New Axis of Evil Forming

New Axis of Evil:


While Chinese Communist Party shills and agents (Kropotkin, Lambo, Sculptor, Prometheus, derleedoo, etc.) tear-apart America from within, disemboweling and cannibalizing our own nation, international parasites consuming their host country and looking for a new host …the foreign powers align against America from abroad. Can USA survive a two-front war, a Civil War within, and against the powers of Russia, China, and Iran combined? Consider this question long and hard, and then question your own compliance in destroying America. If the Far-Left and Far-Right refuse to do what is necessary, then America’s foreign enemies will certainly pull the trigger without hesitation.

Do you believe you will survive? Most of you …are wrong 1000 times.

I forgot about smears, throw him onto the list of Anti-Americans:


“While Chinese Communist Party shills and agents (Kropotkin, Lambo, Sculptor, Prometheus, derleedoo, etc.) tear-apart America from within, disemboweling and cannibalizing our own nation”

I follow the protocols of the elders of Brion. Protocol four states that in the event of social unrest due to political partisanship within a capitalist nation, agents of Brion shall become accelerationists and contribute to its destruction.


You’re just going through a phase in life.

It’s not about conservatives or liberals dude.

You project like fuck man.

You are what the elites want you to think. You bought the fake news hook line and sinker.

What people currently define as liberal and conservative is a fucking ploy to appeal to emotion and to divide and conquer.

You know what really sucks…???

When you can’t see the tits of a woman you want to see the tits of and someone else does.

That’s what’s really ruining shit here…

Wake up.

Many have wondered if insane people actually know that they are insane.

Here we can only wonder if stupid people actually know that they are stupid.

So, urwrongx, do you?

Seriously, though, you have got to be beyond all doubt, one of the least philosophically informed and sophisticated people to ever post here.

How can you not recognize how intellectually and politically shallow you are?

At least the other fulminating fanatics here will post something from time to time that is actually worth thinking about. Not often, true, but, unlike you, not never.

You are, in my view, the very embodiment of the blue pill mentality that all the hardcore objectivists here exhibit.

Either that or…sigh…a “condition”?

Look, I created a thread for us to explore your moral and political value judgments more, uh, substantively: … 5&t=196492

But, apparently, you are still too chickenshit to go beyond this:

Stooge stuff. :laughing:

Against all left-right politics, from the beginning of my residency here I subscribed to a middle of the road, sustaining neo-Kantianism as reactionarily relevant.

That daid, I do not subscribe to a necessary teleilogical political certainty, but do prescribe to a belated but forgotten pre-twentieth century prophetically inspired possibility

The idea that a major political calamity may ferment with a new alliance against an axis that will be as formidable as the one in the last world war, may become credible.

As a religious tenet , such prophecy, consisting of an inception of conflict beginning in the Middle East, has shadows of past recollected vectors of dynamic conflict.

May the graces if man, who are currently in a hidden battle against the demonic forces, overcome and defeat the beast that tries to undermine Creation.

If You think about it, this recollected idea does not seem that far-fetched. May Mankind start to worship the soul of his hidden God, before everything becomes unhinged.

Ecmandu, you are exactly the symptom and problem that I’m talking about.

You’re thining about yourself and your penis only. Your distraction, your masturbation, is exactly what I’m addressing.

Same for Meno, and Lambo, who masturbate mentally.

He must spend hours and hours on each post here. :laughing:


He means Right! of course.


I don’t have sex dude. I’m not thinking with my dick. But it’s interesting to see you project again.

Last time you posted, you were more concerned about your own dick, than the topics.

This forum does not cater to you; and you have a nasty, recurring theme of focusing attention on yourself.

Start your own threads for that business. My threads are about Russia-China-Iran drawing battleplans against the United States.

Because of your weaknesses (lamb, ecmandu, kropotkin, etc).

bruh trump was like constantly kissing up to those 2 guys i knew something was up with that

Your username is literally

UrWrong times 1000.

Speaks to your narcissism more than your content does. And then people see your content and it’s horrible.

Stop projecting on me.

At a minimum dude, at least change your username.

Your username is retarded… it also means that anyone who agrees with you is wrong.

Dude, we’re trying to be nice to you on this board.

Feel that for a change instead of what you’re doing.

I don’t see any worthy arguments for me here, as to be expected from this “philosophy” forum.

Russia-China-Iran doesn’t care about your ineffectiveness as “men”. All they see in USA is weakness right now, because of “men” like you, smears, Biden, etc.

This nation will fall quickly – is already falling, because you are pussies.

Trump is the only one propping-up USA right now.

It’s not about nations dude. It’s about protecting your spirit. Trump didn’t do that. Biden is trying.

I like Trump actually, but man was that guy a little bitch, fucking complained about everything when it didn’t matter. Fucking always scrambling to defend his behaviors that were and are unacceptable … that’s normal. The problem is that he really was an asshole.

Biden is not as much as a little bitch. He’s a grown up relative to trump. Biden has a lot on his plate, a lot of it because of trump.

As for the whole “China, Russia, Iran, Korea” thing…

Leaders say things that bring people all on the same side…

Trump didn’t do that.

No US president has done that.

I’m going to repeat this, and I will keep repeating it…

If a president actually stands up and declares, “negative zero sum realities don’t work and we need to solve this problem” (and they’re not complete hypocrites). That’s an honorable fucking person.

I’m going to put this to you very straight forward:

Trump is not smart enough to be peaceful … never has been

Tell me this isn’t a classic example of “cognitive dissonance”.

On the one hand, urwrongx wants to excoriate autocrats like Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping. While, at the same time, Donald Trump often cozied up to both. In part because, well, he wanted to be able to govern here in America the way they governed in Russia and China: as an autocrat himself.

Only some suspect that those like Putin and Xi have no real moral or political agenda. They are concerned only with sustaining their power. In and of itself.

As, I suspect, is Trump. Only Trump also embodies a narcissistic bent that is off the charts.

Tell that to the invasion force when boots hit the ground.

Foreign enemies are aligning against the US while you, and the other Communists, are destroying the nation from within.

Trump defended and loves America. You and your side, what you represent, is Hatred. This is also routinely proved, again and again, by your bouts of rage and fury on this forum. I doubt you have much, if any, love within your heart.

Hunter Biden has a $1,000,000,000.00 pay-off from China, which is funneled to Joe Biden, as a pay-off for the election and its fraud.

CCP literally bought this country. You are a traitor, along with those who sold this country out.

Trump is the only one defending, and capable of defending this country.

All those who do not support Trump, are turn-coats, agents of CCP and Communism.

This is also proved by how Democrats hate Democracy, and are now trying to flood the country with Illegals, to boost up their illegal, fraudulent vote count.

“Democrat” means dead-voters, illegal voters, teenager and children voters, false addresses, back-dated ballots, etc.

UrWrong wrote:

“Trump is the only one defending, and capable of defending this country.”

I write:

Wow, that by definition makes trump the messiah. That’s laughable dude. Your mind is so far gone.