The foundation of philosophy are words and symbols.
Language is an artform.

How we use words/symbols exposes our motive.
Art that wishes to represent reality as opposed to art wanting to represent one’s reaction to reality.
The movement from world inward, as opposed to the movement from inward towards the world - projection.

Philosophy is about using words to connect with the world.
Nihilism is about using words to disconnect form the world.

Nihilism, in brief…
Nihilism is a school of thought, an attitude, developing from man’s reactions to his emerging self-awarness. Self-awarness exposes him to new sources of suffering in that it makes man aware of how he relates to world, and to others participating in it - a source of insecurity, vulnerability, inferiority.
Objectivity is this awareness of self and other from a third-person perspective.
So subjectivity becomes a refuge, inverting self-awarness and returning to the manimal state before self-cosnciuosness emerged…only this time it is shared creating inter-subjective self-referential ideologies of self-comforting.
Nihilism can be positive or pure/negative, depending on its method of embracing the nil or using it to fabricate an alternative reality.
It is masculine or feminine.
Nihilism is entirely linguistic, abstract, semiotic…the degree of nihilism determining the degree of detachment from reality being idealized.
Nihilism is not philosophy it is anti-philosophy the end of it, the obliteration, undermine of tis foundations to achieve finality, an end…in a void. A void the nihilists sees as an opportunity to fill with his own projections, based on his own private needs/desires.
Therefore, it must accuse others of what it is most guilty of…emotionalism, hate, subjectivity, ideological motives etc.
It knows its own motives are self-serving and ideologically founded so it must make all perspectives equally vulnerable to this accusation.
Nihilism must self-contradict if it hopes to survive in a world it dismisses as illusory. The degree of its self-cotnradictions - tis failures to produce its idealized alternative - is determined by the degree of its nihilism, i.e., annihilation, negation of the sensually perceived, experienced world.
Nihilism is a coping mechanism and a useful political tool. The masses need comforting and alternatives to a world they feel threatened by.
Masses born and raised within sheltering systems are more inclined to need this comforting alternative. For them nihilism is a matter of survival, not integrity.

Back to language.
Words are projections of a mind’s abstractions, i.e., ideas, concepts, either referring to what is sensually perceived or attempting to usurp, or deny, negate, what is sensually perceived.
Words are conduits connecting a mind’s abstractions to a world independent from these abstractions - a world that requires constant reaffirmation, forcing the mind to constantly adjust its abstractions.
Attacking language as meaningless is an attempt to discredit the only way we can relate and share our concepts with the real world.
It is a method of undermining and cultivating distrust in one’s own senses; undermining self-confidence, so as to create the type of mind that can then be easily integrated and manipulated and…exploited by a collective - particularly a nihilistic collective that needs quantities of followers to validate its ideology, and needs converts to survive, because without minds sharing the same delusions it disappears. It’s world vanishes because it does not exist anywhere but in the minds of its believers; existing only as abstractions externalized via semiotics.

So, nihilists never create their own perspective from how they related to the world, but adopt a world and then are given justifications from popular icons and idols. they never speak about the world, they always speak about another speaking about another speaking about the world.
words referring to words, referring to words, until the connection disappears in a self-referential cognitive loops, leaving the real world outside as the source of pain and suffering as the only experience that can contradict their common ideology.

If words are not used arbitrarily, to refer to ideologies, but to shared phenomena, we can all observe and test and falsify independently, then they are tools not to produce clarity but to obscure and create mysticism.
One begins with physis, then proceeds to metaphysis, to construct a foundation, and then projects into the future a desired ideal to direct his will.
Metaphysis must be grounded and limited by physis, otherwise it is nothing more than a theory expressing a hope; the projected objective, the ideal, must go through physis and connect to metaphysis, otherwise it is an unattainable, fantasy.
At the base physis and metaphysis, the later complementing and disciplined by the former, and at the peak, ideology.

Since he is only around during the festive holiday season, he has to take this opportunity to dump all of his hopelessly obtuse KT “intellectual contraptions” on us. That way, he has slightly more people in the vastness of all there is to preen pedantically before.

Really, where does Know Thyself and I Love Philosophy fit into “the big picture”?

Hell, our views don’t even turn up on the nightly news all that often. :astonished:

And yet, even given the infinitesimally tiny insignificance of our existence on the world stage, I still challenge him to discuss – intelligently, civilly – his ideas above given a particular context most here will be familiar with.

Back up on the clouds, the stratosphere…the “skyhooks”, where buffoons can exploit and manipulate feebleness…desire…need.

We’ll need a context, of course.

Note to Other
Does anyone understand what she is saying?
Unless I’m wrong.

Again, it’s not just his obtuse intellectual contraptions that ought to embarrass him, but his inept attempts to mimic my own capacity to make a fool out of him.

This actually seems “clever” to him!!!

Note to phoneutria:

Come on. Come back. If only to show fools like Satyr that it may well be possible to make a fool out of me. If only by way of repartee.

So, let us truly “bring this down to earth” - physis - before we dig our foundation to steady our construct - metaphysis - and then dare to ideologically project ourselves into the air - using words to create an objective, an ideal, a goal that will identify us.


We’ll have to redefine the terms we’ve been trained to misunderstand - those of them that we can - and reconnect them to a shared reality we can all perceive and verify and falsify independently.

Let us begin with nihilism. the very core of this spiritual and mental dis-ease - our very defence against a world we cannot tolerate.
Most of you will not be able to follow.

Nihilism has been defined as a world with no one-god - as god has been abrahamically defined - no meaning - as meaning has been defined as pre-existing - and no purpose.
But these are facts. Not negative unless we insist that the world agree with our desires.
why then is such a world positive, and not negative?
Because it makes us possible.
If these things did exist, would we be possible - would we be necessary?

But we can also cleanse the words ‘god’ and ‘meaning’ from its nihilistic garbage…bringing them ‘down to earth’, grounding them in the world, cleaning away hundreds, thousands, of years of infection.

A wo-man to the core.
Gossipy…always needing the support of the female folk…the group.
Always deferring and referring.

A feminine mind that has been taught feminine ways of undermining, of slandering, of word manipulating, all to escape reason.
Lying…a hypocrite.

Always begging for attention, demanding respect…unable to earn it.

Yep. He goes straight back up into the obtuse intellectual contraption clouds. This is his idea of a “particular context”.

Or, instead, is this his idea of being “clever”? :laughing:

Note to anfang, Æon, Impulso Oscuro, apaosha, Jarno, Kvasir:

The boss needs help. Why aren’t you here defending him? Is it perhaps because you don’t even exist at all? You’re all just “users” he invented? Or, if you do actually exist, are you waiting for him to give you permission to save his ass?

Oh well, there’s always the next festive holiday season.


Isn’t this the third time she’s said so?

All she does is refer to other people and how she wants to debate - mono a mono - and then nothing but allusions, gossip…no arguments, no positions, no alternatives…only negation.
Rejections. No means no!!!
A desire to be convinced, swept off her feet with convictions …to be seduced to her core.
She wants a private conversation…to share love…so she can seduce me with her emotional moralism. Make me cry.

What of poor Mary Land and her pregnancy?
What would you do? She was such a nice girl. She doesn’t deserve this.
Let’s dish.


There will be no other season after this.

Always declaring victory…always insinuating…always begging the question.

God knows – if there is one – how I love working these fulminating fanatics into frenzied states like this. They want so badly to crush me, to embarrass me as effortlessly as I do them. But they lack both the intelligence and the wit to do so.

But that still doesn’t stop them from coming back again and again and again…allowing me yet more opportunities to humiliate them.

There must be an actual psychological condition for this.

Anyone here know what it is?


With Mr. Fun though, he brings it all on himself. Here he has this set up at Know Thyself where he can “clobber” me again and again…knowing that the game is fixed:

You cannot post new topics in this forum
You cannot reply to topics in this forum

But he comes here during the festive holiday season – on purpose in the real deal free will world! – where I can post and reply to his dreck. Giving me ample opportunities to “shoot” him like a fish in a barrel.

Go figure, right?

What’s the scoop then? A terminal disease? A promise to yourself that you will no longer endure my humiliating rebuttals?

My guess is that if it’s not godot then next year at this time you will be unable to resist that ever so slightly “bigger audience” here at ILP.

Note to Others

Let me give you an analysis of what iamretarded does.
Her strategy.
She thinks she’s practicing philosophy but she is practicing nihilism, politics, using emotions.
She’s anti-philosophy.

1- She reads your post, only to piss on it, only to reject it. Because she always does.
She negates. Destroys. Creates nothing. Offers nothing in return but the desert of the real.
What she understands, because most of it is incomprehensible to her unless you “bring it down to earth
Translation: dumb it down, make it a soap opera scenario, like Mary Joe is pregnant with an unwanted baby, creating an ethical dilemma full of emotion.
Reason must be made a moral question where emotion is a factor.
What she doesn’t understand she ignores. Dismisses it altogether. It’s objectivist clap trap…skyhooks, Ayn Rand, blah blah blah etc.

Then step…
2- She links you to one of her posts where she uses ten sentences to say “I am not convinced” or “I think so” or “This is how I was raised”.
No argument, no reasoning, just declarations. She has none. She has no arguments…only allusions and declarations.
‘It’s how she understands Dasein’. take it or leave it. The end.
Why ten sentences and not a few? Because she wants it to seem like it’s the product of complex profound thinking, and tis simple like her mind.

Then step…
3-She repeats until you become frustrated.
Inevitably you will because you are dealing with a brain-dead maniac.

And finally there’s the payback, for her…
4- She declares victory and begins to mock you until you engage her, again…and then again…and again…until Godot comes and we are saved from her presence.

To undermine you and your beliefs, without having to deal with them directly.
To emotionally destroy your confidence.
To break you down so that you will submit to her “solution” to the world’s woes.
She wants to change the world…and impotent as she is, she’s found you…
She is convinced that this method will destroy your spirit to the point that her delusions, with no evidence and no reasoning, will be made plausible.

Masculine minds use it differently from Feminine minds.

Feminization of Man

Take the term “truth”.
Truth for a female mind means whatever is effective in manipulating or convincing or coercing other minds.
For a male mind truth is synonymous with perspective, and is evaluated as more or less probable.
Truth for a woman is absolute. It either works or it doesn’t.
For a man it is never complete…never final always the best estimation.

Truth again…I forgot.
For a feminine mind it is about popularity.
How many believe it is true.
What the many believe is true, is true.
Truth is a social construct, expressing in-group dynamics.

For a male mind it is in relation to a fluctuating world.
It is most probably so but for how long?
It is not created but discovered…un-covered.Revealed,
Aletheia. Re-called.

We’ll need a context of course.

I know! How about yours!! And how about we take it to the agora!!!

Better still…

Think about it: a dramatic “simulcast”! The exchange unfolding at KT and ILP simultaneously!!

Now that ought to grab the world’s attention.

And not just semiotically.

click clack, click clack?

I prefer clop-clopclopclop, clop-clopclopclop, the beat of Equine upon the tundra plains.
Careful, the Khanate rides again, and they are headed this way!
Put your ear to the dirt, listen to the ground, and you will hear that old ancestral sound.
Perhaps if your sense is keen enough it may recall those dusty memories, somewhere in the genes.

Which one is he??
I seem to detect the cerebral activity (if it can be called that) of Polish Boy? polishyouthgotipbanned who has not been vomiting on the site since May.

Again, what the hell does this even have to do with anything noted in my posts above? :laughing:

I know what we need: a context!!

Here’s one:

Ironically, Satyr tried to court and spark her too over at KT. A trip to Greece as I recall.


Can’t say I’m not jealous, she is the Gem of this hell hole, after all, outshining all the women who came before her.

Clop-clopclopclop, clop-clopclopclop…

I’ll accept that as your apology.

Good luck courting and sparking her yourself.

You know, if she’s actually willing to go there. And, of course, with three more years to go given her pledge to the Goddess. :sunglasses:

Note to phoneutria [and Lys if you exist]:

Given my actual interest in philosophy, you’ll always be the Gems of this hellhole to me.