Thanks ILP, I feel 1000 units smarter!


if a little unfocused… :wink:

Congratulations, you are now one step closer to enlightment. :wink:


New century. new avatar.

I love it, but I miss the baby. :slight_smile:

I’ll bring him back someday…

“New century. new avatar.”

New millenium. Old guy.

Say Old_Gobbo, whatever happened to Iron Dog? I liked the guy godamnit.

What’s wrong with you, O_G? You been smoking the REALLY good bud?! You’re only at 900… :confused:

If you were really stoned when you read that last post, I’m betting money you DID look… :stuck_out_tongue: :sunglasses:

As for I.D., Uniqor, I’m still betting it was zeno…

You’re about the only one… He admitted to me he was a joke, and that he was just fucking with us… when he said ‘I’m going to listen to creed’s human clay album right now’ I knew he was full of shit


I wasn’t high when I read it :stuck_out_tongue:

Wuzza? Middle of the day and you’re straight? Get outta here…BTW, when ID PMed you, did he reveal his “secret identity”? Come on, you can tell…

Oh did he… anyway it’s not my concern whether a poster is trying to be himself or just making stuff up, in short: what the poster himself is has never been my concern. Why should I? I’d like to restrict my ego expansional area to the extent where another man’s difference doesn’t ring an aggressive bell to me. What I take is what you offer in your writting, reading behind the lines means to me: figuring out the psyque behind the post. In another word: anything else besides your creativity to me is nothing more than donkey dump, of course this is different should I choose to involve on a different level with a certain posters. Back to Iron Dog, in saying that I like him what I mean is I value a certain things that made him to write what he wrote. I know jakshit about his personality, I said “I like you my friend” just to be social. The bottom line: he challenged normality, though in a way that can’t be more awkard.

This is more about my devotion to Nietzsche than to Iron Dog whatever his real name is. Nietzsche is the KING of revolution. And revolution is minature evolution. And evolution is life. Nietzsche is life - a new life.

p.s. psy, I doubt it. zenofellor is altogether in a different league at what Iron Dog tried all over the floor to do.

I don’t think he was anyone else here on the forum…just some dude. He literally vanished after he told me the truth. I posted the link of the convo in the petition to ban iron dog thread if you’re interested Psyque, Uniqor

and yeah… I get what you’re saying about people and what they write… he did provoke a certain response that I suppose could be taken to be… a learning experience. Not to toot my own horn… but I called him out from the start, I knew he was full of shit… so my responses to him were more in the ‘getting to the bottom of this’ nature.

But I know what you’re saying… Zenogears, despite all the shit she writes, does in a way make me think about things… she always seems to come up with a more clever way to call me some derivative of ‘Fucking Liberal Hippy’

Hey OG,

I am sick of my avatar - where do you find them? I have no more secrets here - I have told it all —> so much so that I have even deleted much of my bad girl behavior. I wish I could post a photo - but it still worries me that my online journaling will haunt me for life. God, I can be sooo stupid.

You guys that get 3 million posts in ten minutes suck :stuck_out_tongue:

I have been here since May '04 and still haven’t hit 4 digits!

I guess that’s what I get for having a life outside the computer. :frowning:

I think I think, therefore I think I am. I think.

I’ve contributed plenty of good posts to this forum, I’ve not racked up the K by posting on Word Association. I’ve racked them up by engaging in pointlessly long debates and blow-for-blow rants. And lots of mundane babble.

Yeah, well, 90% of my posts is drivel and the rest is not even worth mentioning.

ditto x1000 for me, but some of us are here for sheer entertainment, not to dazzle and enlighten. I do enough dazzling and fancy footwork in mrl :confused: