Satanists are Fools

Satan has only a few apperances in the bible and was defeated in the book of revelations. Followers of satan are followers of the vanquished and therefore fools.

Christianity is the rightous way, and that’s why I am a devout Christian. Christianity is the right religion because God has told me so.


call me a glutton,

so what do you think of the jewish view of the “trickster” that he is working for YHWH?

To me (from my out of the box view) this view of god makes more sense, as it meshes up better with other view points of the trickster.

Don’t even start.
The people you are talking about(devil worshippers) are nothing more than confused christians, and belong to your religion, not mine. Satanists aren’t devil worshippers, you uninformed twerp.

I half agree with you, PoR- Satanists are fools, but no more so than Christians. They follow the flip side of the same deluded fantasy.

May i step on PoR’s subject here? What definition do you use for satanism – found two. As they probably both come from Christian-centric culture, i ask if you have a better one for yourself:

Main Entry: sa·tan·ism
Pronunciation: 'sA-t&n-"i-z&m
Function: noun
Usage: often capitalized
1 : innate wickedness : DIABOLISM
2 : obsession with or affinity for evil; specifically : the worship of Satan marked by the travesty of Christian rites

(Or does it just mean you were seduced by the dark side of the Force?)

I simply refuse to explain this again.
Satanism as a religion and philosophy has been around since the 60s, and information on it isn’t hard to come by.
There’s no excuse for ignorance.

And a very poorly named one.

Only in the Bible is anything you say true. What about a text where Satan is the way to follow.


The fact that Dr.Satanical refuse to acknowledge the bibilical context of satanism just goes to show… bible preceeded the 60s, so read the bible first.


you are also a defender of faith i see.


atheists are also going to hell. Athiests and satanists are fools
Christians go to heaven.

The foolish ones are the people that care more about someone’s formal religion than their moral beliefs. Religion by itself isn’t necessarily bad, but organized religion; considering yourself part of a group according to religion; even telling other people your religion, is bad. Organized religion gives people an excuse for persecution. I shouldn’t be in a group categorized as “I believe in telling the truth because my God tells me to.” I should be in the group that simply says “I believe in telling the truth.” “Church groups” shouldn’t be as much about why you have the morals you do, but a place to get together with others who have the morals you do; a place to express and practice those morals. I shouldn’t be considered Christian or atheist. I should be considered as a person that treats others well or treats others poorly. Religion should pe personal and private, not an excuse to call someone a fool. Was Ghandi a fool? Was Buddha a fool? Organized religion seems to breed and gather close minded people. Your religion has nothing to do with your intelligence. The truly stupid person is the close-minded fool who refuses to see the person, and instead sees the title, the religion. If you hate a number of satanists, you shouldn’t hate them as satanists (you really shouldn’t hate them at all), hate or rather call them fools as individuals for individual actions, not titles or broad stereotypes. Organized religions say “it’s okay to ask questions.” They should say “Always question, always explore, and always progress.”

Just some thoughts from a free-thinking Christian. (And I have no need to justify my beliefs to any of you, nor do I expect you to justify yours to me.)

And PoR, if you want to revert to saying who’s going to hell and who’s not, these people that you openly condemn deserve to go to hell no more than you do. If you’re going to talk about being a defender of faith, how about this? Fuck faith. Why don’t you defend the principles that Christianity is supposed to stand for? Like helpfulness or forgiveness. Be a defender of morals, of principles. Not a defender of closed minds.

Defend what you have faith in, not faith itself.


I have never heard so much heresy in my life! We christians are here to spread the good news, not to keep it to ourselves!

Open minded??? are you referring to a hypocrite who believes in one thing and does the other? Do you expect me to believe that it is my Christian duty to spread the word of God and remain silent!

you mean a “Christian” who does not think like a Christian?

Spreading good news and defining groups of people by a personal abd potentially dangerous (wars are started over religions) belief are two very different things.

By open minded I mean someone who allows themselves to occasionally venture from orthodoxy in all areas.

Spread the word to those who listen; to people who you know, who are your friends, who you can help. For others, you’ll have to depend on God and someone who is or will be close to them who is also a Christian. In the meantime, learn about what kind of people they are.

I think a better way to define (not that there was anything wrong with your way) open-mindedness, is someone who when their ideal/opinion/belief is challenge, immediately launch into a personal diatribe attack about why you are wrong.

On that level an idea is less offensive than opinion which is far less offensive than a belief.

An idea is the easiest to change a belief the hardest.

an idea, an opinion and a belief walk into a bar, the bartender asks the opinion for his two cents and he rants on the existentialist dillema of the idea. The idea not having heard this before forms a new idea. The two new ideas challenge the belief to arm wrestling. The belief whips out his holy water and spills it all over opinion and idea calling them damned fools.

If you can figure out the point of that little story you get two avocado’s

I get a kick out of silly fuckers like you! :laughing: You’re always good for a laugh, PoR.

I agree :laughing:

Tough room, eh PoR?

Christ said Christians will be mocked, laughed at. and what he has said has come true. nevertheless, I am a defender of faith and I shall stand my ground against evil.


Don’t spread the word to those who wouldn’t listen; to people who are strangers, who are your enemies, who you can’t help. Did JESUS come into the world to save well beings? Do we need a doctor if we are not ill?? Jesus came to save the outcases. Love thy enemy, remember? Do you belong to a sect?


in your saga, the idea does not have an idea because it does not know what it is talking about and so is easily swayed. the opinion is an unresearched idea. The belief on the other hand, is the truth that’s why it can desolve the idea and opinion so quickly.


don’t complain to Jesus that I didn’t try to save your soul.

That was my point. You sure didn’t seem like you were loving your “enemies.” That’s mostly what my rant was about but the point is, try to be someone’s friend before you try to save them. Have a person-on-person relationship before a teacher-student or whatever relationship. And yeah, don’t talk to those who won’t listen, because chances are, people that that person knows can get them to listen. OR you could become their friend and maybe then they would listen. This whole thread to me just kinda seemed angry and opressive and stereotyping and blah blah blah… that’s why I kinda went off on you.

I won’t complain to Jesus, you half-wit! I’m an atheist, remember? :stuck_out_tongue: Anyway, you’ll never save my soul with nothing but hypocritical rantings.

Don’t worry, PoR- I mean it in the best way! :sunglasses:

Wow! How many freakin’ times do we have to go over Satanism? You should be banned PoR for making this ignorant and insulting thread, in my opinion. Especailly since this topic has been explained so many times on the forums, and you even took part in the threads in which it was. You have no excuse for making this absurd thread.

Satanists do not worship the devil. They don’t believe the devil exists.