My Agreements With Ecmandu

You mean a better plan than trusting yourself and your Creator enough to join him in Heaven? Is trust a form of love? Second thought, trust is a taste of heaven, a slice of peace.

Slight problem with the old plan! That it’s even possible for people to experience heaven when others are in hell. And either they are psychopaths or nobody wants to be in hell.

Yeah, the Hell realm I visited felt like it was full of desperate, hopeless souls. How do you get stuck in a Hell dimension?

Which are the other two?

I’ll look them up… I remember one of the other ones though off the top of my head:

Do not meditate upon the extent of the Buddha’s powers

You’re not arguing well enough. You have power. Power almost always sends you to hell because almost nobody uses it correctly, the more power, the more damage. Get it?

So, once you’re there, you have to make sense. When you start making sense, they stop tormenting you and stop being tormented by you. Then things soften and relax.

Who sends you to Hell and how are you kept there? Um, sounds like you send yourself to Hell as punishment for abusing your power. Yeah, either no power or I refrain from using it instead letting spirits who favor me help me. I know I am favored with protection in some cases like a car accident and a fall. Also favored with glimpses of other dimensions but instead of it helping me, it’s opening another can of worms that I don’t understand.

Anyone. Everyone. All it takes to be sent to hell is to offend even one being who has it out for you. Some of these beings have lots of power, others don’t. Then hell becomes a scrappy game of sophisticated politics.

Added to my previous post

The glimpses are just that. Glimpses. Be thankful you’re not on the worst hells forever (so to speak) and be thankful you’re not in heaven forever (so to speak - that’s a one way ticket to hell) - just take the glimpses as informative and build upon them.

The Hell I glimpsed was full of both men and women and this’ll probably sound hokey but I was brought down there in a beam of light. So freaky because all of the closer souls were stretching to reach me, for help. Their hopelessness stretched towards me for help.

Everybody in the hells is asking for help. Just don’t forget them and you’ll be fine.

Mind describing how heaven is a hell? Is anyplace in existence not a hell?

Heaven is never a hell. Heaven is a lack of empathy, always has been. Those people eventually get sent to hell anyways. In this current reality, just try to stay as middle of the road as you can, a reasonable amount of heaven to make yourself useful to others, and not to much heaven or hell that you become useless to others.

But the flawed souls remain. You are convinced that a flawed soul who harms no one again will be happy living a lie and never sent to another hell?

So you’re saying when you become fixed and enter heaven, you lose your empathy to help fix everyone else? How does that happen?

Wendy, I really don’t think you understand what I’m doing here. I’m submitting a better plan to all of existence. I’m being patient and polite by answering questions about the current (insane) plan. I’m just not going to humor all these questions.

I already answered you this question:

In a reality with more than one actual person, (not a mirrored person), it’s impossible for any possible being to be perfect.

Because you stop feeling for them , maybe not at first, but eventually

A mirrored person is a puppet that you control so you will be alone anyways.

I don’t understand how being a god of fantasy is going to change who you are in reality?