Where does art come from?

What do you think about the origin of art?


Agreed. And more exactly?

About what? Art is a form of communication.

So you are saying that art comes from art?

Art is communication


Yes, agreed again, but the question (as the title!) of this thread is: “Where does art come from?”

It comes from the need to communicate.

Duality, the more you have the greater it pulls everything apart and hence the greater one’s repetoire.

O(oo)k(aa)a(yy)y … But … What’s “the need to communicate” then to you?

The need to let others know things you know to let others know how you feel , to let others know know intent and a few asundry other things but, those are primary

“Communication” is too general. All living beings communicate in the way you just described, most of them by using only chemical signs, some of them by using also other signs, but only humans by using also language as a very complex system of linguistic signs. So the fact that only humans have art and only humans have such a complex system of linguistic signs could be an indication of a very deep connection between them. I think that there is a developmental connection between an instinctive faith or belief on the one hand and art and language on the other hand, provided that all fundamental requirements are already given (e.g.: upright gait, relatively free hands, relatively huge and very complex brain).

And all that breaks down to one individual attempting to communicate to one or more individuals. Our complexity and bonds does not change that. Art is a form of communication. Tell a person how to get to a store without language. Art allows communication when words do not suffice.

We are in agreement about that. But again: The question (as the title!) of this thread is: “Where does art come from?”

If you are only saying that art comes from art (art is communication and comes from communication), then that does not or at least not sufficiently enough answer the question (as the title) of this thread: “Where does art come from?”

Art does not come from art. Art comes from the need to communicate, emotions, ideas , knowledge. Since my phone won’t show me the emoji hitting itself on a wall could someone please place it here for me.

But you’ve said that it does. See again:

That’s what you’ve said: Art comes from and is (a form of) communication. So the conclusion of your own words is: Art comes from art.

S o r r y .

Only if you mean the interaction of human emotions, human ideas, human knowledge. And if you mean the interaction of human emotions, human ideas, human knowledge, we are again in agreement, but will have to define that more closely.

O t h e r w i s e :

We turn around in a circle again.



We create art in order to make certain valuable aspects of life persistent, to preserve them, to record or memorize them. That’s the purpose of it.

Does it come from anywhere or is it manifest in the moment; drawn from yesterdays headlines? Art is likely the least original thing on the planet. So far it is only a product of reflection.

And what is a thing that can only be said is the thing after consensus. It did not exist until someone claimed it as art. That should give anyone a clue to form where it comes. What of all the poor objects existing in limbo crafted by human hands, are they not objects of their own account. A screw is art. Before this was that it was thing, craft, edifice. idealog. I got a bunch of things objects, that I have crafted, no one sees them, are they art? They are lumps of clay, fashioned. Art is cultural, not absolute.

What do you think art is? The natural world does not give one fuck about what man thinks is art. That should tell us something about what we think about art.

And when art is decadent it is just the other way around.

The “natural world” is not interested in “what man thinks is art”, and man is not interested in what the natural world is interested in.