Where does art come from?

Do you believe then, that the natural world is capable of expressing interest?

“Fountain” by Marcel Duchamp. Art?

Note that I used quotation marks (“natural world”) and that all living beings are part of that “natural world”.

So does art come from somewhere or does it manifest given what ever shit happens to be taking place in society? It’s still reactionary, a reflection.

What about eco-friendly/environmental art? I think some animals take notice of our art out of curiosity, to play, to make a new home. What more could art represent than a “home” one can place oneself into?

Yes, decadent art is about goofiness.

Just an example:

Is that art?

Art is simply how an artist perceives the world at any given time. The only limitation is imagination but beyond that nothing so
anything labelled as art is art regardless of anything else. And it comes from the mind or the soul [ the non metaphysical type ]

So the art object above “tells” us that a certain artist who perceives the decline.

Perceiving this (?):


It’s a perceived decline. So yes.

The earliest human cave painting is about 40000 years old. And the human internet picture I posted above is about 4 days old.


Are you suggesting that this devolopment of fourty thousand years has only been a degeneration?

Yes and no. :slight_smile:

I mean there has been a good development, but not always. There has been both progress like sunrise and regress like sunset.

You are speaking of a cycle.

Yes, if you want.

I mean, if you look at the following two pictures again and think about art history:

You will probably find very artful times and nearly artless times between them , won’t you?

And now, think of the question of this thread (again):

If it affects you in some way, if it speaks or reveals the truth of something, even if only one’s own subjective truth, if it causes you to question life or to see something differently, from another angle, it is Art, to me.

I can say that Art comes from the psyche.

Art is ALSO an image of the self trying to express and to make sense of the world around us.

I wouldn’t have that on my wall - art is a personal preference - but it is very thought provoking and also poignant to me.
It can make one wonder what it is/was that the artist is trying to say? That could be different for everyone.
Things are not always to be taken at face value.
Delving into a particular work of art can be like an archaeological dig - much to be revealed.

Perhaps it came from the same place that philosophy came from…simply put, trying to figure things out. lol

Art comes from the soul.

Do you mean a culture soul?