Sensitive, So-So Sensitive

How do you know if x antecedent or consequent will result in or condition:

a) triggerable sensitization (or hypersensitization, if sensitivity was already there)

b) non-triggered but still predictable behavior due to hyposensitization (or a return to normal sensitization)

c) normal sensitization

Follow up “question”:

Define normal sensitization (triggered “just right”?), hyposensitization (untriggerable?), and hyper(too triggerable?)sensitization?

Follow up to the follow up:

Can normal sensitization mask itself as untriggerable or too triggerable, and thus be mislabeled by others? If so… couldn’t that wonkify any experiments designed to answer the first question?

Final follow up (to the follow up to the follow up):

Couldn’t, too, an incorrect definition/interpretation of normal sensitization?

Just one more reason you cannot do science without philosophy.