP. Every so many years, I try to discuss what we both know, so far without success.

There’s a lot to unpack here.

Karma itself is a peculiar concept. Even in Buddhist teachings, karma is one of the three things they tell people not to meditate on or it will drive them insane.

But that’s neither here nor there.

One thing you know for sure is that you’re here as you are (whatever that may entail). Personally, I think everyone in existence deserves to have all their desires fulfilled without the possibility of harming another being. So from my perspective, god and karma make no sense.

Another thing I know is that anyone with really deep raw emotions make tons of power in existence (for better or worse).


Do you think karma is something other than spiritual justice manifested in a physical form? Why does God make no sense?

Existing as you are, flawed. How do you make a soul unflawed?

Karma ultimately is the concept, “you earned or deserved it”

I’m aghast by people who walk through the world thinking this!!!

Oh, the god thing…

It’s very easy for god to make everyone god simultaneously. I know this for a fact. Theists think this is an absolute contradiction.

I know differently. Hyperdimensional mirror realities can make an infinite number of beings: god, with no contradiction.

Karma is a teaching tool, forcing more self awareness and reflection.

How do you make a soul unflawed?

An unflawed soul is impossible in a reality where there is more than one actual being in the same reality set.

It’s impossible to be a saint on earth. Impossible. Everything I do here, no matter what it is, is hurting someone, even if it’s just a plant. Sainthood is impossible on earth.

You have to stretch your mind far beyond this little box to become a saint, and the only way you deserve the title of saint (unflawed soul) is to make every fucking being in existence unflawed.

Do you believe that childhood has value?

What about unearned Karma coming up from the depth of many generations, that manifest uniquely within a pre-conditional qualification.

An individual may not be responsible for it or even unaware from whence it’s coming from
And then redeeming a past gone karmic debt does accrue positive Karma. Or?

Childhood is one of the ideas. Some kids have shit lives and others have idillic lives. What I mean by saying that childhood is one of the ideas, is this:

We’re beings who were never born and never die. We get bored. Everything you see around you, is a plan that took many beings trillions of years to develop as the ultimate plan, and we looked at the plan, to keep us forever entertained forever and said, “fuck it, why not? We have nothing better to do with forever!”

There’s a severe flaw in the plan though… infinite hell for everyone. The plan needs to be changed. I’m on the forefront of the better plan.

I really like the spirit of this thread.

Ec knows more about spirits than I do. I only understand present karma. Are there spirits raining Hell on those whose ancestors wronged them? I don’t see the point of such a thing myself, unless whatever action started good or bad karma continues to the present and the scales of justice need balancing.

That’s what I’m trying to explain to you Wendy.

This plan took trillions of years to develop, trillions upon trillions upon trillions and googleplexs too!!

You don’t understand how much precision hard work and detail went into this plan.

The problem? It has a flaw. Nobody cannot sin in this plan. It’s impossible. In the current plan, because at this point, I understand it backwards and forwards … I can forever ingratiate myself (now) to the least hells forever.

That’s not good enough for me and it shouldn’t be good enough for you either.

How do you know you were not created?

How do I know I’m not created?

I’m somewhat of a singularity. It’s illogical that I’d be created with a better plan when the better plan was already known. I’m just a reed blowing in the wind, but I’m a sturdy one.

I don’t understand your second statement. ??? It was already known by who? Why couldn’t we all have been created at the same time a zillion years ago?

It means that I have a better plan and it makes no logical sense that I’d be created with a better plan. My best guess is that my plan was offered when we went for the new plan and people rejected it. Well… here I am, and now what do you think?

This detailed current plan has god and enlightenment …

Kinda lame if you ask me. The shift towards my plan is a certainty at this point. Just a waiting game for me.