Prince Harry and Duchess Merkle's venture in mental health

The fortunes of the ex royal couple are improving.

If present trends continue, the couple may eclipse the fortunes of the Queen. Here is some new, hefty projects developing in their life:

"Yahoo Finance

How Prince Harry’s new job with $1.73B startup BetterUp helps secure his future

March 24, 2021, 2:50 pm

Prince Harry has a new gig — and with that more resources to secure his financial future as he and his wife prepare to give up their titles.

The Duke of Sussex is set to become the chief impact officer at San Francisco-based mental health startup BetterUp, the company announced on its website Tuesday morning. The scion of the British royal family told The Wall Street Journal he intends “to help create impact in people’s lives.”

Prince Harry is expected to provide input on various company initiatives, including product strategy and charitable contributions — in addition to being a public advocate on topics related to mental health, a topic he’s embraced recently.

At the moment, there are no details on his compensation or employment agreement, although the Wall Street Journal says he will be joining the company’s leadership team as an “officer of the corporation." He is likely to spend some time in the firm’s San Francisco headquarters, in addition to participating in all-hands meetings and special events.

Britain's Prince Harry gives a speech on stage before announcing the winners of the Health and Wellbeing category at the inaugural OnSide Awards at the Royal Albert Hall on November 17, 2019 in London, United Kingdom
Britain’s Prince Harry gives a speech on stage before announcing the winners of the Health and Wellbeing category at the inaugural OnSide Awards at the Royal Albert Hall on November 17, 2019 in London, United Kingdom
BetterUp, which serves over 300 enterprise businesses including Hilton, NASA, Chevron, Mars, Genentech, Snap Inc., and Warner Media, raised $125 million in its latest funding round — valuing the company at an impressive $1.73 billion.

In a recent interview, CEO Alexi Robichaux previously said that “leading up to the pandemic, [BetterUp was], on average, doubling or tripling [revenue] year over year” adding that the firm expects even stronger growth in the years to come as companies continue to invest in mental health to thwart the impact of the pandemic.

BetterUp’s impressive growth means there’s more wealth for Prince Harry to share in, putting him further down the road toward becoming financially independent as he and his wife, Meghan Markle, begin a new life in the U.S.

In December, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex signed a 3-year podcast deal with Spotify (SPOT) for an estimated $15 million - $18 million. Still, it was their 5-year Netflix (NFLX) deal that’s generated the most buzz, with multiple reports saying the deal could be valued at up to $100 million.

Prince Harry also partnered with Oprah on an Apple TV+ (AAPL) mental health series. The project, which was originally supposed to air in 2020, has since been put on hold.

Combined with the duo’s various speaking appearances, which are reported to go for around $1 million, it’s clear that Harry and Meghan are continuing to expand their media empire — and establish influence outside their royal perch.

Financial Impact of Royal Departure
The couple’s polarizing departure from the House of Windsor stands to have a significant impact on their finances, which — while not entirely transparent — stand to gain from their various business ventures.

Before their new spate of deals, the couple’s combined net worth stood at $10 million, according to Forbes, with a sizable portion lying in the equity of their nearly $15 million California mansion. For context, Queen Elizabeth II is worth an estimated $500 million.

Prince Harry inherited roughly $10 million from his late mother Princess Diana’s estate, with Meghan Markle contributing approximately $2 million (after taxes) from her various works as an actress.

The Sovereign Grant, funded in part by British taxpayers, previously contributed 5% to the couple’s total income. It is currently used to finance and support the official duties of the Queen including travel, security, staff and building upkeep.

The remaining 95% of their income came from the Duchy of Cornwall, a private estate account maintained by Prince Charles. The estate is valued at roughly $1.2 billion, with Prince Charles receiving approximately $28.3 million to distribute amongst his family.

Americans are dumb fucks. Total suckers for royalty. Why give this fucker a job. He is totally unqualified for ANY damn job.

Royalty has become an archytype especially through Hollywood suggestion
Remember the fairy tale Romance of Princess Grace and Prince Ranier?

Why would Nietzche feign royal blood?

Shh is royalty a symbolically useful artifact as a sales pitch?

To name a few:

Mercury Monarch, Chrysler Imperial, Nat King Cole, Prinze, Lady Gaga, Tzars of various organizations, Queen of Soul, LeBaron , Duke Ellington, Count Basie, …to mention a few.

It is not that Americans are dumb, but that royAlty has been coined as a sellable commodity.

It represents what remains of the glitter of the ideal, that was lost with the passage of the guilt age, of individually handcrafted products, which had it’s heyday duding the height of the late middle ages, where the serfs and peasents were owned by the lords Living. high above.

Royalty represents alluring types who when even broke, were sought after by US millionaires the likes of Betty Hutton, and hosts of others. It was glamorous to belong to the exclusive royal set, with international ties.

Remember the only missing RussiAn Princess who survived the Bolshevik atrocities at Akaterinaburg, Nd the international intrigue surrounding the false claiment to the title?

Royal connections go back a thousand years in some cases. An insignia, an emblem is suggestive of power and cultural heritage, not to mention historical significance.

I’m not sure that you’re right. I think that, for his age, Harry has a lot of experience in areas that we haven’t. He has been trained to be an officer in the military on active service, he has had a lot of experience in public relations and his own experience with mental health issues as a child. That is just off the top of my head. I’m sure I have missed something.

In light of the above, the premise can be down loaded by various changed variables.

The big unanswered comes from the question:

Can a psychology rd- integrate an analomous psycho- philosophy or rather the other way a philosophy of psychology? Or, is one exclusive of each other with the resulting followed up question : can Amgen achieved the downfall of privileged in a pre- existing social order which allegedly drove the Sussex’s to determinant vectored route of behavior? … an-markle/ … 18941.html

Just briefly

The facts:

Remember when Hobbs’ Choice was here for a spell? Touching on the subject was nervy for him, and he was as anti- monarchy as can be.

Next: the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are going to be on Time magazine’s cover next week, getting the ’ maybe there is some commercial value to them, regardless of what Netflex thinks.

The world generally is pretty well polarized, as it is between hereditary rights generally, and between new princes of economic/entertainment royalty, seemingly reduceable to the festering wound that political elitists should like to bring down to that level of argumentatively.

The problem of various dialectical overlaps spring up from variously abstract levels of almost Picasso like reality fragmented cubes of deference.

The back and forth, almost Rubric cube complexity of trying to form a pattern on the level of the nominal wirld, is literally colored by claims of a variability of what side a half white/black identity could claim allegiance to either, or both, depending on utilitarian requirements that is a conditional approach to appearance as a result of a lighting of an impressionable hollywood scene, or, the privilege of actual role adopted, within a real stage, a theatrical play , or even a play within a play.

That meta-play ; and that triad infiltrating all the other polarities that any actor would be glad to assume.

Actors and actresses kill for roles, that is the level of energy needed to raise from the ingénue required in the new art, that really is a sign of an effected pose that the industrial revolution caused, as a demeaning result , dampening the literacy and the cultural equity which generally lowered the literal expectations that social awareness caused in society.

Levels of imaged production coincided with the modernization of human imagination with the machines with which identification cane to devolve with, the evolution of the robot with it’s firmer host and programmer it’s creator.

Frankenstein ironically grew out of the very counterpart that the great romantic Shelley gave his 7 the rib to.

That irony can be appreciated as the only way of exit from an otherwise insoluble solution .

All these polarities have a funny resonance to this French luminescence , that is, the City of literary lights having come up with the back glance of remembrances of past things, was the home if absurdists, of anthropologists who celebrated the innate nobility of ethno-spirituality consistent with innate and magical inner sanctum of a spirit of man’s primordial image.

That pre-morbidity is intrinsic proof of this durability of reason’s futuristic nihilists, they guarantee that primordial essences adds part and parcel of an intrinsic construction of the try-partial brain.

That evolutionary necessity constructed a amalgamated double, a new reality enclosing bot a sequential continuum beginning with primal reification, followed BH variable periodic returns to arbitrarily signified hybrid admixtures of both : the play, and the constant revival of the play within the play.

Such players, needs method of behavior which highlighted the vast post industrial majiruty, who felt they lost that light which the major and minor premised allowed them to experience within the normal modicum of their changing way of experiencing their daily existence, the black and white contrast of imagination fired up big some early pre-elctric light, candles and gas lights, which at the end if the day flucjere images in their psyche, to which the shadows on their habitats’ walls could foreshadow the outside ekements’ at times cruel tempestuous need to protect them from, as the sane shadows impinged parallel internally changing universes which only their immediate families could offer supportive …of buttress the heavy laden thatched roofs holding up those elemental pressures.

So the Duke and Duchess, feeling like why can’t be the ones holding up the conflatedly elemental polarity if privilege that reality can no linger uphold, at a price which appear to cave in the previous strength of the upper echelons of the super real

Finally, a retracing of the real as the art of simulation has imbibed the acting , as professionally defined and performed, need only take back to the era when politicians became the actors, whose masks can ultimately be reduced to the birth of that tragedy, where they were still consistent with literal representation.
The Reagan’s of the past, the satyrists like Rosanne Barr ( who ran for president, Angelyne, Trump, and. host of other ’ luminaries come those who define our objective way of life , mapping those objectives up and down the annals of revision, ultimately and sadly wait for the coming of their own guillotine . … s-big-week


There is something going on here that doesn’t meet the eye.
The apparent hypocrisy of England all the way to WW 2, hid the real nazi- genetic leaning preference of political power, as it minimally at first collided with the coming of it’s questionable presuppositions.

That loss of assumptive power post WW2, resulted in an increasingly quizzical underpinnings of the very foundations of derived presumptions.

The question of reverse engineering the while schema or in today’ s terms as prince George said it ’ streamlining down the monarchy’,

And that to conform to Putin’s pressure of regaining a semblance of imperial Russia by comparing himself to Peter the Great. These are almost the times when people are beginning to speak in tongues emanating from far flung metaphor.

There is that underlying pseudo dialectical confusion trying to appear as if playing a game of hide and go seek with privilege, reality, genetic manipulation, rationalization fir failed excesses of retaining the own excessive use of self described simulation.

The whole world waking up to facts. Harry is in Africa aline, torn between his alliance with the only sense of identity he has ever known

A viral sense of the hypocrisy between the advantages and disadvantages of genetic and memetic progressive ideas and practices as they relate, as they always related to the vast labyrinth of controversies and battle , as the philosophical…come to that later …

The Duke of Windsor was gay and an anti smite. My dad told me he said when he came to Budapest, he appeared on the balcony wearing clothes almost like the emperor, whom only the ‘kids’ could tell…

But so it goes.

Meagen is left behind in her faux Hollywood politicians environment, bereft.

Alone she plots. She touched a nerve, that’s much more then skin deep with woke, Gloria steinem, or even the blond ambition herself, that faux Madonna , who did well against the heavenly attrition

The philosophy underneath the veneer of thrown about opinions is miles deep in gas old controversies involving the gamut of succession of motives of holding on to power based on religious and/ or ‘scientific’ ground.
The myth surrounding mental illness is one such gap into the widened difference between perceptive opinion and long held authority.

The very confusing dilemma surrounding the verity of an aesthetic superiority over reality, suggests a much deeper conflict between the hazardous opening of the modern reductive absurdist conflict with it’s resiliently abrasieve reaction of the echoes of the ancien regime.

Hollow the supplications , the tearing of hair, and the guttoral reminders of who is in charge, the Ancien Regime is well and good in the prophylaxis of desire resting on the convulsive mantra of art’s supremacy.

This was the hiatus that Nietzsche repeated and sustained into eternity. The solemnity of Eros beats all, albeit notwithstanding.

So Meagan is really, on the money, and rightfully so. The Angli-Saxon Empire is but a whittled down version of what a sugnet- imprimatur used to mean for religious authority, and no less than China realized that, when she crossed that line, reversing the veritas in the Malthusian mantra, by reversing the methods brought to bear on population control.

It is ironic , that the echoes of the Church , that bore as many believers as possible, ring true in a faithless world.

That is probably the underlying reason that Wade v. Roe was reversed.

And then, how will Harry make up his mind and how will Megan, had they already?

Will the podcast spit I fy like hi fy the downpaymeng enuf to downplay on megxsit’s major upcoming moves to nenoplex upcoming harry dirty diary of princess diana’s expense, bringing in cameras and security detailed, to further tarnish a grand strategic stll, asset to set to motion?

Will this fizzle as hyped( hoped) into etherium or bring in her lost jewels?

The latest from Russia that the Ukraine war is morphing into something much larger, NATO against Russia , and people are buying it.

The World Wars were precipitated by danger to royal privelege, namelyHabsburg continental hegemony.

The Brits used the Continent as it’s underbelly to protect it’s Empire and hoping to absorbed the Continental Power’s residue

It was a likely diversion. Hitler always had his eye out for Het, delayed until Operation Sea Lion.

The Megan affair is likely a simulated affair which displaces tremendous in court battle over vestiges of empire, a diversionary smokescreen a kind of real time soap.

Minor characters, boringly anticipated plot, amusing vignettes to have the Western , bored population forget the real costs attributed to a real conflict.

Here is a psychoanalytic kicker. That says that Magen’s preoccupation with Harry’s concern with his charity to mental health revolves around problems of deep seated identity issues, further, Megan’s relation to Harry shows an even deeper malady, a borderline narcissistic personality.

Extend that to the upper regions of class structure, and it casts a large shadow into the primal personality of both.

Course this view is chalk full of exit links, whereby politically motivated pressures borne down could simply exclude them .

The experience of politics and the politics if experience contain inverse variations of reality, and it is the where focus
elicits the direction of opinions which can pass final judgement over what eventually comes down as truth.

The nerve between liberal and conservative factions are again an extension of such polarity between British and US conservatives within the larger scope of Globalists against Nationalists.

The divide created by Megan may actually be a widening gap she can not control, unless bigger fish get into her camp. The apoerant use if the Prince should really give pause to a precedent that paralleled the demise of a Hapsburg prince.

Rather air this as a warning shot over the bow, rather then have a likely scenario as when fir the sake of a woman a thousand ships were launched … i=BB1aQhsd

Whas’ happenin’ here? How long can this charade continue, or is there more of a depth to it then what appears to be an expansive soap opera come reality show to support some archaic biases of past gone?

If so do they have entertainment-political value which has been overlooked?

Can the archetypes of womanhood and woke still be reeled in as basis for social change that involve deeply felt emotions to privilege and entitlement?

Can a diva represent a modern version of the aesthetic foundation of role modeling especially for little girls?

Is there a super/ supra entitlement to "Hollywood Royalty’ who thrive on representing a reality someone else thinks they should emulate?

If one had to answer, or even begin to resolve this issue, could they? It would be a hard pressed affair.

In fact can we go even further to declare that this new Royalty has basically more recent roots in commercial capital and the 2 percent new royal elitists will come around and declare divahood as a sound basis of an archetypical drama , tantamount with that of ancient Greek tragedies?

Could crowned heads fall again in the despair that precedes a new rebirth of tragedy?

And does that sound familiar with the German industrialists of pre WW 2 supporting nazis in a conscious stream which may only again gain steam in this era of renewed political turbulence?

If that is true, Markle is in trouble , nit as a whistle blower, but a rebel rouser

And, even if, all the above could conceivably turn out to be true, may she become the beauty to launch a thousand shios, or in a failure of some objective yet to fathom, be relegated to some future footnote to another vague reference?

Or, even more quizzically as hybrid royal-pretenders suffer an autodafe corresponding to their anomaly?
peerage ?

Can this be a case of an overblown narcissism going out of bounds, as well? Or, something below the. capacity of the tools of analysis to delve into. Maybe even diabolical ?

Nah! But then again…