Psychosis of Americanism

Here i will be posting examples of Americanised minds.

The consequences of sheltering and being nurtured with lies, from cradle to grave.

“She believes in me”
Oyster brain is studying to become a doctor?
This’ll turn out well, no?

Positive enrgy…positive energy…

Yes, they’re ridiculous and yes they should be mocked and ridiculed wherever they pop up
No shame…no embarrassment …
When weaponized Abrahamic shame was erased… shamelessness followed.

The common nit-wit, mid-wit feels liberated from all social norms.

None of these people are “white trash”. They are edgy liberals. White trash people do heroin and steal from their family.

Transgender woman caught her boyfriend cheating and kicked him out and this is what happened…
As confusion increases, due to dozens of genders, this will become a daily occurrence.
Psychosis, coupled with idiocy…American lifestyle.

Thinking about setting this chick up with Kron. What y’all think?

What a pathetic woman
No pride…no dignity…nothing but an empty husk seeking approval and recognition.

Watching zoomers minds crumble at the slightest push back is hilarious.
They use catchphrases they’ve learned from Hollywood and US Media…like misogynist, homophobe, Nazi, fascist, racist…

This seems like a wholly inappropriate outfit for teachers. Don’t they have dress codes?
“Freedom of expression” means she can show up in a thong or with a dildo up her rectum, and if we complain we might be accused of envy or of being sexually repressed.
We might even be accused of being Nazis.
So, enjoy the show as the US Titanic sinks.

“Positive thinking” is delusional.
Subjectivity rules.
You are whatever you feel like.
No objective criterion.

Don’t bother with ‘toxic people’ who will contradict your delusions.

Leader of the ‘free’ world.
2024 is gonna be a blast.

Isn’t he the typical American?

There are tens of thousands of people on this platform who will agree and sympathize with this.
Let that sink in for the next 2 minutes.

If America doesn’t collapse, paedophilia will be the next fetish - paraphilia - to be normalized.
After that beastiality…but I doubt any state can survive that level of degeneracy.

Sodom and Gamora.
Every empire that collapsed went through this phase of degeneracy.

This is not surprising at all !!

Yall acting like people join strictly to defend this nation

The Americanised Psyche.

It turns to hedonism for relief.

A typical American is so alienated from reality that he gravitates to dogmas, ideologies, philosophies, that offer esoteric affirmations of his own subconscious impulses.
Philosophy of words, referring to more words.
Unable to find an application - other than as a psychological crutch - he concludes that all philosophy is vapid and void of applicable content.
He equates it with nihilism and its spiritual roots in existential defensiveness; using semiotics to construct noetic walls to shelter his increasingly fragile ego; safe spaces where the only sounds that echo are calming, reaffirming, and flattering…always positive.

A priest’s playground.

Sad what’s happened to her
When you ‘sell your soul to the devil’ - code for you’ll do anything they ask you to do to ‘make it’ - the results are unpredictable.

Guys - would you?

I’m tired of my husband working every day of the year, 24/7 his job never ends. We help support our grown children and grandkids since 2021 because the math doesn’t math anymore !! But he surely font make 10 million a job and he has hundreds of people who depend on him at work.

Amen sista…you be spittin’ fax!!
She be wronged yo…10 million ain’t nuttin!!!
White system keepin’ a sista down…

She said “No Pain, No Gain”. What’s she trying to gain?