r/K Sexual Selection Theory

r/K Sexual Selection Theory explains the most basic aspects, components, and mechanics of the sex drive, its derivative results, as well as the process of Evolution itself.

r-selection is Quantity over Quality, an urge and motivation to have as many children as possible, consequences be damned.
K-selection is Quality over Quantity, to instead invest protection, time, resources, and security, to ensure higher survival rates of progeny (Survivability).

I will refer to these as “R-type” versus “K-type” to simplify the lingo.

R-type has low survivability; K-type has high survivability. The “value” of a child’s life can be understood through this genetic theory. A K-type child will have more innate and developed value compared to an R-type, due to the amount of ongoing resources allocated for different progeny. K-types, by definition, have higher resource allocation (like food). Thus R-types will be malnourished or poorly nourished by comparison. An R-type probably will not have access to clean drinking water, will eat decayed food, or may suffer long durations of starvation or food scarcity. The reason and cause for this is very simple. A pair of parents A has one child. Parents B have a dozen children. Given equal circumstances in all other ways, it is objectively more difficult to feed 12 children equal amounts and quality of food than it is to feed one child. Therefore R-types must share, appropriate, and allow some children to starve, or even die.

R-types are “Quantity selected”, a type of “fire and forget” or “pump and dump” strategy. Therefore R-types will be Polyamorous, unfaithful, disloyal, and hedonistic creatures who would sooner engage an orgy. While opposite of this sexual strategy is the monogamous K-type. K-types focus more time, energy, and risk-investment in planning for a lifelong mate. K-type humans will be drawn to the ideal of marriage, tradition, and culture as a result (of their genetic inclination).

Before I go further into genetic inclinations and the nature of these sexual drives, gender needs examined. Females obviously are K-types (eggs); Males obviously are R-types (sperm). One woman can have one child per 9 months. While one man can have hundreds, thousands, or even more children per 9 months. If all sperm were accounted for from a single ejaculation, any single male hypothetically repopulate the entire specie within a short period. Therefore, according to nature, the male has a “Repressed” sexual drive while females enjoy a “Free” sexual drive. This allows every female an exponential sexual selection over males, resulting in the phenomenon of “Choice”. Females actually “Choose” mates whereas males do not, and cannot, based on the R/K-type. Because a female cannot “Choose” to ejaculate sperm. And a male cannot “Choose” to become pregnant, carry to term, and give birth to a child.

Context is critical to understand this theory.

Survivability is the key. Both R and K-type breeding strategies essentially are also survival strategies. R-types survive through increased numbers (Increased Quantity). K-types survive through increased Quality. Therefore K-types will emphasize traits of the highest quality, most notably with higher intelligence. Perhaps it can be analogized. K-types breed higher intelligence and evolve the mind. While R-types breed lower intelligence and evolve the body. K-type is an improvement of the mind (Quality). R-type is an improvement of the body (Quantity).

Monogamy (zero, one, or few mates)
High Resource Allocation (richer nutrient food for one child)
Thrives during environmental scarcity (advantageous during a plight)

Polyamory (many mates, orgy)
Low Resource Allocation (lower nutrient food for many children)
Thrives during environmental abundance (advantageous during a boon)

One more important note:

The link between Sexual Selection Theory and Evolution is obvious by the specialization of organisms. The lower the organism, the more R-type it is. Bacteria, algae, fungus, single-cell organisms, are the most R-type selective (Quantity), resulting in overwhelming populations. Insects dominate the world in population compared to the “higher evolved” animals, fish, avian, mammals, etc. The more evolved an organism gets, or is claimed to be (Humanity), the higher and higher its K-type and K-selection is also claimed to be. To understand this more clearly, an ant or bee queen can give birth to countless children, while the human female mammal can only give birth to one per 9 months, with the exception of twins, triplets, quadruplets, etc. The average birthrate of the mammal is much lower than other (R-type) organisms and species.

By understanding the basics of Sexual Selection Theory, practical applications can be made to anybody’s life and immediate circumstances. Knowing what you are, and why you are this way, would lead to an improvement of sexual strategy. It is in the interest of a K-type individual to promote him or herself in such a way as to produce a successful marriage and mate coupling. It is in the interest of an R-type individual to go “clubbing”, partying, invited to orgies every weekend, to cheat on any romantic relationship, and to frequently engage “one night stands”. These behaviors produce distinctions and difference. The culture (aligned behaviors) of one group of humans eventually will be at odds with another maligned group, resulting in Politics.

This Sexual Selection Theory can be used as a foundation for my Postmodern Politicking.

Wizard… You do realize that most (almost all) r types use the SAME female in terms of reproduction!!!

R-types are defined by low quality, and will choose any woman for sex. R-types are not concerned with “Quality” of a mate. The type of an individual can be determined by how high, and how realistic, his or her standards are in regard to a mate, types of relationships, and even the styles of sex. For example, fetishisms and sexual perversions can determine quality and quantity of sex as well.

Society and civilization influences r/K Selection with the introduction of sexual perversions: birth control pills, condoms, sodomy, blow jobs, pornography, masturbation, etc.

All of these are important factors according to either R or K-type.

You’re talking about a couple different thing here …

You realize most people have sex 10,000 times in a lifetime … (Most sex has nothing to do with reproduction!!) And maybe have 1-12 babies… World record for one woman is 52 children …

When men have multiple children they overwhelmingly use the same woman… Your chatacature of men having babies with whatever, doesn’t bear out with the facts!

A couple mating together multiple times over a lifetime is a K-type relationship, not R-type.

This is common in mammals and some avians, and evidence for higher evolution (that produces higher intelligence too).

The cause for this is higher child resource investment. Two parents caring for one child only, can invest exponentially more resources in that single child, than a couple can invest across a dozen children.

Mammal females also have one child at a time while lower animals and organisms can have multiple, dozens, hundreds, or countless children at a time (insects).

Your theory is wrong in this way… Your characature, birth stratification is the lowest form if stratification on earth… Most babies are had with the same father…

One father may have two mothers, but another father has 12 with the same mother …

You’re speaking from a stereotype, and not the facts.

No, all children are had by one definitive mother. It’s the father who can change, come and go. For example, modern humans tend to divorce during this era, resulting in serial monogamy. So a woman has a couple children with one father, divorces him, then has a couple more children with a new father. Her four children are hers. But two fathers have two children each.

Stratification is dependent upon the females, not the males.

Sure… The father CAN change, but most children… Even in undeveloped countries, are had by the same father.

There is a big difference between can, and what actually occurs .

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I personally think you are confused on multiple levels wizard.

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Oh, I forgot, you put the word retard in quotes!!

R/K-type is a balance of life, sex, and reproduction.

You can’t have too much R-selection (Quantity) without sacrificing too much K-selection (Quality). The point is, you must retain some small degree of quality (food, nourishment, resources) to feed and sustain life. You cannot over-populate too far and too much without regression and starvation. R-selection occurs in response to an environmental boon. When a planet is healthy, when a forest is healthy, when a tropical lagoon is healthy (Spring time, bountiful harvest) then R-selection allows all species a large boost to living organisms and population size. Springtime is the season of R-selection. The decay, regression, and darkness of Winter is for K-selection. R-selection is the genetic force, within all cells, that exists to expand, reproduce, copy itself.

You can refer to high evolution of humans, or to low evolution of single-cell organisms. Either way, R-selection is the genetic drive to reproduce, grow a population, and consume resources.

K-selection is the opposite. The healthy seasons end. Resources dwindle and diminish. Starvation ensues. Darkness, winter, few resources and nutrients is when K-types thrive. K-selection is resistant to suffering, and will survive, whereas R-type creatures cannot. While R-type creatures are hibernating and doing their best to “wait out” Winter, K-type creatures rise up and make our lives better. The K-type defines ‘Higher’ evolution, and superiority, by organisms that both survive and thrive in hostile environments and atmospheres.

A bird cannot survive in space or under the ocean. A fish cannot survive on dry land. A dog cannot survive deep under the earth. But humans, with technology, can survive all these hostile environments. Humans have built space craft and can survive in space. Submarines, and can survive under water. Drills and mineshafts, and can survive deep underground. Humanity, using intellect and technology, can survive where almost no other organisms can. Also humanity has developed new means and abilities to “manage” environments and change them. The ideal of humanity has always been that, instead of adapting mankind to the environment (Feminine/Nature), humanity attempts to “adapt” the environment to mankind (Masculine/Artifice).

Man changes the entire world, to create an artificial environment (Civilization, Culture, Society, State). Therefore, man creates an “Artificial Abundance”. Abundance of resources, food, and nutrients that wouldn’t have happened otherwise in nature. Using such techniques, mankind has developed more and more advantages (Monopoly) over all others and all places on earth.

Man, who is defined by the R-type sex drive (millions of sperm), is still an agent of nature, creating artificial environments, for his (lesser) women and children to thrive and feed upon. Thus mankind continues relentlessly to increase the quality of food, clean water, and resources, along with their quantity.

So it seems, mankind more than any other organism or specie, increases both the K and R-type “force” of life. Mankind can improve both the quality and quantity of life.

Male/Masculine/Sperm (millions of cells in competition)
Democracy, Majority, Mob-rule
High Population

Female/Feminine/Eggs (dozens of eggs or less, no competition)
Aristocracy, Minority, One-ruler
Low Population

Females are naturally K-type of any given specie, males R-type. Apply these rules to Genetics and Chromosomes. What is the human male, a man, or a woman? A woman has ‘XX’ chromosomes (female-female). A man has ‘XY’ chromosomes (female-male). This means that any man, human male, has a combination within him. A man is “half-male, half-female”. Or 80% male, 20% female. Or 15% male, 85% female. For men, this varies. Some men are “more manly” than others. Thus masculinity is a matter of degree whereas femininity is more absolute. A woman is 0% male, because she has zero ‘male’ genetics within her. Women do not have a ‘Y’ chromosome strand.

As such, females are missing an element of manhood that all men have. Thus any man can empathize with a woman (X chromosome to X chromosome) while women cannot empathize with men (X chromosome to Y chromosome).

Since women lack the ‘Y’ chromsome, it maybe physically and mentally impossible for a woman to comprehend the rationality of a man, or simply, unnecessary for her to want to do so from the onset (the latter is more probable). Thus women cannot, and do not want to, “read the minds of men”. While men can, and do, the inverse.

I don’t really get how you link it to gender. It’s like you’re switching from talking about procreation strategies to personality types partway through your thing. Like, r-type would be the procreation strategy of mice: have a shitload of kids as fast as possible, a bunch will die, but if 10% of them live, that’s good enough. K-type would be the procreation strategy of Elephants- have one kid every few years, and do everything you can to keep it alive.

So what does it mean that females ‘are’ K-types, and males ‘are’ R-types? Obviously both men and women are born in equal proportion from both strategies, and at least one man and one woman are required for both strategies… Do you mean that most men think R is the better strategy and most women think K is better?

Gender itself IS a procreation strategy, and the result of evolution, from simple-cell asexual organisms into “male-female” engendered organisms. The division is genetic.

That’s the basic gist.

Actually they’re not, the rate of males or females being born into an environment is dependent upon many factors…

The basics are better understood using the example of 1 male in a population of 100 females, or 100 males in a population of 1 female. If you want to use an example of 50-50 you can too, but, an equal distribution is unique in nature, not the norm. Populations are usually offset and do not maintain an equilibrium, except by constantly keeping the male-female population in check. For example, I think a flock of geese or ducks has a ratio of something like 7 males to 6 females. It seems even, but that 1 male duck makes all the difference. I’ll have to look more into this particular example though. It’s an observation I made 10 years ago when I was observing ducks and geese interact and socialize. Packs of wolves, predators, also have more males than females in them. I believe, lions have a lot of females but few or one male per pride. Predatory species are easier to observe such differences.

I mean that men cannot help but be R-selective by wanting to have sex with many women, while women cannot help but be K-selective and instinctively try to “relationship” a guy who fucks her.

Satyr was also talking about R type and K type.
To him this kind of idea seems to be big shit.

The r-strategy and the k-strategy have not primarily to do with selection or even with the sexual selection. Primarily they have to do with reproduction. They are reproduction strategies. So the English wording “r/k selection” or even “r/k sexual selection” is misleading.

r_und_k.jpgOrdinate (y-axis): Quantity of the survivors.
Abscissa (x-axis): Achieved age in % terms of the maximal lifespan.

Sex is reproduction, so, same thing.