The Short Emergency

The Short Emergency

Hey, it seems as if JHK’s doom prediction is coming true in Italy: trucks are blocking highways and such since gas costs too much, the entire system can collapse, goods don’t get to stores, all kinds of subsystems fall apart, etc.

Cool, instant disintegration of the society, economy and all in a jiffy, just one small strike can demolish a part of the “first world”, a part of the “EU”, etc.

So it was never going to be a Long Emergency, but a quick and simple falling apart of everything from one moment to the other: and everyone will beat up and fight each other over nothing and everything!

Way to go, the end result will be chaos, confusion, winners and losers, the same old crap a stone age APE Man Brain has been performing since the dawn of time.

But the most interesting aspect is how all the theories, all the blocks of texts, all the new rules, and precisions and debates, years long studies, all of this huge BS about what to do, how to do, what are the “reasons”, the structure of the economy, the OWSers, the Tea Party, all of this huge BS, the theory, the debates, the politics, everything is just worth a big fat ZERO, simply NOT APPLICABLE (actually never was applicable).

It is a very Short Emergency, everything will fall apart just like a glass that falls on the floor and breaks up in so many pieces, end of story, so will the economy, society, structures all. A one bit story, a very short story, a very short emergency, end of story.

Now, go on, keep on constructing, theories, new rules of society, right or wrong, left or right, who is good and bad, what to do, this structure, theory economy, this other and so forth: all a waste of time and not applicable.

Isn’t that what you do in most of your threads? You keep on trying unsuccessfully to present your theory about society and economy – namely the theory that if we just build a whole bunch of skyscrapers, everything will be good. Is this your resignation from that type of thread? You’re planning on quitting those “skip over these blocks of text” posts? If so, I think that’s a good decision. It was all a waste of time and not applicable.


Hey Green Thug:

I didn’t say only skyscrapers, I also said we need high speed trains, lots of them, Atomic Energy plants, lots of them, BUS systems, lots of them, Rockets to Mars, lots of them, and many other kinds of large scale complex projects, many kinds all different ! etc. All things that imply huge public private projects (where private companies can make trillions of dollars in profits, who cares, the important thing is people have jobs that create something big and important), instead of all of these puny “small businesses” and “startups” and crap. We need large monolithic, visionary projects that give the kids pride, a goal in life, an achievement, a real task achieved, you win, make them win, when they see so many skyscrapers and Rockets they know they have won, the future is being constructed, they have won, they have achieved, they are proud and happy…And let Nature pay for it, nature is just a tool in our hands, it is not some kind of fairy tale god…


Another thing I think is operating is that all this emphasis on education and specific skill sets and all is to brainwash everyone that they are all such special little turds having all such special skills that are needed in all so special little areas: divide people, make them all different and make them think they do not belong to one social class, make them think they are special when in fact it is all a farce… You can invent only so many special little skill sets in the end, there can’t be hundreds and hundreds of different special skill sets, it is obvious that it becomes a farce and make believe, that other reasons are behind the game…


Stop with these ridiculous theories, as you said they’re a waste of time and not applicable.

I think nameta9 might be writing satirically. See Swift’s A Modest Proposal, for instance.

I know what a satire is. Which part is the satire? The part where he writes hundreds of posts alone in his own threads beginning with “skip over this text, I’m just a troll” and ending with “So clearly we should just build humungous sky scrapers all the time!”? Or the part where he said that that sort of thing is a waste of time and not applicable? I personally doubt that either of them were not meant seriously, but I could be mistaken.

I know you do. I was pointing you to A Modest Proposal.

Yes, I read that one in highschool, mildly funny stuff.


DJ says:

“Did you know that Flad lives in a trailer someplace, lives off disabilty, and dresses in womens underwear?”

I answer:


Stop picking on that little fagot: ask me the question:

What did I achieve in my lifetime ? A big fat ZERO. And I hope that one second after I die no one remembers about me at all, nay, I hope that I am not even thought of or remembered alive that is why I always say erase all of my posts, erase the entire Internet, etc. We need to kill memory, erase all memories.

Do I give two ccks and a dck that I am worth a big fat ZERO and didn’t achieve anything at all ? NO.

Ok,satisfied ? Jesus ph*kng christ, what fake problems people deal themselves…

As far as vladie, he is a little queer who is even afraid to talk dirty to Alexandra that old horny slut: go vlad talk dirty to her, you both have the same fantasies, talk about a handsome young black stud…

Entertain us a little, this blog is so boring with all of these Green Thugs, give us back old tzatza, party poopers, ph*cktards…

Hey, Jesus, Son of Man, King of the Jews, are you sick in the head or what ?!?! I am dead serious, no sarcasm here, there is no other way to create millions of jobs that are needed worldwide: huge public private projects, the FED and BCE and BANK OF JAPAN and BANK OF ENGLAND must print trillions of dollars and just pay for it all and hire, baby hire!

I don’t give two cks and a dck if th private parts make trillions in profit, who cares, they deserve it since they are creating jobs and creating large scale projects for the common good; there is no other solution, nothing else is applicable, there are no special skill sets, small businesses or startups that can ever match the amount of work generated by such huge projects.

And then, Jesus ph*kng Christ, are you and every one else who reads my crap all day long and have been reading it and studying it all very carefully for years all thick heads !!! I have been repeating this BS for years, over and over again and it still doesn’t get in all of your thick heads ??? I can’t believe it…and then I am the one they say is crazy, go figure…

If you think everyone else in the world is crazy but you, you’re probably wrong. Your arrogance is unprecedented.


Emotional State Machine

The Man Brain usually tries to obtain a steady state of Emotional State: Sometimes high sometimes low but a pretty decent average as in terms of relatively “happy”, but then it always hoses itself, it starts to get itchy, it starts to decrease its Emotional Steady State by lowering it, just because, because it wants Action, it wants More, it wants Different (who knows what it wants ? or does it even want anything ? ), but especially it starts to associate that lowering to some imaginary “reasons”, to some “targets missed”, or it start to create goals and targets, paths, logical and behavioral and interactional (especially social based, free will oppositional based as in opposing other free will gadgets to see if you win, if you guess, if you can condition the other free will) events that are supposed to make it win and therefore relinquish the interdiction to happiness that the Man Brain is imposing on itself just because. And so it goes up and down, it starts some goals and then changes its mind, it tests the waters and then goes backwards with this emotional roller coaster, going up and down, etc.

But then sometimes it just stays put and maybe other times, more smartly just gives up and keeps it steady, it frees its mind instead, no more emotional state changes and challenges, just try to keep a steady state, and assign it as a win.

And then why does it want to communicate and interact anyways ? Is it not sufficient of itself, and especially why does it care to reproduce its own mental informational state in another point in space and time, why does it want to fill all time and space (hence all others, especially all other free will gadgets (people)) with itself, with its information, does it need to be confirmed and sure that it is replicating itself across all ? Is it envious and jealous and angry if other people (really chunks of matter) are concentrated on other information chunks instead of its present Information Chunk ? Maybe it needs to be sure that it is not alone with its information, but it is and no amount of communication and interaction will ever change the fact that it is a separate chunk of matter trying to expand itself by emitting denotations and symbols so as to try to convert symbols to matter by converting others into itself.

And anyways, any present state information a mind contains, any instantaneous informational state and emotional state always completely dominates the entire universe for that brain and completely erases and eliminates all past or future informational states, although there are signs of it in its memory, but that serves just as a reference system: you are just as good as your present informational state, you are your present informational state, all other past and future states have vanished and never were…

Please scroll past these blocks of texts. Please erase all of my posts from the Internet. Please erase the Internet. Thank you. No Rights Reserved, all of these blocks of text do not belong to anybody since they were not written by anybody; they are machine generated; feel free to pollute the internet by copying them and posting them anywhere, but please DO NOT POLLUTE THE INTERNET ANY FURTHER ! Thank You.

A Chunk of Matter is Better (Off) ?

Another thing about jealousy and envy: are you jealous because you want to be that person you are jealous of or are you jealous of the state that person finds itself in, aka because you know you can never be that person, or you assign that person’s state as something so very greatly better or higher (mysteriously better and higher and even if your logic says that this is not the case your emotion says it is, another unresolved (and never to be solved) internal conflict) ? Both and neither and anything in between.

And even if we would become or obtain that person or be that person or whatever, would we be satisfied (or would it last a while only to wear off and then find a new unobtainable target) ? No, maybe it would last forever and you would be ever more happy of your new acquired state, as that state becomes better and better forever! So then your jealousy was worthwhile, justified, go figure.

So yes, it is the second case, you will never be that other person (or have that other “special” person as in “love” ?) and your anger and envy and jealousy will increase forever, you have been assigned as a loser, you will lose, you lost, god wanted it that way, now beat yourself up, punish yourself, it is your fault, go man, go …

But logic says differently… and isn’t the entire affair defined and distinguished with logic (non contradiction and identity principles ?) you wouldn’t confuse the other person with yourself would you ? you wouldn’t make that logical mistake would you ? But then if logic says that there is nothing and no reason to be envious and jealous but your emotions, instincts and “Natural Reactions” say yes you must be, nay, are forced to be ever more envious and jealous (and all) especially of the other person’s pleasure and fun (and so you want the other person to deny their pleasure ? or merge with their pleasure ? or be the object of their attention and become their pleasure ?) which is right ? which to follow ? none and both: this is the contradiction of separate chunks of matter communicating between each other (and fooling each other into thinking that they have it better or are special ? they lie to each other ? and deceive each other ? just for fun ?) and having the necessity of being similar so as to control that one chunk doesn’t have it too good, but we just go back to square one and assign another chunk as having it so much better just to punish ourselves and generate guilt complexes: we want to be guilty always, we want guilt, guilty if we win, guilty if we lose (but not really, we should be happy the object of our envy and jealousy is enjoying and we are “allowing” that it enjoys without us, our non presence is fundamental in that item’s joy…), guilty in between, guilty for any interaction since it always could have “been different and better”, “it could have gone in another direction, if only”, there is always that “if only” this and that, as if there is another history and not only one history, the one inserted in your memory, the only gadget keeping score: but then erase and change your memory, it can be done, it is just a puny gadget, change your memory and it will become real and reality.

Wow, what a boatload of drivel, trype and self delusion…

Gee. Here I thought you guys were suffering from a lack of underpants!


"Hey Juletta:

Pray, tell me, how do you manage economically to have 6 children ? Does your husband make a lot of money ? I am only asking because of a comment I read on another website (the one above of the ex-socialist who says that there are “loads of jobs”, etc.), and so just to have a feel of how varied the “real economy” really is…

May I venture to guess ? I phanthom you have a few houses rented out and make good cash there, you both came from families with some cash and have inherited some houses, your husband is a doctor and makes more than 200,000 dollars a year, and you are a stay at home mom…

Just curious, I am always amazed at people that have more than two kids, how on earth do they ever pull it off money wise!?!?!

You have a pretty name, I bet you are hot !..Do you want to be my girlfriend ? Pretty Please ? I promise I will not talk about my insane theories…Pretty Please ? Or better yet, be my Mommy, I need a Mommy more than anything else (and a Spanking!), you already have six kids, what’s one more extra ? just leave me playing in the backyard with my imagination, while you cook in the kitchen…"

Slut says:

“For the trogladyte who told me I must be “hot”, yes I was. There’s nothing much more powerful than lots of blond hair and big boobs. It opened a lot of doors for me, but it was brains that made me what I am today.”

I answer:

OK, so now you are my girlfriend. You must have phkd a lot, Wow! all those kids, and hot, wow! and me nothing, zero, I haven’t had a boner in 20 years, and I am angry with rage against all you hot ladies phkng, pl*yng with yourself, your pleasure is killing me, the more pleasure all of these hot girls obtain, the more I am in rage and angry and hysterical against all of that!(and the husbands and everyone!) KIll KIl please Kill all, nuke all.

Please when you got to church tell them to kill all, they are all killing me, please, mommy, please, don’t beat me up again, please I will be good, please…




So,now that the Laws of Identity and Non Contradiction have been totally refuted, have been finally demonstrated to be false, we can finally solve all of the “Unresolved Internal Conflicts” Reality (and Man Brains, especially) have: we can now invent all and have fun, we can transform reality into what we want it to be, no longer slaves of logic, and fixed circuits, now we are finally free, free your mind, you are free, God has finally set you free.

THis implies that making things up, saying lies, all kinds of lies is the truth, lies are all true now, you are allowed to SAY THINGS WHICH ARE NOT TRUE BECAUSE YOU HAVE BECOME THE BOSS OF REALITY, YOU HAVE BECOME YOUR OWN BOSS!!!

PLease, tell me lies, please lets create a new fake reality full of lies, please all lie, lie forever, make it pretty, make it better, I don’t care if it is true or false, just lie and make it pretty, pretty please, will you ?

And Jesus Speaks to Little Children and


Please Ignore these kinds of posts, please erase them all from the Internet, they are machine generated (from an Obsessive Compulsive Machine with a crashed computer program). Thank You.


wagla says:

"I am totally willing to believe that your beauty is eclipsed by your brains.

Is it your big boobs that keep your husband obedient enough to stay in the car, against his instincts, at your command?"

I answer:

I have to get this off my chest! (sorry): jesus phnkg christ what a horny slut! what a hot and horny whore that Juletta must be ! six kids, how much did that bitch phk!?!? wow! and she admits it too that she’s hot with big bbs and such! lucky husband! (if he’s not impotent like me, otherwise he can watch and imagine the pleasure) six kids ! I don’t even think I plyd with myself 6 times in my long and puny lifetime, go figure. Why did she do that to me ? why did she beat me up like that ? why all that pleasure for her and zero for me ? that is the hand of cards God or Nature dealt me (the two religions Busty is always talking about, I can’t believe what a c*ck that little boy is believing in those two religions!, Kill all religions, kill Nature and kill all those ladies having fun against me, beating and punishing me like that).

Please Ignore these kinds of posts, please erase them all from the Internet, they are machine generated (from an Obsessive Compulsive Machine with a crashed computer program). Thank You.

From: … ent-113682

Ok, so what is it Busty ? Do you have some kind of guilt complex with yourself since you didn’t deal yourself enough pleasure ? Do you have an obligation to achieve more pleasure, is there a scale ? Is something or someone keeping score ?

But that is the general problem of a Man Brain, it is unstable, constantly unstable (especially when things like s*x is involved, dirty words and dirty things, and there is a reason they are called dirty, because they dirty our minds and lives and create more problems than what they solve, nay, they are problem creators only). And most of all it wants to play games with contradicting will powers, wants to confront other will powers to see if it can win, condition change the other will powers’ mind and choices, etc.

So we have these targets, start point and end points and paths, the target that must be achieved, the target that is then the pleasure at the end that is the prize at the end (but almost all of our targets have zero to very little real pleasure attached to it, it is mostly mental, theoretical, symbolic and social pleasure, it is mostly the judgment of the other and achieving an imaginary good judgment in the others mind that creates the result, the target achieved, therefore pleasure achieved).

And those targets become our mental program, we are slaves of a program we didn’t choose (but we don’t choose anything anyways, the entire illusion of free will is to try to make you believe you choose things, when in reality you are simply programmed constantly to choose something some tribe, culture or local logical segment decided for you just randomly from the outset without any necessity or need).

So free your mind, win anyways, assign yourself as a winner no matter what, make yourself win independently of any sequence of symbols, any paintings that are assigned as a win (since all things that happen and have happened and will happen are just pretty pictures in our mind, pictures that are assigned a metaphysical value for no reason at all).


From: … iberalism/


Great Read ! Thanks a lot vlad!

Ok, So I take it back then, JAPAN is not part of the three stooges USA, EU and JAPAN, only the USA and EU (if the article is true ? but even Germany and France, etc. have some private public mixes), anyways.

So then I was really on to something with my fix on Public Private Projects and such (but only being honest, most of the world either openly or hiddenly operate such things to various degrees, like the USA Military).

Another interesting point is the Status Relationship instead of the Economic Incentive, as in my idea that Money Doesn’t Really Exist and such. Interesting.

My first impression though is that the world today, the Global Economy is a kind of machine that the Powers That Be (always if they really exist ?) knows has all kinds of sub - economic systems operating inside of it with very diverse and mixed economies and can choose to activate some parts for some tasks and sometimes other parts for other tasks, etc.

The world as a mixed economy with some places good at public - private other places good at fast paced new inventions (silicon valley), etc. Some places use planning and long term and “relationships between economic players” others use cut throat competition and short “transaction based” immediate “profit seeking” (therefore not relationship based, aka “I don’t know you, and am indifferent to you, I just want to make a fast buck by interacting with you”).

Like when you are in situation A with item B (could be a machine, group of people, person, “special” person, anything at all (or nothing ?)) and you have an experience C whatever and then after some time passes you want to repeat that situation of A plus B gives you C but it doesn’t give you C anymore but something else: so what was it then ? but sometimes it gives you C sometimes the exact opposite, sometimes nothing at all sometimes something totally unrelated, or much better, etc. Why ? because this is the demonstration that we are only a Temporary Ensemble of Information Relationships Interacting according to Random Forces Producing any Given Experience: past behavior and experiences are no guarantee for future behavior and experiences, everything is fleeting, short duration, everything dependent on the context, the present mental emotional and random context and state etc. Too many variables, repetition is often impossible (but sometimes you can achieve even experiences much better than C and so forth, you never know).

Conspiracy Theory: So then if JAPAN makes believe it is Capitalistic and such and is in crisis and such then maybe the same may apply to other nations like Spain, Italy, the USA ? Maybe all of them are make believe crisis, all guided very carefully to make it seem such ? After all, Spain just made the mistake of building way too many houses because the prices always went up and now they have millions of empty new homes available: so what crisis (just like the USA) ? so many empty homes is a sign of wealth! of being rich! of having more than they can use, isn’t it ?

Anyways, all the ideas of Hire and Fire, layoffs, (you must change the kind of job you do 10 times in a lifetime) companies restructuring and such may be simply all guided, there is a room with a small group of people observing all 7 billion people on earth and hiring and firing and mixing and matching jobs and such and moving people all around and making believe that is some Invisible Hand of the Market, when it is all very carefully studied and planned out, probably by an all knowing a Supercomputer: that article on JAPAN makes me wonder about how many other things are all fake, make believe…