New: Bank Poker

It works like this:

There are X many players and the dealer is the bank.

The dealer deals 5 cards each to the players.

There are two rounds of betting.

During their turn, each player manifests themselves on betting, and asks or not a card from the bank. Only one. However, they ask for a specific card (number, suit, or both). The bank then looks inside the deck and, if he has the card, gives it in exchange for a card the player discards. If not, the player can stay or keep asking until he gets a card.

At the end of the hand, any player can ask that the bank show the bank deck. All cards are flipped right side up in view of all payers.

hint of “go fish” inversion

Classical poker has the give and take a card from deck, probably predating go fish.

Looking in the deck, though, that’s an innovation.

No you’re right.

Hahahaha but only the dealer gets asked, and you never go fish.