Natural Selection

The foundation of Evolution Theory.
A theory.
Not certainty.

No free-will, right?
What is being selected, and why is there even a process of pretending that something is being selected?
Why is god playing games with us, when all has been determined? Why has the universe developed this pretence, if all is already determined?

Okay, Evolution is debunked. A claim, a declaration, a statement.
let’s see the alternatives. Let’s evaluate the evidence and arguments.
If there’s an alternative…let the challenger step forth and present his proof and arguments, and then lets see what the crowed says - despite being made up of mostly imbeciles - but more importantly let us see what reality says.

most people stop talking about free will and determinism after like sophomore year. its such a bore, and thereś nothing new to say about it. it isnt something that progress can be made on. itś totally settled. now its just used to see what kind of people youre talking to. if they cant understand that some things are determined and that some things are not, or they think that everything is determined or that everything is not, then you just know youŕe talking to a kook and you walk away.

So mature.

What about when you are surrounded with imbeciles repeating superstitions and lies as if they were self-evident?
What would you do? Stay silent?
Like the modern myth that race is a social construct, that you repeat without being able to justify?

Would you let this lie propagate and go on unanswered?

Is it because you have no investment in the future, despite being a gangsta?
Is silence what tough hustlers do to earn a buck?

Fuckin moron.

immature? to move past a settled debate? what a weird take.

also when did i say race was a social construct? who are you arguing against?

your mind has really degraded over the years. you used to be so much sharper.

Another much used and overused trope.
Be more creative…challenge me to be more creative.
This is old shit…something you learned in high school and it worked so sell that you never abandoned it.
You’ve already let us know that you are angry and hurt…and that you are not satisfied with life despite your bling and crib and things and spinning caps.
Move on…put that philosophy degree to use.

im not a philosophy teacher.

No, you are a moron.
With a philosophy “degree”?
A wannabe hustler?

Looking for naïve nerds online/
Needy much?

who am i looking for online?

Tells me.
You know you want to.

are you calling yourself a naive nerd?

Now, it is becoming pathetic.
Go off, moron.
You are a waste of time.

Get over your adolescence.
Daddy wont be there.

there you go retreating again.

You are now becoming boring.
I will disengage, leaving you to declare victory…but we know, don’t we Stan?
We know what you are looking for and why.
Femininity wins again.

Ta, ta…

so much hurt.

Womanly defensiveness.
I’m not guilty…it’s been determined.
What choice do I have, really?

you know, the way you avoid anything that doesn’t fit your schtick and retreat into the same old things that you always say over and over if a lot like what iambig does. you 2 aren’t that much different once you rinse off all the shit.

Natural selection?
There is no choice…it’s all been determined.

It’s all been determined. There is no evolution, and if there is it’s all part of a divine path, determined by absolute order. Totalitarian space/time.
We have no choice…nothing is selected.
All is inevitable.

I can prove it linguistically, if I ignore my senses.
I can prove anything linguistically, and then find “experts” to support my claim.
Words are so, fuckin;’ easy. deeds?
Not so much.
I see choice being performed, I experience it in myself, but it ain’t so. I am not omniscient, therefore, anything is equally possible, ergo I can believe anything I want.
There’s no risk, no cost.
The system, I hate, will step in and save me from my own idiocy. I expect it will. I demand it.

When I make a choice I could not have made any other.
Can’t prove me wrong, ;cause we can’t go back ibn timne…so it’s possible, ergo, its equally so.
A guy on the internet said so. He’s my idol. He’s circumcised, the mark of truth. My newest boyfriend/guru. He mind fucks me daily.
I let him fertilize my mind, and adore him. I’m his baby momma.

We don’t know everything,ergo, anything is possible.
No, I’m an atheist, I’m rational. I’m advanced.
I’ve overcome, transcended, Abrahamism. I’m a Marxist…no, a postmodern.

Fuckin imbeciles the lot of you.

you really dont get it.

Keep talkin’ I’m listening…

Keep talkin’ I’m listening…