True sickness of humans - simply put - WAKE UP!

Ask any human what their best memories are and they’ll all have one common thread; they are derived from the celebration of a zero sum interaction. Humans delight in, rather than mourn, the most fucked up part of life. This is their fundamental evil, their sickness. The marriage, the anniversary, the house, the job, the sexual scores, the jokes at others expense, the accomplishments nobody else can do… the list goes on. When you wake up/grow up, you stop celebrating the zero sum nature of reality, and work to eradicate not only zero sum realities but also lose/lose realities. That’s what maturing really is. I say this, and in saying this, I’m directly telling you that you are all bratty children.

creambuns and doughnuts and fruitcake with no nuts so good you could go nutts… I want it now!!!

How do you get a win-win reality? Is everything exactly the same so there is no differentiation?

Wow, you’re smart, I can clearly tell you’re following and comprehending the topic.

Yes. Non zero sum over the totality of existence, equals non existence.

Really it’s about non zero sum where it matters most to people. Another term I use is “The translation of desirable states of being”. The thing about people, is they all want to live their lives in the way they see fit, not thinking this is possible, occasionally they’ll utter something like “Id kill to be that person.” But it’s not really true, everybody wants to be who they are with unlimited power to express it the way that they see fit.

So yes, Wendy, you are absolutely correct that absolute non zero sum = non existence, however, there are means to make everyone happy without absolute non zero sum.

EC wrote

How EC in this reality is that done?

What people are most interested in is to not have their consent violated. This doesn’t mean that everyone wants easy lives.

First you must understand that if something is logically consistent and reasonable, that this is a template that can manifest.

I defend the existence of platonic (eternal) forms as the end of the infinite regress argument. In articulating this defense, I state that eternal forms exist and are necessary because if something ever completely dies, then it never existed in the first place (proof through contradiction).

I’ve developed a system called “hyper dimensional mirror realities”, where we hold a mirror that processes not only 2 dimensions, but an infinite number of them. Our spirit becomes a hyper dimensional mirror. In this reality (and all realities co exist), the mirror reflects the eternal form, without it being possible to hurt the reflection in any way. Examples of reflected dimensions are:

consciousness signatures
sensory signatures
narrative signatures

Being reflections, the world will act exactly the way it would have otherwise.!! Not so great!!

BUT!! If you want these aspects to respond differently, you simply change the shape of the mirror, and things will respond to you AS REFLECTIONS, any way that you want them to.

I want you to understand why I know so much about this stuff. I am a force of nature, when my mind is set on something, it’s powerful and it doesn’t quit. I hate winning when others lose, it is the deepest part of my spirit. Through sheer will, I intend to manifest a non consent violating reality for all beings. Help is always appreciated, but lack of, won’t stop me.

“No clinging, no seeking.”

“When the mind is at peace,
the world too is at peace.
Nothing real, nothing absent.
Not holding on to reality,
not getting stuck in the void,
you are neither holy or wise, just
an ordinary fellow who has completed his work.”

by P’ang Yün - a Zen fellow

Everything in moderation, including moderation. No clinging or seeking, including clinging and seeking.

“When the mind is at peace, the world is at peace”, is some of the most narcissistic bullshit i’ve seen in a while.

My impression of this guy is that he’s using contradiction to fit in with males who use contradiction as a mating signal (which is all of them); he’s just another dickhead, even though he’s not looking for sex.

Then what is he looking for?

(I may only be disagreeing to agree)


He’s looking for power and domination, and then ending his quote by saying that he isn’t. He’s trying to get people to say that 2+2 really does and only equals 5. That’s the ultimate power and domination. He’s trying to fit into the problems with sexual politics. Females ONLY have sex with contradictory men. Contradiction shows resources, to contradict ones self and not be dead is showing that one has extra energy in the system, females being whores, are attracted to the extra energy signaling. By being a contradictory male, he’s ingratiating himself to the 7 billion people using contradiction for sexual politics, he’s a scared little man, trying to dominate.

But if he does suceeded and most do, and gains power and domination, he still needs to incorporate the female, and requires a dominatrix in exact proportion to the gained power, …

i’m trying to figure out what got you so fucked up, E. was there a sudden traumatic experience in your life that did it or is this the result of a gradual deterioration of mental and emotional health? i’ve got the list of emotional defense mechanisms down, so how you operate is no mystery to me. what i’m wondering is what started it off? it’s not a matter of some bullshit philosophy you’ve been reading that triggered it because that same bullshit is endorsed by otherwise ‘normal’ people. no, its something else. yeah i know asking a mentally disturbed person why they’re disturbed is a fruitless question. i get that. i dunno, perhaps i feel that there is enough rationale in that head of yours that if given the proper stimulus, might show itself and become responsive to criticism. i don’t know, though. like i said, it may be too late. we’re banking on there being some neuroplasticity in your grey matter so we can do some rewiring.

I also would be interested to know what the trigger was for this apparent obsession of his with hyper dimensional realities
So Ecman you willing to tell us what started the ball rolling with this desire of yours to end human suffering for all of time

well this will be very tricky. at this point, E can’t admit that he isn’t really an interdimensional sage appointed by the gods to save mankind, because that would double his humiliation in our eyes. he’s investing this whole thing on the fact that people here, being philosophical space cadets by majority, would believe there is a very, very, very slim possibility that he is, in fact, an interdimensional sage appointed by the gods to save mankind. see that? he’d never go before a group of unphilosophical people because they’d not for a moment entertain this idea. but after having ‘felt out’ the ILP audience, E is confident that this kind of nonsense might fly here.

now what happens if all of a sudden he admits that he doesn’t believe this? he loses his inertia at once… and he can’t do that. so what we have to do is get E to a comfortable point where he knows that we understand why he would say such ridiculous stuff, and that we think no less of him because he would. we have to instigate a complete and total surrender on his part, a total breakdown where he falls into our arms in tears and knows that we will not reject him. he has to believe he can trust us.

and i think we can do it. i make no exaggeration when i say i am fully experienced in matters of psychosis because i spent three years in mental hospitals and i’ve seen every garden variety of nutt-job there is, and i reject none of them. so i nominate myself for team leader.


Toxic narcissism woos incredibly kind women, the romance period that they’re professionals at; Once the woman is sucked in, they seek to suck the life out of these women before moving on to their next victim. They certainly aren’t looking for a dominatrix.

Prom and surr,

The totality of my life story has led to me being the one eyed king in a land of the blind. I have no choice but to be what I am. I’m sure you guys care to. What makes me what I am? I care. You both care, but you’re blind. Even when I explain the obvious to you, you call me sick and deranged. Even when you see, I can see farther than you. If I win a zero sum game, I will be beaten at my own game. This is a law of observing the joy of zero sum wins. I care about others only because I care about myself. Sure, I’ve been through a shitton of suffering, but that’s only a fraction of who I am. I know for a fact that if I solve all your problems, that I solve all my problems. I’m only interested in solving all my problems.

He is very persistent with regard to wanting to end human suffering and so I take it that it is a genuine desire else why keep on about it all the time
His high IQ indicates that he has the intellectual capability to work on hyper dimensional realities but it has not yet helped to bring about a solution
He may become more frustrated over time when none is forthcoming and so I hope it does not have any adverse effect on his mental health later on

Understand that what is obvious to you is not necessarily obvious to any one else
I have never once called you sick or deranged so can you stop with the lies please

I really think that you are quite a gentle soul even if you are chasing something you will never find
And I worry that you could be chasing it for the rest of your life because that is all that you can do

Either that or become vampiristic, worse then narcissistic.

Ecmandu said,


Toxic narcissism woos incredibly kind women, the romance period that they’re professionals at; Once the woman is sucked in, they seek to suck the life out of these women before moving on to their next victim. They certainly aren’t looking for a dominatrix."

Vampires, contrary to popular opinion , are gentle souls, whose strategy for marital bliss failed them.

Narcissists are vampires. Apparently you’ve never met one. They need their narcissistic supply. So let me introduce you to one vampire: you.

Marriage is a contradiction outright, it is the celebration of the zero sum rather than the mourning and regret of the zero sum. Women only fuck contradictions. It’s ornate behavior.

People like you make my job a bazillion times harder, I have to figure out how to send that shit to heaven, just to solve my own problems.

Like I stated in the OP: You are bratty children

Read above Meno,

So… people often ask me what the option to marriage is. I tell them quite simply: It is unceremonious dedication to non contradiction.

That’s the only possible higher power. Everything else destroys itself eventually. If you’re not a logical positivist, you are contradicting your REASON to be. You will always be. Logic is in its infancy on earth.