Question about the Psyque...All are welcome

I am new to the boards. I was attracted to them because there appears to be many fascinating topics that are discussed here.

Anyway, in life I am a real psychologist that has been working in the field for sixteen years. I have worked with the mentally retarded population, the personality disordered, schizophrenics, the prison population, and now I work with kids as a relaxing treat to myself.

I’m a down-to-Earth guy that mostly works with poor people and my beliefs about psychology tend to revolve around a more environmental nurture kind of thing.

Anyway, Psyque claims that she is a psychologists as well, however, I find this person’s posts to be bizarre and very negative. Also, the person claims to do and teach almost everything. Knowing what it’s like to work in a hospital and a prison I don’t see how this is possible. Also the person’s knowledge seems limited to the surface and not very deep. It’s clichéd information that anyone could have read about off of the net.

If this person is involved with some kind of fantasy, or whatever, I don’t care to argue with them too much. If she is real then I find her to be unlike any person that I have ever worked with.

Am I being taken in by some nut or what?

It may be rude but please shamelessly let me know.


…since when is psyque a girl?

Since when is she a psychologist!

I think you’ll find Psyque is (apparently) a 30-something year old dude

I think psyque is psychic, rather than psychological- he’s extrapolated astonishing accurate truths about my character from mere words. I don’t see him as negative- he is real. Talking with him and enduring his lengthy posts proved helpful when the insight was turned toward me. Only then I understood. If you’re not the center of his attention for that moment- let’s hope you have some patience.

TheAdlerian, I read some of your other posts and I think you’ve got a lot of balls- ahem… If you’re here just to get into it with psyque- good for you. By the way, do you know anything about philosophy? I don’t really understand your interest and immediate hostility, nor the number of posts you’ve achieved in such a short amount of time.

I’m not a hostile person unless greeted with hostility. I post on a couple of boards and there always seems to be one person that has to be the know-it-all that must get the last word. I hate that. I like to discuss things.

Also, psyque has made a variety of claims that simply fly in the face of what I know to be true and has a posting style that seems rather unusual to me. The posts seem very intent on broadcasting “I’m a professional” all of the time. That strikes me as the mark of a liar or half-truth teller.

I suspect that the person is not what they seem.

If the person is 30 then they are lying. A psychologist that has been working for eight years could not be 30, unless they are using their imagination.

By the way, psychology is rooted in philosophy and I am very interested in the subject. Also, I am pretty well read in several philosophies, especially eastern ones, just because I find the subject to be interesting.

So when is it appropriate for anyone to judge another’s qualifications in this forum? Also, isn’t it quite hostile to post an entire thread solely on one person’s opinion of another? This is about discussion, not about qualifications. Personally, I find psyque to be real, and if he isn’t who he says he is (1) he has been genuinely helpful to some (2) Who cares? Is this a job interview? A contest? Or perhaps a bruised ego has transpired in some fashion. I hope you aren’t seeking a position as the head-honcho of our psychology department here… your bedside manner is something you may need to work on to get your $100/hr fee.

BTW, welcome. I think.

Hi Adlerian, and my F(R)IEND(S)

HOW FUCKING DARE YOU! If you are goint to questions anyone’s credentials you should start with ME!

[I’m just here to add some levity to the situation]

On a serious note: Don’t worry so much about what you perceive to be a pompous member or liar… leave that to everyone else as they should be able to discern someone’s credibility for themselves.

Welcome to the forum! I hope our paths cross in some heavily debated threads. Good luck and happy posting!

BESSY… I think that if anyone is lying in any serious forum it is a very important issue. Lying is pathetic. I see what you are getting at though… We don’t need to, at all, persecute anyone as every member at ILP should make up their own mind. Adlerian–you will be spanked for your presumption! :laughing:


Nope, I just don’t care for the kind of people that post in certain ways. Boards always seem to have some genius and i find that annoying. I also am very truthful when I post. I don’t like to make things up.

I think that it is unethical to post with a pretend identity. As, a real psychologist I went through hell to get where I’m at and do not take kindly to fakes.

This site is huge and I’m sure that there are many pranksters and worse, so I posted to get some feedback. I have spent long periods of time reponding to her posts. I don’t want to waste time on her.

Finally, if I wrote one post or twenty thousand it doesn’t matter to me. If I am curious about something then I will ask.


Thanks, but I dislike wasting say a half hour detailing my position to someone that is a kind of troll. If someone just has a difference of opinion then I will gladly take the time.

It’s about trying to figure out if the person is a waste of time or not.

You are wise. I am hormonal.

tsk, tsk… remember: bedside manners, Doctor.

Hi Adlerian,

Remember, trolls can have opinions and positions.

I’m a troll. :slight_smile:

Just keepin’ real, as they say in the 'hood.

I don’t enjoy posting, and the time it takes, to a person that is just blowing smoke up my butt. What is the point to a site if everyone is just creating personalities for the fun of it. Such a thing makes the site nothing but a way to kill time, which is fine with me, if that’s what it is. I will start posting as my favorite superhero or fireman. I’m sure that I can come up with something good.

I love a good troll! I like funny trolls. But, I’m an anti-troll troll hunter when they start getting all fresh. I’m a troll’s troll.

I must admit - the Alderian is starting to grow on me…

Dear Sir, to clear up any misconceptions you may have…

[i]I know Psyque well, of course I do, we are (time to fess-up) cross-dressing drag-queens, singing and dancing at the club ‘DepRAVEd’ in downtown Chicago. I dropped out of school at 12, and turned tricks to stay alive until Psyque found me in the gutter while he was searching for a bag of sequins… History, as they say, was made. Under his careful tutelage, I quickly found my voice, (and my hour-glass figure) and began my life on the stage. Psyque has no diplomas or other qualifications that I know of, apart from an adultlearning certificate in home-economics and sewing.

We post here on a stolen lap-top, between rousing choruses of “I will survive” and “In the Navy”…

We chose our internet personas initially because no-one was taking us Queens seriously. Psyque’s been in and out of therapy her whole life, trying (vainly unfortunately) to come to terms with a rather nasty vegetable fetish - so he’s fluent in the terminology. I, unfortunately, only have experience of prostitıtion and high-heels, so have less to say. :frowning:

Sorry if we decieved you. We talked (and giggled) throughout the night, and decided it was more noble to come clean, than to cause you unnecessary anguish. Once again, a big heartfelt sorry.

In recompenese, all we can offer is a years free membership, if you’d care to pm us your address.

We’re w-a-i-t-i-n-g… :smiley: [/i]

Come on Psyque, all together now -


[size=75][damn - I just broke a nail][/size]


People are people, you are a psychologist you should know that. We all have our issues mate. Some of us run around shouting what we know, others quietly know what we know. Simply because a person doesn’t use our own methods, doesn’t make them wrong.

You say you are interested in philosophy, I would have to ask you which one? Which one advocates singling out one person that YOU take issue with? To defame ONE person only serves to harm yourself. I would be cautious from here on out dear. You come into a forum bringing your preconceived ideas about how one should post, criticising another’s style…how old are you? This is not the behaviour of one who humbly serves the weak and the poor. Surely you see this?

Get over it Adlerian. The thing about psyche is that he is transparent.


Don’t be surprised,
Don’t be startled;
All things will arrange
Don’t cause a disturbance,
Don’t exert pressure;
All things will clarify

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LOL Tabula Rasa…

here’s some glue for your nail…



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