Nihilistic Observations On Racism And Multiculturalism.

Nihilistic Observations Of Racism, Multiculturalism, And Nationalism.

I decided to make this thread since racism, multiculturalism, nationalism are ongoing popular discussions recently, however I plan on doing all of this from a nihilistic perception. This thread has been in the making for a long time now.

[b]I personally don’t think the world is multicultural or multiracial enough. I think with this formula of mine which I’ll articulate things below we can rectify the whole situation.

First off, I don’t think China or Japan is multicultural and multiracial enough. We should see about sending two million Nigerians and Ethiopians to China.

Likewise we should send two million Mexicans to Japan.

I also don’t think the Eskimo are multicultural or multiracial enough either where we should send a million Vietnamese to go live with them.

We should send eight million Chinese to Brazil and four million Brazilians to India.

Finally Saudi Arabia isn’t multicultural or multiracial enough either where we should send two million Mongolians to go live with them.

I am a true believer that if we do all of this we can all have the multicultural or multiracial global utopia we’ve always wanted. I would like to hear other people’s opinion on these thoughts of mine.[/b]

I agree, I believe we should send mexicans and islamic terrorists to china, perhaps they could form an alliance and overthrow china once and for all. Chinese people are some of the evilest people there are.

They’re obviously racist or xenophobic nazis that are impeding in the way of global racial and multicultural diversity.

Fucking Chinese racists!

[b]It’s not fair that Europe, United States, Canada, and Austraila take the burden of refugees or global foreign immigration.

It’s about time the rest of the world comes to the table and accepts multiculturalism or multiracialism also.

We need to make the entire planet multicultural and multiracial if we’re ever to come together as one humanity.

That means that racist countries like China, Japan, India, and Saudi Arabia needs to get on board.

For too long these countries have remained xenophobic and racist historically with their closed borders along with their insulated cultures…

This cannot remain western civilization’s moral or ethical burden only.[/b]

Honestly, just being around humans in general makes me feel awkward and uncomfortable. That lady you posted with the jewels everywhere…I don’t know if I should be entranced by her or feel like I should run away. Looking at that woman feels like a rape fantasy - I don’t know if I should enjoy it or not.

multiculuralism is a diversion… of course it was meant to be a failure

I dont believe in races/cultures, however. It is all about education. I dont anymore know who said: give me a child between age 4 and 7, and I will give you the man. Monopoly religions know what they do, trust me.

They are not taking more of a burden, refugees are wandering pretty much everywhere, and yes, into the poorest nations. Japan is one of the exceptions. Turkey has taken more Syrians than any other country. On the other hand A refugee comeing to the Western nations is heading towards a vastly better treatment than they would get in other countries, especially if they get to stay. But the point about multiculturalism is a good one in this thread. Many countries, nonWestern ones have a great deal of trouble with integrating, respecting people from different races and cultures. Many do not have even the idea of multiculturalism and any guilt in the West about not doing this or doing it well is silly, especially if it ends up being,i Oh, the west is bad at this, how racist the West is. When in fact that they even bother to try to be not racist is part of Western Civ compared to other Civs. Once upon a time Islam actually was very respectful of other traditions, but that heyday is long gone.

Racism is often taken for granted in other cultures. It is not rebellious or an issue to have judgments of Africans or Gypsies for example. It’s just taken for granted. And SAudi Arabia, well they are a joke. I mean there is a lot of justified criticism of Israel, for example the treatment of black Jews let along Palestinians. But the SAudis view everyone else as slaves.

I found the shipping people to China etc. quite funny.

India is very multicultural. Though there are practically founded on segregation despite Ghandi’s best efforts.

Other nations besides the west accept a majority of refugees? Name them.

The western nations are more apt to take care of these refugees? These same western nations seems already less apt to even take care of the citizens they already have, and they want to add more to the mix? :laughing:

Yes, I think it’s interesting you bring up the notion of western guilt.

Turkey takes in a small fraction of the refugees and sends the rest packing into Europe with Greece as the transit entrance.

Of course this is a small price to pay on their part given the Turkish invasive presence in Syria…

So, racist nations outside of the west need to do more? :stuck_out_tongue:

India is a multiracial and multicultural nation? Great, let’s send two million Sudanese from the Darfur region over to India.

Britain is considering leaving EU so it can close its borders. France is warning it of consequences:

French President Francois Hollande has said he wants the UK to stay in the EU - and warned of the “consequences” for immigration and the economy of leaving. … alais.html … m-35712463

EU - it’s like being in the mafia family. :laughing:

Nobody leaves the Union and gets away with it…

Brussels be mad.

I am hoping everybody here is smart enough to know that thus far I’ve been contrarian and facetious.

Within the next couple of days will come some more of my serious posts discussing the subject of this thread.

I like this one.

What is he opening his hand for?

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