The Meaning of Life. Does life make sense?

Does life make sense?

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  • No.
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The Meaning of Life.

Does life make sense? If so: What sense does it make?

Is there any purpose of life? If so: What purpose is it?

Is there any goal of life? If so: What goal is it?

Please explain how you interpret the meaning of life.

Before I answer… do you mean does it make sense/have a goal/etc to me, or does it have a sense/goal etc to be discovered?

As you will. I mean whether life makes sense or not. You can and should interpret it as you like, but you should explain it.

Nothing can ever exist unless and until it “makes sense” to do so.

… depending on how much sense you personally have, of course. :sunglasses:

Making it stable. Learning how to solve problems/conflicts of any kind, and how to avoid them.
I.e. finding the balance.

As James said, nothing comes into existence unless it “makes sense” to do so.

Intelligence is the basis of everything.

We have our genetic program, our self-preservation, our instincts, our drives, our reproduction (dis)interest, our desires, our will, and - of course - our culture and technology, based on our intelligence, which is mainly (70-80%) determined by our genetic program. So when problems and conflicts of any kind occur, we have to solve them, i.e by finding a balance in order to make life stable - would you agree if someone called this “health”?

Perfect sense.

To live.

To live.

If your purpose and meaning is to live, then to live you must experience; to experience is to live; death is a part of life, so live until you die. You can not live until after you die, that’s impossible, unless you come back to life, in which case you live more and experience more. Everything else is everything else, but most of life comes down to living and experiencing.

Do you go so far and say that intelligence is the meaning of life?

What about when you become so intelligent that you can’t enjoy life anymore? How do you dumb yourself up to enjoy it again?

So you are saying that the purpose and meaning of life is to live resp. to experience.

to pare it down to the essential aspect of it, yes.

Some intelligent people have been doing it by taking drugs. :-k

Would you say that enjoyment is a or even the meaning of life?

What about LOVE?

Love is the opposite of Evol. :sunglasses:

Yes, you can call it health, if you see it as an ongoing development, a process. Health, balance, (inner) harmony is essentially all the same.

Use the intelligence to discern wisdom from intelligence, then seek wisdom. Enjoyment follows.

Everything makes sense if finally it’s realized if we acted differently things would turn out differently. Then and only then, on basis of this understanding, can sensible meaning to life be achieved.

The universe is chaotic and unstable therefore life also is chaotic and unstable.

Assumes life has meaning. I can agree to the assumption because… 1) Life is. 2) There are also examples of not life. Both in the case of loss of what was and is no longer and in the case of never having been. I’m guessing this relationship implies meaning, although I do not guess what it is. It has meaning, but I’m not sure what.

It makes sense from the stand point that it operates within a given set of physical/environmental conditions. Life has requirements that appear quantifiable. There is a need for this much oxygen, food, water, that is dependent on activity and the environment the activity takes place in.

Purpose? Now isn’t that a loaded question? May be difficult to adequately define purpose objectively enough? I’d default to the observation standpoint that life grows; inclusive is the potential to develop into something more then what the life currently is. To gather together into greater capacity.

I’m not sure one can plop the notion of a goal on it all. Goals are all about getting from where you are to where you want to be. I’m not so sure all life is aware of the distinction. Some of it is still figuring it out as it comes along it.

It makes sense because there is a sequential history. Development operates within a sequence that places cause before effect. At least it looks that way. You don’t get to a multi-cellular life form without passing through a single cell, evolutionary. A new idea always emerges from an existing idea. I don’t see much evidence of getting to complex without passing through simple.

Moral imperatives of purpose aside, cause “life” is amoral. Unless of course you are looking for meaning in morality or morality in meaning.

We are limited to a set knowledge regarding life. We have no other examples of life then what we have as yet experienced. I’m pretty sure what ever the universe comes up with will have evolved from simple to complex just as life on this planet has. Given circumstances being equal (same physical laws) I’d guess all life progresses along a continuum limited by the requirements of what it means to grow.

Not all members of an example of life must exhibit it, but enough have to. Enough to continue the trend.

Life is trending on Unibook. Is it becoming observably less diverse though?

Perhaps that has some meaning?