My Agreements With Ecmandu

A mirrored person is only a puppet of you want them to be. When you put a mirror off to the side of someone else and look at them in that mirror, are they a puppet? Of course not. Can you harm them? No.

Can they harm you? Only if you want them to.

Hyperdimensional mirror means exactly what it states:

Reflecting all infinite number of dimensions in a completely immersive reality. Every bit as real as this one.

Every time I get a glimpse, I never have the wherewithal to stick around long enough to investigate properly. At the gate of heaven, my soul was so overwhelmed by this pure, positive emotion, I felt drugged and my ability to think was super slowed.

How can something that is not actually happening be mirrored? How do you interact with a mirror on a soul level? Souls need actual interaction, energy exchanges which mirrors fail to reflect.

You need a better plan, the most obvious, fix all souls.

I think Ecmandu’s idea of hyperdimensional mirror realities is a contrivance meant to preserve precisely what makes souls flawed in the first place.

Well, it definitely doesn’t improve the soul. There has to be a mend of some sort but what? Trust keeps coming to mind. Is that what all souls struggle with? I’d say the biggies are trust, love, and forgiveness. It’s got to be trust, everything depends on trust, doesn’t it?

Perfect your soul at your own pace (forever is so long that any finite number of years (no matter how large the number) is only an infinitesimal)

I have a pretty decent soul now, but it will never be perfect, nobodies will, not a reality where I have to kill to live and break someone else’s heart to make a friend.

Forever, in a win/lose reality system is a VERY long time to NEVER have a perfect soul

Why would you have to remain forever in a win/lose situation? Why can’t you trust that you can be fixed? We all can. If, scratch that, when I make it to the gates of heaven again, I will trust enough to enter, then I’ll return to help everybody trust that what is next will be glorious for all. This is so bizarre. LOL

Well, what is trust, Wendy? Isn’t trust our natural state, and doesn’t it require letting go of all kinds of safety measures and inhibitions we’ve accumulated? Forgiveness, too, involves a letting go: of a grudge we bear, carry with us, cling on to… And as for love—well, I think the word here is not “letting go”, but rather surrender!

Is trust our natural state as an adult or is it quiet fear? The desire to, for that release, is there in me but not the follow through…yet. I agree forgiveness involves letting go, for me of my self-disappointment, especially on those rare occasions where I trust and get screwed afterwards. I don’t think I have ever really forgiven anyone since I never forgave myself first. Yeah, surrendering all conditions placed on sharing your love.

Damn, fear may be the main problem that hinders the fulfillment of the other three. Fear entwined with each.

Yes. The fear of surrendering or letting go. I did not mean our natural state as adults, which I don’t consider our natural state. There’s a state not just beyond childhood, but beyond adulthood as well: a third state, the three-legged state of Oedipus and the Sphinx…

The fear is quiet because we don’t follow through on listening to it when we even hear it in the first place (rare occasions, usually, initially). The flawed condition is the fearful condition: shrinking back from the wholeness…

I agree. How do you replace that fear with trust?

Trust is your natural condition as soul. It cannot replace anything, it is always there, everywhere. But fear seems to replace it, obscures it, by being itself obscure of itself… Fear needs to overcome itself, in fact it is that very need. Learn what it is you’re afraid of, enlighten your darkness, see what is your one flaw. Try to pinpoint it, here, before me!

Woah, tough call. Must mull this over.

P.S. Love the theatrics.

I don’t necessarily mean in public, nor before me personally, I suppose; but before someone who knows what he’s talking about. And in any case, yes, take your time for it. You can also ask more questions.

Ecmandu remains stingy with what he knows. Pieces to important puzzles are hard to find. Rare. Like meeting a soul connection. Of course there are unexpected brief moments where souls who are strangers to you, show themselves spectacularly, but those are like reminders to do all that you are meant to do, not to dally wondering how deep the bond goes. Not sure who else there is to talk to, at this point, no one else of note who I cannot deny was put on my path or I on theirs.

Though it was a nice surprise, your joining the conversation even though your first question threw me for a loop.

My first question came from a very different angle. Then Ecmandu said something I didn’t know about Buddhism, so I asked him about it (would still like to know the third thing, by the way). And then, I saw how his plan was problematic both from within your shared paradigm (as you pointed out) and without that paradigm (as I then indicated). For that’s the thing: I came from outside you guys’ paradigm and then decided to have an exchange with you on your terms, for your benefit I was hoping. (I’ve never meditated on karma or the extent of the Buddha’s powers, by the way.)

Puzzle pieces belong within the paradigm. To use another metaphor, you’re trying to untie knot after knot whereas I’m trying to “cut through” the whole ball of yarn:

What does cutting through the whole ball of yarn amount to?

My understanding of karma is it is willed by the power of a soul or souls to reward or punish ourselves or others. I see it as a teaching tool to gain more self-awareness and reflection. It can also be seen as the cosmic scales of justice (no winning lotto numbers, no police or courtrooms needed).

Meno was asking if younger familial generations get karmic payback for actions once taken by their deceased relatives. Dunno.

An inability to sew the blanket you had in mind when you bought the yarn?

Like why did you even cut the yarn up? That’s stupid. You cant sew a blanket with little pieces of yarn.

Alright, let’s continue…

Reality is constantly changing. What I mean by this is that the god of reality is constantly changing…

For a few days ‘god’ may be your next door neighbors cat… or some cactus 1000 miles away.

I realized that I’m not in the same reality anymore where I can find the 3 meditations not to use or you’ll go insane because it’s just not on the internet anymore.

Sorry zeroeth! I know you want that third one.

Now the Buddha had a lot of powers. One that wasn’t mentioned is the ability to remember all the reality shifts. I have that one. He probably had it to.

The Buddha and I agree. Miracles are a horrible method of conversion… he only advocates teaching good dharma. Any evil being can perform a miracle. Not any being can teach and LIVE truth.

The Buddha basically taught his followers to ignore miracles. This is excellent and astounding advice.

I have a different perspective on this. If life is a video game and beating the big boss (samsara) is the goal, then life is still very much a win/lose proposition.

I step way out of the box of the current plan and decided that win/lose realities never work. The video game is bullshit.

Now, in hyper dimensional mirror realities, you can gain Buddhist liberation from samsara in one second flat.

Or, you can spend trillions of eons doing it. Up to you.