The Ladies of ILP

Since this is a place where all points of view are given equal consideration, I think that we should consider two of those here in this thread.

  1. Women’s liberation/feminism/etc…
  2. Male chauvenism.

This thread is for the ladies of ILP to show us what they’ve got. Not by embracing the typical masculine values of competition, or aggression or dominance, but by influencing others with thier feminine traits.
So ladies, put on a cute outfit, do your hair and makeup and post a picture of yourself in some nerdy or sexy pose. (maybe holding your favorite philosophical book, or with a cute pair of glasses)


I wanna see a picture of Imp’s inflatable sex doll… I heard her name is ‘Viva’

Smears , Get the hell out of Airports would you? And go get decently ripped. :smiley:

Nice try :laughing:

…you know it aint gonna happen, or maybe someone will post a pic of a hideous hag for laughs :laughing: :laughing: I would, but I don’t know how top post active links…

You know how to post dead links? :laughing:

Gosh Smears. At least you could make an effort to compel the women to post… go on, try harder mate.

Eww. The girls of ILP gosta be ugly.

Prolly big nerds too.

I found a pic of Kriswest on teh internets…


Not one female on here that can be a good sport huh?

Femininity is not a sport.


Helga is please, because that means she did not lose.

I find this extremely funny :laughing:

:frowning: Helga is sad that you mock her manhood.

Edit: Womanhood.

Antiganistic testosterone…oh what fun.

but yous will never know, will ya / I am one of those hideous hags I spoke of earlier… :laughing:

…any of you guys hot? that’s an imporatant factor for us ladies too, ya know :wink:

ROFL, Zeus that is funny, If I looked like that it would give my husband nightmares worse than the ones I already give him. :laughing:
Besides, I don’t have enough time to even get one quarter of those defined muscles. I could probably pick your scrawny butt up and chuck you on the garbage pit though. :laughing:


In the dim dark past, there was a spate of lady posters who seemed to enjoy posting various pics of themselves. Given the male comments, it isn’t any wonder that they sort of gave up on the idea… :unamused:

You’ll never get Kris to post her pic. Mastriani and I have tried every ploy we know, except cash, and nothing… Hmmmm, cash. Alright Krissy dear, how much? :laughing:

Shyster, alookcanbreakyou, liquidangel, and embracetrees are the ones I remember. But I’m a nubbins.

Just take a look at that beautiful picture of me there on the left.

Edit: Just a side note really, but I’m not sure how to feel about there being no posts like the ones that I requested. Doesn’t the Bible say women are supposed to obey? I’m not used to females who don’t do what I ask them to. Come on ladies.

I know which one you are, Smears / you can’t fool me!

I would oblige with a pic, but my modesty dictates otherwise - do you think I’m hot, or not: you decide?

…tell you what: concentrate on my Avatar and words, and see if you can ‘pick me up’ psychically speaking, of course - did this with postcards at an acting course, and we all picked up on the picture on the card: some better than others, but we all had the ability, and it was fun :slight_smile: