Predictions for 2024

What do you think the chances are that during Biden’s term, all the lefty violence coming from BLM and ANTIFA terrorists will die down? Do you think the lefties would just be so pleased that their guy won, that they would just relax and be content? They can feel comfortable now, one of their guys are in charge. He’ll protect us. Maybe they’ll even become a little friendly? I mean, feeling more relaxed does tend to bring out the friendlier side of our natures.

On the other hand, maybe through the next 4 years, it will be the right who gradually become more angry and violent. Maybe 2024 will see riots, vandalism, business burnings, and murders coming just as alarmingly from the right. Can you imagine that?

Feel free to post how you think your country will turn out in 2024.

The Biden fake-president will be a complete failure. People will beg for Trump to come back.

Trump 2024, the first president to win 3 elections.

We all know what the real danger is.
Trump campaigning for the next four years and continung to incite a mob to disrupt the USA.
That is why convincting him for incitement and sedition is so important.
Keeping Trump in the chains he so deserves to face his multiple crimes of corruption fraud and theft, and sexual abuse including pedophilia should mean that Biden has the chance to save the US from the real problems of COVID and avoid civil war with the NRA morons.
Trump Stole the election 4 years ago
Four years ago Trump gor 3 million fewer votes that Hilary. It would have been a bigger difference if ha had not lied about the Clintons.
THIS time, despite fighting a VERY weak candidate in Biden, Trump got 6 Million fewer votes; the Republican Party is divided and is likley to throw the Bigfatorangebabyman under the bus. Trumps base support has dropped by 3 million since 2016, and the last few months has seen it droo by at least another 3 million as he refuses to accept defeat.
SO you are talking bollocks.

90% of domestic terrorism is from the RIGHT.
Grow the fuck up you silly cunt

“People will beg for Trump to come back”

The problem is, right wing media is gradually losing its ability to vilify the left in the eyes of the people. Except for a very small minority of washed out old protestant rednecks with subaverage IQs and a few filthy rich CEOs, nobody buys the bullshit anymore. We’re in late stage capitalism now, son. This ain’t the good ol’ innocent days of mom and pops burger shack back in the fifties. Shit is entirely out of hand now, and niggas are seein it.

Actually, no.

R.D. Roosevelt had 3 terms in office, after which the 22nd amendment was ratified, barring any president from serving more than 2 terms.

If Trump deserves to be convicted for inciting sedition (which is a major stretch IMO), the Democrats deserve torture and death for inciting and encouraging (and most likely mastermining) the BLM and ANTIFA riots last summer.

Go to 4:30:


Grow the fuck up you silly cunt, you say. ← Yeah, like I haven’t seen that kind of unrestrained rage from a leftie before–you know, the kind you see just before it erupts into violence and terrorism.

I will say this about Trump. The way he handled the results of this election was really unbecoming of a president. I don’t know if you can blame him for the siege against the Capitol, but for all the gains he would have won if he had succeeded in overturning all the fraudulent votes against him, it wouldn’t have been nearly enough to win him a second term. ← This is actually where I lost a bit of faith in right wing media. While touting the heinousness of all the election fraud on the 3rd and the few days following, they never once put it into the perspective required to see how little of the overall vote it counted for. I learned that while I think we can trust right-wing media not to lie (or lie much less than left-wing media), sins of omission aren’t necessarily any better than sins of commission.

The US was not prepared for this kind of fraud and cheating, especially how open, public, and brazen it was.

The US was not prepared for MSM turning on half of the nation, silencing and censoring opposition, purging and protecting the Election Steal.

The US was not prepare for Republicans to cower before this fraud, and not to fight it, which they didn’t.

The US was not prepared for the systemic failure and cowardice of the Justice system to reject hearing cases and evidence (because Judges and their families were threatened).

The US has never seen this magnitude of corruption, and foreign hostile takeover (Biden family explicitly bribed $1bil by the CCP if they win).

Trump can do no wrong on “how he reacted”. He broke the system, perhaps the only one positive outcome from this mess. He exposed the Deep State swamp for what it is.

exactly this

trump campaign for 2024 is gonna be awesome

predictions for 2024, many already came true:


Pariah status includes:

Fidel Castro
Richard Nixon
Donald Trump

Trump is going to up to his neck in litigation.
If not, already in Jail.

Trump has misled the people with 25,000 lies and misleading statments.
ANd you are his patsy.

BIg Steal is Big Lie

Republicans are looking like complete arseholes now.
There will be no Republican party unless they throw Trump under the bus and reform themselves.

Trump is a loser
You are a loser
And American is a loser.
Biden is its only hope.
And that is not much to go on.
You’ll be lucky to avoid a civil war.

I wonder where our new raging neo-brownshirt fascist thug is going to place his hatred once Mr Trump isn’t the issue and authoritarian communism reigns supreme - maybe the Jews (even though they created him)? Or maybe just any and all reported conservatives or “Republicans” (as if they actually existed).

I’m sure they will give him direction - just wondering where next to expect the extreme hatred to spew and try to drowned out any rational thinking.

all it’s gonna take is 1 gop senator to flip and he will be convicted in the senate on this impeachement and will be ineligible to run for office in the future.

Not looking too good.

This is the problem with you radical lefties. Trump = Hitler? Really??? Even if you take all the worst of what Trump has done, he is nowhere near as bad as Hitler. Hitler crammed the Jews into train carts like they were cattle, stripped them naked, and locked them into gas chambers where they died. What did Trump do that was remotely comparable?

I’ll agree with that.

We’ll see, a lot can change. Hopefully the Leftist nazis overplayed their hands by attacking Free Speech. We’ll see though.

The above link I posted was a mistake, I meant this one:

Most of these predictions have come true, take a look (first 5 minutes of video)

Why would Trump go to jail for defending the US Constitution, people and Patriots, from a hostile takeover from Communists, which you are one of?

Because they have taken over. Communists don’t care about justice, real truth, or compassion of any kind. They want what they want - no excuses - no rationality - no purpose - Children with guns at Mum’s head.

They worship the way of fear. And the more hatefully irrational they are, the more fear they generate. They win with fear and fascism. It worked for the Nazis. It worked for Stalin. It worked for Chairman Mao.

Hasn’t that become obvious?

It’s clear for me, for Sculptor, nope.