What are you doing? (Part 1)

I’m sitting on my couch, watching a video of the alabama/lsu game while smoking a bong and waiting for chinese food to be delivered. I was thinking of getting someone over here to clean the place. This is usually what I’m doing, I’ve seen this game about 130-140 times now.
Or I’m in the bathroom someplace, bored and using my phone to post on message boards while I poop.

What are you doing right now?

I’m lieing on my un-made bed whist supping upon home-made red wine and pondering what to wear for the fiesta Summer party at Proud Gallery in Camden which was arranged by the extra agency that I work for - might wear a long-sleeved playsuit and heels or a chic dress… don’t know yet :confused:

I am thinking, in my home away from home-starbucks. Thinking about thinking about…thought (no idea what that thought was presently) …

I get a quad venti mocha. It makes my pee smell like coffee for the rest of the day. If I don’t eat first, I can get shaky and feel faint from it, but it keeps me awake.

Eating a bowl of Eat natural cereal, whilst pondering what to wear, whilst supping home-made red wine… gotta head out soon :unamused:

Magsj I’ve been making a lot of home made beer. I’ll trade you some via mail for some cigars that I can’t purchase here. I’m mailing myself some from those islands in October, but I’m dying right now. Think about it…

I just ate some Thai Chow Mein from the Noodle Box (an archetypal Vancouver place), and I am sitting here at work.

I am going to re-read a website I just finished proofreading for my own mistakes, and then tell my co-worker it’s done so he can proof read it.

Lately I have been teaching myself php, and I have determined working with logic and language is my future. Mostly I go home from work and watch tutorials or go on dates with women in Vancouver I pretty much don’t think anything but random sex will come out of.

when I first read this I was at work, with a few minutes to spare, trying to do something to ease the mind-numbingness of random shit.

Work is shit man. You should stop going.

Why do do you push your views so hard if you’re supposedly so happy doing your drug lord thing?

Most people like working at something. I know I do. Without some sort of project in my life I wouldn’t be living.

Obviously not everyone can be a drug lord. I’m not saying the system is worth working for, and I think the best form of rebellion I could think of is to become more financially stable by growing pot, tax free.

So I’m not sure what I am saying.

It’s like when someone for real sees jesus or something. They just want to share it. Why a lord? Why not farmer or something? You make it sound so bad. I’m not the lord of anything, and I don’t have a lord either. It’s a strange life. A lot of times I feel like I’m just observing a lot of the human experience from another place altogether. Like I understand the complaints people have about the world, but not because the problems really effect me, but because I hear everyone in the world complain about their lives and the world all the time. I dunno man. You only get so many breaths. Don’t waste em doing something that’s not getting you off in some way.

And what views do I push? And come on man, I went to college, got a job and all, made “good” money and all that. But even still, that’s not enough to buy a house for real unless you want a shitty house. Who wants a shitty house? So what do you do man? What’s your plan for being independent of work and somehow self sufficient in the world starting at some point in your life? If you don’t have one, then you’ll work until you die and things around you will look just like they look now for the rest of your life.

If I was as high as you 24/7, I wouldn’t complain either. I would probably act how you act for the most part.

But the fact that the world is so fucked you need to be that high all the time is the main reason why I try to change it, and the way I know best is by thinking about things, and just trying to talk to people about it.

Sobriety, or hovering close to it, is mediated with emotion. I think active indignation towards the aberrant state of the world is completely justified.

Some people here only hear complaints or wackery from me, others hear more.

Dude you’re preaching to the choir. That is mostly the reason I get so emotional is I want to hurry up and get to the cool stuff, and the world moves so slow. I come home from work (which at this point I actually like; I didn’t before) and force myself to self-teach myself things. I’ve basically checked off a bunch of stuff, I’m just waiting the public to catch up to. I feel like I’ve learned so much in my life that I could just exercise and get buff for the next 6 years and I’d still be ahead of the game. When I try and do that I invariably just find myself learning something else veraciously. Right now I am teaching myself one programming language after the other; I don’t know how the future will turn out, but if it goes Johnny Neumonic style, I’m definitely going to be a low-tech hacker/journalist, covering the resistance from hidden land line terminals I’ve scoped out and hooked up to a WAN that sits parallel to the likely un-hackable new internet that will exist then in some future hellscape city…and then if things go well, and the world doesn’t end up like that, I’ll probably have pretty good job security and get paid alright to do cool things in a virtual universe where I am a localized god.

I was raised by loving, and truly awesome parents, but still super consumerist and prone to let their kids watch too much TV, and that is what I did - I watched way too much TV as a kid - and played even more video games. Then at some point I discovered weed, and everything changed. I think before that I had never even considered 9/11, and had plans to become like a pilot or some shit. lol. I mean who knows, maybe I would have turned out more or less the same anyways, but probably not.

The only thing stopping me from milking the internet using different black hat marketing strategies is a lack of the code knowledge I’m learning now. Working in white hat marketing for a legitimate company, all I do is sit there and think of things I would like to do outside of the law. In short, I’m going to become a hacker. It’s been a goal of mine since second year university, and now I’m in a position to work and live somewhere I like, and teach myself what I need to know. I’m good at this stuff. It’s time to take it to the next level .


I have other plans too, but I gotta watch what I say.

People say I’m bound for great things. I don’t want to say I disagree entirely. The world is about to get super fucking interesting.

Just start doing the good stuff now. Man the world doesn’t cost as much if you don’t need much from it.

I like learning. And I do it, man.

Early on I figured out that cultivating the ability to teach myself how to learn things was like a superpower. So many people have the ability to learn a wide range of things, the hard part is that it takes work before even starting the actual work in question. Weed makes the brain malleable, and for some people this is devastating. For others, who have a figure in mind in which to sculpt, it softens the clay.

Fuck game of thrones. Life is a game of motivations.

Haha, nice

I’ll try?

I think you are, and I certainly don’t say that about many people. We are going to need some hackers, if only to counter the attacks by the state-sponsored hackers.

At work… dying inside.

Likewise. I will coordinate secret showings of your subversive films.