Where does art come from?

I mean the metaphysical type.

Do you think that this metaphysical type is the motor not only for art as one cultural appearance, but also for all other cultural appearances?

Yes. The metaphysical soul is just one of the reasons why I joined ILP.

What is the other type of soul - you mentioned the “metaphysical type”?

There is no other type. So, I didn’t mention that there was one. Surreptitious did. So, ask him.

Katrina said:

You saying “I mean the metaphysical type” suggests that you see another type.

If you used the word psyche belonging to all aspects of the human being or Self, then I might agree with you that art can come from that soul.
But that isn’t necessarily eternal.

I don’t see another type.


Ask Surreptitious.

So, okay, then. Alf’s question must be answered now. Right?

Art belongs to culture.
Culture is based on a soul.
Thus art is also based on a soul.

Alf’s question:

The answer:

“Art comes from a soul”.
Is that right, Alf?

Yes, it is.

Now, you can restart the discussion “metaphysics versus physics”, also known as “spirit versus nature”.

Art does also come from culture - I think also adopted and adapted from others’ cultures - but if that means it comes from soul, is it THE SOUL predominantly - meaning that intangible metaphysical thing which cannot be seen or felt but is eternal) or does SOUL here mean something else?

Doesn’t the culture of a people include their history, individual and universal, their thinking, beliefs, their rituals, their struggles, their achievements, their failures, the very genes and blood which have flowed within them from their ancestors?

Isn’t this a different kind of Soul? I do not see this as the Soul which came from a God but the Soul which has been created from a people and an on-going one, until that group of people has died out. Even then, perhaps it will be carried over to others.

Different Souls, right? Distinctions are important.

Soul => Culture => Art and all other cultural forms of expression.

Art comes from both culture and soul.
Culture and art as well as all other cultural forms of expression come from a soul.

There are different cultures.
So it is very likely that there are different souls too, or the soul is basically always the same (though, I don’t believe this), but the way how souls experience their environment is different, and this different experiences lead to different ways of life, thus to different cultures and thus to different cultural forms of expression.

As an atheist I do not accept there is such a thing as a metaphysical soul but think that human beings have a psyche
which is the psychological and philosophical foundation of who they essentially are. And that is what I mean by soul

The metaphysical soul we are talking about here has nothing to do with theism.

This thread should not be about the question where the soul comes from; and if it came from nature, it would have a non-metaphysical origin, if it came from god/s, it would have a metaphysical origin, if it came from nature as god/s, it would have both a non-metaphysical and a metaphysical origin (see: pantheism).

But this thread is about the question where art comes from.

So let’s have a talk without mentioning the origin of the soul.

Or is that question that important to you?

lol That’s fine with me.
Personally when I speak of soul I mean the human psyche.

I only mentioned the soul in passing because clarification was required
So have no desire to derail the thread by talking about something else

Well, at least the two of us are on the same page, surreptitious75.

No problem.

But you are right, it would mean derailing this thread, if we started talking about the origin of the soul. Also, such a topic would be too extensive for this thread.

Maybe one of us will soon open a thread with the topic: “Where does the soul come from?”. :slight_smile: